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How to Crochet a Chunky Blanket (…an affordable beginner project!)

Today’s newest contributor is Jacquie from The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood…..and she is one talented gal, with an eye for beautiful things!  (And ooh, I love what she’s sharing today, SO much!)

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How much have you been loving the amazing knit and crochet items that have been popping up everywhere this year?! I swear knitting and crochet has jumped off Granny Central Station and turned into the modern, hipster, new and now (but not, ha ha) thing to do. I LOVE this because I’m obsessed with both and am so excited that everything ‘Granny’ is so in lately (any fellow old souls out there?!) and getting really exciting fresh and modern applications. One of the most popular handmade items I am seeing right now is the coveted super chunky crochet blanket. Whether it is done with hands/arms or done with a giant crochet hook, these blankets are understandably amazing in every way- so warm and cozy, soft and wonderful to snuggle under and really elegant-looking draped over the couch.

The only downside to these chunky crochet blankets (or oftentimes knit blankets) is that they can be very costly. Costly to purchase from a crafter and even costly to DIY since the super thick and chunky wool is harder to source, usually requires extra shipping cost, and uses up just physically so MUCH wool material that you need to purchase three, four, or even five skeins of it to even begin.

Enter my pattern for a chunky crochet blanket done with materials you can find locally!  It’s made in crochet using an easy to find big chunky hook and some nice chunky yarn that when doubled becomes awesomely chunky!


Come and see how to crochet a chunky crochet blanket for yourself!


Materials to Crochet a Chunky Blanket :

  • 10 skeins of Big Twist Natural Blend yarn (2 skeins of each color) This yarn is classified as a “super bulky 6” so if you can’t find this from JoAnn’s, look for something similar.
  • 1 yarn needle
  • 1 size US 50 (25.00mm) crochet hook. This one is great: Giant Wooden Crochet Hook
    How to crochet a chunky blanket (…an affordable beginner project!)
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*The hook that I currently use was hand crafted for me by my super talented little brother! He is only 15 years old and making amazing beautiful things. I share updates about these hooks and when he’ll have them available over on instagram @sweetersidemom There are currently a few left available here.*


how to make this Chunky crochet blanket (14)
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The images below walk you through starting your foundation chain. However, if you need to learn how to crochet as a total beginner, you can check out this YouTube video I created to help you get started!


For this blanket, treat the two strands of yarn as if they are one and hold them together throughout the entire blanket. This can seem tricky at first, like there are too many loops and strands all over, but once you get into the repetitive crochet motion, I promise it becomes second nature.

how to make this Chunky crochet blanket (15)
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Chain across 40 chains. Insert chain into second chain from hook and single crochet into each stitch all the way across. Chain one extra (always) and turn. Repeat the first row for the entire length of the blanket. See, I told you it was easy!

The trickiest part of this chunky crochet blanket (and it isn’t that tricky at all once you know how!) changing colors. To do this, crochet the entire row and STOP before completing the turning chain. You’ll create this turning change with the new color. Insert your hook into the last loop of the row, cut tails of last color to about 12 inches long, and ready the next color of yarn(s) in your left (for me) hand. Pull a loop of the new color through the last loop of the old color. Then tug on the ends of the old color to tighten.

how to make this Chunky crochet blanket (16)
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Now turn your work as you normally would only gather all four TAIL ends of yarn (two from old color, two from new) and lay them flat against the top edge of your chunky crochet blanket. You are going to crochet RIGHT OVER these ends which will leave you with almost zero ends to weave in when you are finished! It’s awesome.

how to make this Chunky crochet blanket (17)
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I snuck a little progress shot of this beauty. It’s huge. Gigantic. Squishy. Mmmm it’s so good. Word of caution, it’s not the best project to tote around in a project bag, haha! It’s simply too big!


After all of your colors have been completed, you are finished! Pull the tails all the way through on your last stitch and pull tight. Then use your yarn needle to weave these ending tails in and also the beginning tails too. Trim the yarn if there is any sticking out from where you crocheted over at each color change and…voila! The most amazing chunky crochet blanket ever. EVER.

*Finished blanket dimensions are about 45″ x 43″. This will vary based on your own tension. Slightly tighter crocheters will get a smaller blanket, slightly looser crochers will get a slightly larger blanket.*

How to Crochet a Chunky affordable beginner project! | via Make It and Love It
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If you are addicted to crochet (me too!) you’ll probably love my pinterest crochet board: Crochet Projects To Try. 

And definitely stop over on instagram @sweetersidemom. I’d love to chat with you over there. Happy Tuesday!



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