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First Time Here? Welcome!

Hello, I’m Ashley!

I live in Oklahoma with my husband Steve and our 5 cute kids—-and I LOVE making stuff! And by “stuff” I mean sewing stuff, crafting stuff, baking stuff, hammering stuff…ALL the stuff! Which is sometimes annoying because there’s a part of my brain that thinks I have 5,376 hours in my day! Ha!

But the “stuff” that I do find time to make, I REALLY love sharing here, so you can make it too! So I’m glad you’re here! :)

If you’re here for the first time, check out my top 175 tutorials, lists, and how-to guides featuring crafts, recipes, home improvement, and halloween costumes.

    1)        25 Crazy & Easy “Wacky Hair Day” Ideas for Girls (2018 Update!)
    2)        How to Paint / Stain Wood Stair Railings (Oak Banisters & Spindles) WITHOUT SANDING!
    3)        25 Little Girl Hairstyles…you can do YOURSELF!
    4)        Kids DIY Projects: 50+ Homemade & Handmade Gift Ideas FOR KIDS!
    5)        How You Can Stain Oak Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities (WITHOUT SANDING)
    6)        Home Improvement: How to Add Trim Around an Interior Window (Sill & Apron)
    7)        34 Wood Craft Projects for UNDER $10 (…great for Craft Night)!
    8)        How to Make / Sew 3 Unique Styles of Pillowcases 3 Ways
    9)        35 Creative DIY Craft Ideas For What to Do With Old Jeans
  10)        25 Design Ideas to Paint Terracotta Flower Pots
  11)        How to EASILY Crochet a Super Think & Chunky Blanket — Pattern Optional
  12)        How to Stitch a Blind / Invisible Hem (Sewing Machine Needed)
  13)        How to Make 30+ Patterned Handmade Fabric Flowers: Step-by-Step DIY
  14)        40 FUN Kids DIY Activities & Crafts to do Indoors at Home
  15)        DIY Plant Hanger: How to Make a Super Simple Rope Plant Hanger
  16)        Glass Etching: What is it? How to SIMPLY Add Etching to Glass
  17)        How to Measure and Cut Fabrics in PERFECTLY Straight Lines & Squares
  18)        Blackout Curtain DIY – How to Add Blackout Liner to Your Existing Curtains
  19)        BIAS TAPE / BINDING – What is it? Single & Double Fold Tutorial
  20)        20 Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes – Make It and Love It
  21)        How to Make a DIY Hoop Skirt / Dress & Its Boning! SUPER INEXPENSIVE
  22)        Sewing Tips: Selvage / Bias / Grain Definition – How to Cut a Fabric Edge
  23)        Sewing Tips: How to Install / Attach a Zipper
  24)        DIY Skirts: How to Turn Your Old T Shirt Into a Skirt
  25)        Home Improvement: How to Remove & Replace Outdoor Light Fixtures (Porch, Driveway, Etc.)
  26)        How to Paint PERFECTLY Straight Lines On Textured Walls
  27)        How to Make a DIY Patterned Bow Tie for Kids
  28)        Sewing Tips: Defining & Using Interfacing, Fusible Web, Fusible Adhesive
  29)        DIY Fabric Storage Boxes – How to Make (Per Your Request)
  30)        How to Make Non-slip Baby / Girls Bow Hairclips (Actually Stay In!)
  31)        How to Add a Hidden Pocket Into Anything (Skirt, Dress, Pants, etc)
  32)        Sewing Tips: How to Sew an End / Back Stitch – Sewing Machine Practice
  33)        Freezer Paper: What is it? How to use it? Where to Buy it?
  34)        Sewing Tips: How to Attatch Snap Style Buttons to Fabric
  35)        How to Make Leggings for Your Baby / Toddler Girl – So Many Patterns!
  36)        Zipper Bedding for my kids’ beds… solution EVER
  37)        How to Paint SUPER Straight Horizontal Striped Lines on a Wall
  38)        40 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas (for kids!)
  39)        16 Funny Valentines Day Cards & Poems
  40)        20+ Handmade Craft Ideas for Baby Gifts
  41)        How to Make a Phone Holder With a Plastic Bottle – Charging Love
  42)        DIY Unicorn Party (…and Chloe turned 6)
  43)        Wearable Blanket for Baby
