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Street Corn: Mexican and Italian versions (American-ized!!)

My sister Robin is staying with us for a while and that means, yup, better food for everyone!  She’ll brush this off in a heartbeat…..but she can turn a pile of blah ingredients into something holy-smokes-incredible!  I used to call her while we were both at college, at different schools, and say, “Hey, I’m hungry […]

Street corn: mexican and italian versions (american-ized!!)

Shirred Summer Dress, with Tie-Back Bow

I recently found out about an incredible new fabric shop…..Modern Yardage.  They sell fabric by demand and only print it when someone orders it.  SO COOL!  There’s so much more freedom this way and the options are pretty endless.  And just think……..they never sell out of anything.  So you never have to worry about that […]

Shirred summer dress, with tie-back bow

Ties for Daddy (Father’s Day, Birthdays, etc.)

I mentioned last week that we had a fun little Father’s Day gift we were working on…..but then the whole fire thing happened.     But that’s okay…….it’s now just a belated Father’s Day post.  However, every father also has a BIRTHDAY!  So let’s just pretend this was meant for BOTH. Ha. :)       […]

Ties for daddy (father’s day, birthdays, etc.)

Home Improvement: Painting a Straight Line on Textured Walls (a Pro Painter’s Secret)

We have been painting and painting aaaaaaand painting lately.  I have stopped caring that there are always paint spots on my hands, in my hair, random smears on my arms, and paint marks that have been all over the soles of my feet for days.  I always wash up (and yes, I take showers…ha!) but […]

Home improvement: painting a straight line on textured walls (a pro painter’s secret)

The ‘STAY PUT’ Elastic Bookmark….{never lose your place again!}

My parents were visiting several months ago and my dad had a book with him that had a wide elastic band around the outside cover.  I asked him what it was and he showed me that it was this great little bookmark that held its pages closed and secure… matter what.  So no more throwing […]

The ‘stay put’ elastic bookmark….{never lose your place again!}

Embellish Tshirts…..with old SWEATER SCRAPS (or any ol’ scraps, really)

  It’s still snowy around these parts.  So, we’re still happily adding layers when we go outside, wearing slippers around the house, and eating a variety of soups for dinner.  And since it’s so chilly, I keep thinking about the sweaters in my recycle pile.  I know, I am kinda crazy when it comes to […]

Embellish tshirts…..with old sweater scraps (or any ol’ scraps, really)

Envelope Closure Pillowcase (for bed pillows)

I like at least 2 pillows while I sleep.  One for my head and one for my knees/arms.  It all started with my 2nd pregnancy.  My pregnant body just likes to be cozied to sleep with soft pillows.  (Sorry Steve….nothing personal. But don’t you dare mess with a pregnant woman and her pillows. ;) )  […]

Envelope closure pillowcase (for bed pillows)

“Little Pieces” Toy Sack…..a great place to store all those teeny pieces!

  My oldest, Elli, is turning 6 on the 20th.  Have I ever told you her real name is Elliana?  (Pronounced: Ell-ee-on-uh)  I met a lady at Joann’s the other day, and her daughter’s name was Elliana, spelled the same way.  It’s not very common… I was surprised that this lady even spelled hers the […]

“little pieces” toy sack…..a great place to store all those teeny pieces!
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