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Lightning & Storm Cloud Costume (No-Sew)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN friends!!  Aggggh, I can ‘t even believe it….October is only hours away from ending!  And, ahem, I have only shared 2 of my 5 kids’ costumes so far…..blahhhh!  (I shared Ellie’s Rain & Storm Cloud Costume HERE and Chloe’s Rainbow & Sunshine Costume HERE.)  This year has just been bizarre though. And I’ve […]

Lightning & storm cloud costume (no-sew)

DIY Greek God Costume: EROS

You guys, the 5th Halloween costume is finally COMPLETE!!!  Whew!  And…..this one has us all CRACKING UP!  Okay, so as a recap, my older two kiddos (Ellie and Connor) absolutely ADORE the Percy Jackson book series and were so excited about the idea of dressing up as Greek Mythology characters.  So, they convinced the […]

Diy greek god costume: eros

DIY Greek Mythology Costume: SATYR

Oh my word, you guys….I’m cracking up about the costume I’m sharing today!  And the younger the child that I make a costume for, the more I sit and laugh as I’m sewing up each part of it.  HA! There’s just something so dang cute about tiny little costumes!  But yes, we’re continuing on with […]

Diy greek mythology costume: satyr

DIY CIRCUS Themed Costumes…all 5 KIDS (plus a VIDEO)!!!

DIY CIRCUS Themed Costumes…all 5 KIDS (plus a VIDEO)!!! | via

Diy circus themed costumes…all 5 kids (plus a video)!!!

Halloween Costumes: Let’s VOTE…and then make one TOGETHER!!

Halloween Costumes: Let’s VOTE…and then make one TOGETHER!! | via

Halloween costumes: let’s vote…and then make one together!!

How to Stain/Paint an Oak Banister (the shortcut method…no sanding needed!)

Our house was built in 2000.  I’m pretty sure that was right at the height of using orange oak for trim work, kitchen cupboards, and banisters…..because this house was FULL of it when we moved in.  (Remember the kitchen we overhauled??  And the window trimming we changed? Oh, and the fireplace mantel and hearth we […]

How to stain/paint an oak banister (the shortcut method…no sanding needed!)

Make a NO-SEW Tornado Costume

Okay, I know, it’s November and I actually considered not sharing the rest of these dang costumes and just saving them for next year…..because, let’s move onto Thanksgiving already, right?!?  Aggggh!  To help me decide, I took a poll over on Instagram to see what interested you readers.  And according to my “super scientific method” […]

Make a no-sew tornado costume

Make a Rainbow & Sunshine Costume

You guys are just the best!  Thanks for the all the love on my last post of Ellie’s Rain and Storm Cloud Costume costume! That really was a fun one to make…and even though there are only a couple days until Halloween, you really could still whip that one up!  But hallelujah, you guys, I […]

Make a rainbow & sunshine costume
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