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Spray Painting Fabric (…a fun project with KIDS!!!)

Well guys, only about 3 weeks left before this baby boy arrives.  And because of that, I’ve been in whirlwind speed, trying to finish things off my never-ending list of “things to do”.  I know there’s such a thing as “nesting”, but for some reason, it’s been a little insane this time around.  My head is spinning and I think that’s because I really want to sit and enjoy this sweet little bubs, without any other care in the world!  In fact, many of the things I’ve been working on…..I’m dying to share here!  I just haven’t finished any one thing, enough to share.  We have several big room projects, all going on at the same time……but eeeeeh, I am so happy they’re almost done!  And I’m hoping to start sharing them next week!

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been. Here…but not HERE. ;)

But this past week, I paused the bigger projects so we could do something fun with the older kids (Ellie, Connor, and Chloe), as part of my Michaels Maker project for this month.  And probably the best part about it, is that it’s a SUPER quick project…..but probably one of my kids’ favorite things we’ve done in a while — Spray Painting Fabric!

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It actually reminds me a lot of tie dying…..but so much easier.  And faster.  And surprisingly, LESS MESSY! :)

The whole process is pretty simple and only involves a little tape and some Fabric Spray Paint.  I didn’t even know this stuff existed but you guys, this paint is pretty cool!

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It sprays on just like your standard spray paint, but isn’t as harsh and is safe for clothing.  It’s also machine washable (and softens up each time you wash it).

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You can make any shape or design…..just let the kiddos go wild!  But you can even keep things neat and clean and create your own designs for yourself or even gifts.

Connor actually made a design different from this one, but he accidentally put it on the back of his shirt.  So I had him wear this striped design that I experimented with, so he didn’t have to stand backwards in pictures. ;)  But I have to tell you, I’m loving these stripes!  Especially the cool effect of the colors mixing and the over-spray of each of the 3 colors I used.

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And big surprise…..Chloe wanted a heart, just like her big sister.  We’ve come to learn that 6-year-olds are obsessed with everything their 10-year-old sisters do! ;)

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So many options with spray painting….but the most fun for kids, is letting them do whatever they want.  They really have so much fun with it!

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And little Oliver got a little jealous of the other kids getting all the camera attention…..and started hamming it up, so I would take some pictures of him. Haha!  This kid. :)

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And then our pup Maggie wanted in on the fun too.  Haha…..I can’t tell you how much these kids love their new dog.

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And even though I get frustrated at times with having a busy little fluff ball running around with us, this dog has proven to be a great fit for our family.  And good grief, my kids love her SO much!

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Anyway, enough getting sidetracked.

These kids really are growing up so fast!  But they’re always up for a fun project with their momma…..and I’m so happy that’s still the case! :)

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Now, let me show you how easy and fun this whole Spray Painting Fabric thing is!

Here’s what you need:

  • Fabric Spray Paint (I bought the Tulip brand from Michaels)
  • Fabric of any kind…Tshirts, pants, tote bags, pillows, etc.
  • masking tape or washi tape


To get started, decide what you’d like to paint.  Any fabric surface will work, even any color…..but if you’re unsure about how it will look, test a spot of the fabric first.

Then, begin placing your tape down onto your fabric.  If you’re helping kids, remind them that whatever they cover with tape, will remain the same color as the original fabric.  Then, just step back and let them start taping.

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Also, remind them to press down the tape firmly, so that paint won’t leak beneath.

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Then, place a layer of cardboard in between the shirt layers and then take it outdoors to start spraying.  More then likely, you’ll have a little over-spray….so be sure to lay down more cardboard to protect your surface.

We learned that it’s better to hold the can back and spray with a distance.  Otherwise, too much paint comes out and can pool under your tape edges.

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For example, Connor is holding it too close below and holding down the nozzle full force, so the paint kind of puddled.  Smaller compressions of paint would help if you’re closer….but overall, I think it’s better if you hold it back a bit.

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Then, let your paint dry completely.

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Then, start peeling off your paint.

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That’s when your kiddos will get excited, once their design starts to come to life!

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That’s it!

And if your kids are anything like mine, they will be so excited to wear their new creations!!!

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  1. Swetha says:

    Cool project! Great pics!
    I cant wait to see your profile/family picture updated to include all 5 of your kids!
    good luck with your next bundle of joy!

  2. Auntiepatch says:

    I didn’t know they made fabric paint in a can. I need to look into this!

  3. Linda says:

    Really cute idea! I can think of several fun applications I’d like to try! Thanks!

  4. Ayla says:

    Estupendas les quedaron esas camisetas!!!! Están preciosos, madre mía como han crecido desde posts antiguos cuando empezaba a leer tu blog, jajaja.
    Uyyyy que cerquita estas de tener al bebé, a ver que será, jeje, aunque bueno lo principal es que sea un bebé fuerte y feliz como sus hermanos :D

  5. Stacey says:

    Oh My Goodness! I totally thought this was your April Fool’s post, just late! I kept waiting for the, GOTCHA! moment. When I reached the materials list I was like, umm… wait. Maybe… You got me by not getting me?!

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