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Yesterday’s April Fools’ Day post…DID YOU BELIEVE ME??!! ;)

Did you see my post yesterday?!?! You know, the “Don’t-Touch-Anything” Jacket that Oliver was modeling for us at the store? Yeah, I wasn’t at all serious!!! So in case you didn’t scroll down to the very bottom, to see the very end—HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY!!!!! (Haha!) I do an April Fools’ Day post every year […]

Yesterday’s April Fool’s Day prank…did you catch it???

Before you think I’ve gone absolutely nuts……and in case you didn’t scroll down to the very bottom of yesterday’s post, the Mod Podge Fabric Tattoo tutorial from yesterday was only an April Fool’s prank! Ha!  Did I trick you?!?!?   Even though these tattoos aren’t such a terrible idea in theory, they really are a […]

Mod Podge Fabric Tattoos…easy on/off application! (Edited: APRIL FOOL’S!!)

Mod Podge Tattoos…APRIL FOOL’S!!!!!! | via Make It and Love It

Yesterday was APRIL FOOLS’ DAY…did I trick you??

Hahahaha……let me just get a little laughter out of the way.  Because I LOVE APRIL FOOLS’ day!!  I can’t help but throw in a little humor here on the blog every year on April 1st!  Haha.   Many of of you knew right away that I’d be posting something… you were ready for it.  (Dang […]

Tissue Dispenser Necklace…perfect for allergy season! (UPDATE: APRIL FOOLS’)

UPDATE (4/2/15): Did you ever scroll down to see the bottom……APRIL FOOLS’!!!!   It is officially spring!  And with that, comes……yep, allergies.  I married a man who has insane allergies that turn him into one miserable mess during allergy season. Unfortunately, he passed some of those genes onto our kids.  Needless to say, our home […]

Yesterday’s APRIL FOOL’S post…did I trick you?!! (Also, more tricks I did on my family!)

Did I trick you yesterday?    Yeah, I know some of you clicked away as fast as you could when you saw those Pre-Stained Baby Clothes.  Yeah, kind of a mess.  However, some of you are moms/dads and completely understand the hassle of baby stains and meal-time messes…….so don’t feel too bad if I tricked […]

Did you see yesterday’s APRIL FOOL’S joke?!?! (I don’t really decorate diapers for fun…ha!)

  Did you visit my blog yesterday and think I was crazy?!?!    Yes, the Embellished Diapers from yesterday was an April Fool’s Joke!!!!!  I don’t really decorate my garbage.  Ha!  If you scroll all the way down to yesterday’s post, I explain how my daughter Elli saw me making those and was so traumatized […]

Embellished Diapers (UPDATE…..APRIL FOOL’S!!)

I was cleaning up a few things in my craft/sewing room over the weekend and realized just how full my box of fabric scraps had become.  I decided I needed to come up with some sort of project to use up some of those fabric pieces…….pronto.   And I know not all of you have […]

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