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Bay Leaf Wreath (year round decor)

Do you want a ‘simple little something’ to put up on your mantel?  Or shelf?  Or bookcase?    Oh, and in case you’re thinking that I made this for my Fall Decor or for Christmas…….I didn’t.  This is just some regular ol’ decor.  But would be perfect for your Holiday Decor if you’re needing something.  […]

Bay leaf wreath (year round decor)

Artwork Display Frame

Just an update:  I know, it’s already October.  And Halloween is SO soon!  Good news…….the costumes are in the works!  Elli’s costume is pretty much done and I’ll have it up tomorrow or the next day!  Connor’s costume is making my brain work really hard to figure out an easier way to demonstrate the process.  […]

Artwork display frame

Stamped Clay Jewelry (and Keychains and Gift Tags)

  Several days ago, I was trying to think of a quick project to do with our girl’s youth group at church.  You know, something that we could do in about an hour.  That’s when I thought of making some oven-baked clay jewelry, that I have seen around the blogosphere for a couple years now. […]

Stamped clay jewelry (and keychains and gift tags)

Long A-Line Skirt; made with “Ruffles and Ridges” fabric.

I’ve made several different things with that gorgeous pre-ruffled fabric….and I love it all!  Well, I just happened to be snooping around their site the other day and noticed that the Ruffle Fabric Shop just got in some new ruffles.  And it’s dang cool stuff.   It’s called ‘Ruffles and Ridges’ and it really gives […]

Long a-line skirt; made with “ruffles and ridges” fabric.
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