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Clothing Labels… the 100’s

. Finally. Finally. Finally. I finally focused in on one of my trillion little “mental notes” and bought some clothing  labels.  I remember when I used to sell booties and little boy ties in my etsy shop, wow, almost 2 years ago……and I always thought it would be fabulous to have labels for the items […]

Turn Leggings into Capris {3 different methods}

I’m really excited about my newest sponsor, World Wide Label.  Mostly because about a year ago, I searched and searched for clothing labels that were affordable AND durable.  I finally found World Wide Label and was so happy with them.  (Remember my post about them here?) And ahhhh, I love my little labels…….I attach them […]

DIY Pantry Baskets with Wooden Frame (very inexpensive to make!)

DIY Pantry Baskets with Wooden Frame (very inexpensive to make!) | via Make It and Love It

Tank Top Romper with Envelope Neckline (…from an old Tshirt)

Tank Top Romper with Envelope Neckline…..made from an old Tshirt. A quick DIY clothing project for baby for hardly any cost at all!

The TIN MAN (…from “Wizard of Oz”)

UPDATE: All of the Wizard of Oz DIY Costumes are done and can be viewed by clicking the link!! Enjoy! . . . . .   Great news…..THE PAINT DRIED!  Wow, it must have been something in that metallic paint that really slowed down the process, because that took DAYS.  Weird.  But now you know, […]

Make a Color-Block Dress with pockets (…from old Tshirts)

You guys know I like to turn old Tshirts into new clothing for my kids.  It’s kind of this weird fascination that I have of turning “trash into treasure”.  (More of my re-purposing projects here.  I kind of love it!)  So sometimes, when walking through our local thrift store, I pick up old Tshirts, skirts, […]

DIY Pacifier Clips…no more dropped/lost pacifiers

I know, I’ve been a little MIA this week but my head has been other places.  Okay, more specifically, doing a few things for the release of my book next week (more about “No-Sew Love”).  Plus, we have company in town this weekend and more coming in another week.  And if you’re anything like me, […]

“Home State” Scrap-Wood Art

Once you walk in the front door of our house, our living room is off to one side with tall vaulted ceilings.  I really love the spaciousness of the ceilings but from the very beginning, I have been really stumped with how I was going to fill that main wall.  For several months, I had […]

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