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Boiled Peanuts……a real Southern Treat!!

We have been in Georgia for about 6 months now.  
Something we noticed right away, was that there were many little stands on the side of the street that sold Boiled Peanuts.  (Also pronounced as “Bole-ed” Peanuts, by those with the charming southern accent.  Love it!)
It made sense, I guess.  This is the area perfect for producing peanuts.
But really?   
People boil peanuts and eat them?   
And they’re good?
Sounded strange to us…
Until I was given some to try. 
(Thanks Kim!)
And actually, I am slightly addicted to this delicious little high-protein packed snack.
Just look at those delicious little peanuts.  
Nice and boiled.
And once you crack them open…..yum. 
What does a boiled peanut taste like?
Well, kind of like Edamame (especially the texture)…..and a bit like a garbanzo bean.  But still peanutt-y tasting.  Make sense?  Probably not.  Haha! 
Hmmm….just a soft, yet firm little nutty-bean tasting snack.  With some added salt.  They’re pretty delicious.
But I guess, cajun is a popular flavor too.  At least that’s what all the little nut stands are selling.
Want to make some of your own?
My new sweet Georgian friend, Kim, taught me how.  (And has given me a lesson or two in common southern lingo.  Haha!  Thanks again!)
First start off with some green peanuts.  (Or peanuts for boiling.  Take a look in your grocery store… may just find some.)
You can see they’re not really green in color…  
But this is how the look right out of the ground.  So wash them if they’re not already rinsed. 
And if you crack one open, the little peanut is raw and very firm.
 Toss your peanuts into a big pot and add plenty of water.  (You can even fill to the top with water……I just didn’t make a ton, and this is a large pot.  So I only filled halfway.)  
Then add salt.  
I read online that you can add a tsp for every gallon of water used and that’s what I did…..but it needed more salt.
Then turn your burner up to high and let the peanuts boil for several hours.  
I was instructed to set my timer for 30 minutes at a time, check the water, add more water if necessary…….
…….then stir.  
Then set for another 30 minutes and repeat.
Then check your peanuts between 1 1/2 – 2 hours.  Crack one open and see if they are soft, yet still a firm texture………..not at all mushy.  (And also check to see if they are salty enough for you.  If not, add more.)  
If they’re not done, let them boil for another 30 minutes and then check again.
Once they’re done, drain off all of the water, grab your warm little pile of freshly boiled peanuts…..
………and enjoy!
Store the remaining peanuts in the fridge.  Peanuts will spoil if left out on the counter for too many hours.  Also, I read online that the peanuts can be frozen and enjoyed for several months.
What a great southern treat.
I sure am falling in love with this area for several reasons……and the charm of these little peanuts are sure adding to that list.

Ashley Johnston

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