  44)        Passive Amplifiers DIY: How to Make a Wooden Speaker For Your Phone
  45)        Home Improvement: How to Remove Hardwood Flooring the Best Way
  46)        Turns Jeans into Skirts: How to Make DIY Skirts Out of Denim
  47)        How to Make SIMPLE Fabric Rag Dolls at Home – Girl & Boy Patterns!
  48)        How to Make an Envalope Style Pillowcase (Flap Keeps Pillows Secure)
  49)        DIY Laundry Basket Organizer (…Built In)
  50)        Eating Uncooked Shrimp: How to Clean & Prepare Raw / Fresh Shrimp
  51)        How to Make a Layered Tutu / Tulle Skirt (With Wide Elastic Band)
  52)        Sewing Tips: How to do Shirring / Smocking With Elastic Thread (Machine Needed)
  53)        How to Cut & Make a Continuous Strip of Bias Tape/Binding
  54)        BABY BEANIE PATTERNS! How to Make & Sew With a Top Knot
  55)        Sewing Tips: How to Make & Attatch Ruffled / Gathered Fabric
  56)        DIY: Stretchy Car Seat Cover and Nursing Cover DUO
  57)        How to Turn IKEA Bookshelves into CUSTOM BUILT-INS
  58)        Make a LARGE WING BUTTERFLY Costume
  59)        DIY: Easy NO-SEW Spider Costume! (…plus, one to GIVE AWAY!)
  60)        Peter Pan Costume
  61)        How to Sew the EASIEST Skirt Ever! Elastic Waistband Skirt Tutorial
  62)        How to make Natural Wood & Silicone Baby Chew Toys
  63)        How to Make Your Own DIY Ski Mask (Balaclava Sewing Pattern)
  64)        How to Make a Replacement Liner / Cover for an Infant Car Seat
  65)        The ‘MISTER Make It and Love It’ Series: Cardboard Guitars
  66)        How to Make a Faux Barn Wood Wall
  67)        20 Clever DIY projects using old CARDBOARD BOXES
  68)        Halloween Costumes 2012: Little Red Riding Hood :)
  69)        Sewing Tips: Basic Sewing Maching Terms & Stitches (Including Double Needle Stitch)
  70)        Clothing Labels… the 100’s
  71)        Re-purposing: Turn a Men’s Tie into a Boy’s Tie
  72)        DIY Collapsable Frame Play Tent for Kids / Toddlers (Super Simple)
  73)        A Simple DIY Prairie (or Pioneer) Girl Costume
  74)        DIY Greek Goddess Costume: ARTEMIS
  75)        Hot/Cold Rice Bag
  76)        25+ Modern Quilting Ideas
  77)        Using a Serger…
  78)        Turn Child’s Drawing into Stuffed Toy/Doll
  79)        Sewing Tips: Pants Too Short? How to Lengthen Trousers
  80)        How to Make & Sew a Partial Button Placket on a Shirt
  81)        Make-A-Cake Series: Filling and Stacking a Cake
  82)        DIY Carrot Costume…fun for any age!
  83)        How to Make a DIY Tufted Fabric Ottoman / Coffee Tables (From Old Tables)
  84)        Sewing Lessons for Kids Part 1: Easy Projects to Teach Hand Sewing
  85)        Halloween Costume Ideas: Lumberjack with Beard and Axe
  86)        Sewing Machine Tune Up / Service: How to Clean & Oil
  87)        Home Improvement: Laying Tile (on a fireplace, walls, or backsplash)
  88)        Little Pig Costume (with ears and snout)
  89)        Halloween Costume Ideas: Simple Shark (with Dorsal Fin)
  90)        DIY Bandana Drool Bib (…pattern included)
  91)        Installing a Pre-Hung Door (the EASY way)….and Trimming Out a Door (aka: adding molding)
  92)        Cinderella Dress – Halloween Costume
  93)        DIY Toy Fishing Pole (that reels in)…and Magnetic Fabric Fish
  94)        How to Marble Fabric (with shaving cream)
  95)        Make-a-Cake Series: Baking, Stacking, and Icing
  96)        Make a counter height Craft Table (from 2 shelves, a table top, and 8 legs)
  97)        Re-Purposing: Braided Knit Headband out of old T-shirts
  98)        DIY Hankerchief Skirt Pattern | How to Make a Sqare Circle Skirt
  99)        Sewing Terms 101 (…a beginner’s sewing glossary)
100)        Little Boy Suspenders
101)        DIY Octagon Dining Room Table…with a farmhouse base!
102)        No-Sew Zipper Cases…from old SODA (or water) BOTTLES!
