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Hello! I’m Ashley

I live in windy Oklahoma with my husband Steve and our 5 energetic kids–and I LOVE making stuff! And by “stuff” I mean anything that involves sewing, crafting, baking, hammering, painting…you know, ALL the stuff! Which, let’s be real, is sometimes annoying because there’s a part of my brain that thinks I have 5,376 hours in my day! Aaaaagggh! Don’t worry…those are my own issues I’m working through. Ha! But the “stuff” that I do find time to make, I REALLY love sharing here with you guys! So I’m really glad you’re here!

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Xo valentine home decor tutorial 2 1

‘XO’ Valentine Home Decor Tutorial

So excited to introduce one of our very newest contributors this year….Taya from Eat Pray Create!!    So excited to have her here with us!  (All posts written by Taya for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.) Welcome, Taya!!! :) -Ashley . . . . . Hi everyone, I’m Taya from […]

“merry and bright” dream tree challenge 2014

“Merry and Bright” Dream Tree Challenge 2014

Don’t worry, I realize I’m jumping the gun a bit by throwing a little Christmas at you today…….just like Pinterest and every other social media channel out there, ACK!  One holiday at a time, right?! ;)    And I know I just barely finished Halloween costumes and such (and have yet to show you my […]

10 darling diy bags

10 Darling DIY Bags

Books, crayons, snacks, toys. Just bag em!  Here are some great DIY bags that your kids (or you) can use to carry around everything they need when they’re out and about.  They are super cute and  you can make them yourself.  The possibilities are endless.     1. Little Girl Pleated Purse…with button closure!   2.The Reversible […]

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