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DIY Gauze Swaddle Blankets for Baby (…light and breathable!)

    When Chloe was a little baby (3 years ago, gasp!), I noticed that stores were carrying these lightweight cotton Gauze Blankets.  I remember them being about $40 for a 4-pack and thinking that was ridiculous.  But the one thing that convinced me that I should try them, was the fact that we were […]

Diy gauze swaddle blankets for baby (…light and breathable!)

Little Boy Bowtie: the QUICK and EASY version

I mentioned earlier this week that I completely ran out of time to make the kiddos’ Easter outfits this year.  Bummer.  I really enjoy making their holiday outfits because, hmmmmm, I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s a good excuse to make them something new?  And justifies the purchase of new fabric?  However, this year I […]

Little boy bowtie: the quick and easy version

Knit Receiving Blankets for BABY BOYS! (templates included…)

It’s BABY BOY TIME……..and I can hardly stand it!  (In cased you missed it, there is a tiny little fella growing in my belly, as we speak! Er, or type.)   And yeah, there are plenty of girl things on this blog…….so it’s time to set aside the ruffles and the bows and the 23 […]

Knit receiving blankets for baby boys! (templates included…)

Make your own Balaclava (or ski-type mask)

Our Colorado skies have dropped several thick blankets of snow lately…..and my kids are in absolute HEAVEN!  Even if we don’t have time to head to a sledding hill, they are perfectly content stepping outside in the backyard building snow castles, making snow angels, throwing snow balls, and well, just plain ol’ kicking around in […]

Make your own balaclava (or ski-type mask)

Turn a t-shirt into a ‘Peter Pan Collar Bubble Dress’

 When I was a little girl, I loved wearing skirts while playing.  I didn’t have a large variety of twirly play skirts to choose from, but I distinctly remember a long calico brown prairie-girl type skirt (from the dress-up box) that I would put on and roll the waistband up again and again to make […]

Turn a t-shirt into a ‘peter pan collar bubble dress’

DIY Walking Stilts for Kids

Did you think I completely forgot about the giveaway last weekend?  Okay, it sorta slipped my mind.  I’ll post the winner tomorrow.  Promise! :) . . . . .     Oh, I have the funnest little thing to share with you today.  And it reminds me so much of my childhood.    I remember […]

Diy walking stilts for kids

Thanksgiving Wreath…with Burlap Bunting

Maybe you thought I was squeezing Thanksgiving right out of the holiday schedule…….but nope!  I have a few Harvest/Gratitude/Thanksgiving things that I’ve been wanting to make.  And then share.  So, yeah, I may have decorated a Christmas tree….but I stopped there.  For now.  (Because I may or may not have a few more Christmas things […]

Thanksgiving wreath…with burlap bunting

Halloween Costume Ideas: Lumberjack with Beard and Axe

Do you remember my post at the end of last week, where I asked your ideas for simple Halloween costumes that I could share all throughout October??   Okay, I’m having way too much fun with this.    I have been gathering ideas, jotting down notes, trying to pick between so many options……and yay, I’m […]

Halloween costume ideas: lumberjack with beard and axe
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