103)        27 BEGINNER Knitting and Crochet Tutorials
104)        DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Holder
105)        Child’s Apron PDF Pattern (6 pattern styles, 5 different sizes)…new in the SHOP!
106)        “Where’s Waldo” Costume…in less than an hour!
107)        Make a Quick No Sew Emoji Costume
108)        DIY Pallet Spice Rack
109)        Simple DIY Baby Onesie Ideas
110)        Home Improvement: Build your own Fireplace Mantel & Hearth (craftsman style)
111)        Bucket of Popcorn Costume…with HUGE popped kernels
112)        Repurposing: Neck Tie into Bow Tie
113)        Turn a Maxi Dress…into a Maxi Skirt {in MINUTES}
114)        DIY Mary Poppins Costume For Halloween – Make It and Love It
115)        Our Tornado Storm Shelter
116)        Sewing Tips – Clipping Corners and Curves
117)        Using the Double Needle, WITHOUT the 2nd spool holder
118)        DIY Strawberry Costume
119)        FRESH and SUPER SIMPLE Strawberry Pie Filling (only 3 ingredients)
120)        DIY Fabric Top Hat…with free pattern
121)        DIY Hiccup Costume…from “How To Train Your Dragon 2”
122)        Halloween 2014: Dorothy (from “Wizard of Oz”)
123)        Sew a Fabric Pencil Case for Back to School!
124)        Make a LION TAMER Circus Costume
125)        The TIN MAN (…from “Wizard of Oz”)
126)        Chocolate Cracker Toffee……sweet and salty…..YUM!
127)        Sewing Tips – Turning a Tube Right Side Out
128)        25+ DIY School (or friend) Valentine Ideas
129)        Sew a Bucket Bag
130)        How to make a Double Pot Holder with Hand Pockets
131)        No-Sew ELSA CAPE (from Frozen)…a ‘Do-It-Together’ Project
132)        25 Amazing Thrift Store Furniture Makeovers
133)        15+ BOY Clothing Sewing Projects
134)        Stuffed Fabric Turtles (with pattern pieces)
135)        Glinda the Good Witch (from “Wizard of Oz”)
136)        Creamy and Cheesy Lasagna…a treasured Family Recipe!
137)        Re-Upholstering 101: How I re-upholstered my swivel armchair
138)        Basic 3 Tiered Skirt: With Hidden or Exposed Seams (measurement chart included)
139)        Make a FAUX FUR VEST…easier than you might think!
140)        Sew a Plush Rattle for Baby (…a bunny, cat, & mouse)!
141)        Make A Beautiful Handmade Journal
142)        The 45-minute Butterfly Sleeve Tunic Dress
143)        10-Minute DIY: Hanging Tissue Box Holder…for the CAR
144)        DIY Swimming Towel Poncho
145)        Delicious Donut Pillow Tutorial
146)        Piecing and Binding a Quilt
147)        Fabric Checkbook Cover (with duplicate check divider)
148)        Make your own Boy Shorts: with front pockets/back flaps
149)        Sew a Simple Advent Calendar…for Christmas!
150)        Printable DIY Gratitude Jar
151)        Halloween Costumes 2013: FLYNN RIDER from “Tangled”
152)        Boys Bifold Wallet
153)        26 Brilliant Ideas To Make Camping with Kids Easier
154)        Simple Flamingo Costume…..for any age!
155)        DIY Fabric Shoelaces
156)        Sewing Tips – ‘Cut on the Fold’ and ‘Fabric Grain’
157)        Interchangeable Flip-Flop Back Straps
158)        DIY Leather Cuffs from Old Belts
159)        Adding Straps to Sun Hats {velcro or snaps}
160)        Doll Ring Sling Carrier Tutorial
161)        Alter a Pattern to Add Flutter Sleeves
162)        Fold-Over Button Pillow (home decor)
163)        Make your own DOLLY Panties (pattern piece included)
164)        How to Make a Seashell Mobile
167)        Travel-Sized Pillowcase (with Minky edge)
168)        20 IDEAS to Transform Old Sweaters into New TREASURES
169)        Full and Fluffy Pettiskirt
170)        Yoga Waistband CIRCLE SKIRT…so simple, so cozy!
171)        The Official How-I-Know-It’s-the-Last-2-Weeks-of-Pregnancy List…
172)        How to make a “CHEWBACCA” Star Wars Costume!
173)        Basket Liner
174)        24 MOST PINNED & Favorite Crock Pot Recipes

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