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25 CLEVER IDEAS for “Wacky Hair Day” at SCHOOL!! (…including Chloe’s wacky hair!)

My kids have been doing a fund raiser at school and each class is kind of in a competition with each other, to see who can raise the most money. (Side Note: I TRIPLE hate asking for others to cough up some cash for my kid.  I get it though….it’s tough for schools to get enough funding, so ugggh, we hit up the grandmas and this year we even asked their auntie, because they didn’t have Alaska on the “Donation Map” yet, and I have 2 sisters who live up there!  Sorry Robin! ;)) Anyway, all the classes are in a race to win like a pizza party or something bigger, but along the way, they earn mini rewards like an extra recess, no assigned seating for a day, a no-shoe day or one of my kids’ favorite…..WACKY HAIR DAY!!!  Chloe’s kindergarten class is in the lead (which makes Connor and Elli so mad…ha!) and their class earned the “privilege” of wearing their hair WACKY to school yesterday!

I usually forget about wacky hair day until the morning of, but this time, I received a reminder email about it the night before… I browsed around online real quick, and came up with so many fun ideas (which I’ll share down below)!  Chloe requested something that I had to tweak a bit, but she was beyond excited for DONUT HAIR yesterday!!!!

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Hahaha……it just cracks me right up! I’m kind of a weirdo and really get a kick out of stuff like this, but man, I love me some Donut Hair!!!

25 CLEVER IDEAS for "Wacky Hair Day" at SCHOOL!! | via
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We really didn’t have much time yesterday before school, but it came together really quickly…..and this little girl was SO EXCITED for school!  Haha….I hope these kids of mine never become too embarrassed or shy for a little silly fun! :)

25 CLEVER IDEAS for "Wacky Hair Day" at SCHOOL!! | via
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And real quick, I’ll show a few pics that I took on my cell phone early yesterday morning before school (sorry, not the greatest pics)….but you get the idea!

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  1. Make a tight pony tail, up on top of the head, as high as you can go.  Use hairspray or gel to slick down the hair around the sides of the head.
  2. Cut a hole in a small paper plate, large enough to slide the ponytail through.
  3. Slide your mesh Bun maker down around the base of the ponytail.  (If you don’t have a bun maker, I found mine for really cheap, HERE.  It helps make the bun bigger and more symmetrical (and look more like a donut).  But you could always just twist and wrap and create a simple plain bun.)
  4. Create your bun around your bun maker.  (I’m sure there are videos on youtube showing how.)  Pin the hair in place, as snug as you can.
  5. Cut a “frosting” piece from some brown felt or fleece.  Add squiggles of hot glue and press some sprinkles into the glue.
  6. Cut strips of your fabric and glue the ends of each strip down to the back of the “frosting” piece.  This will give you 3 loops to slide a bobby pin through, while sliding the other end of the bobby pin into the hair…securing the “frosting” in place.

And that’s it!

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I also had to share all these other Wacky Hair Day ideas that I gathered up from around the web….because they’ll CRACK YOU UP too!!!  And maybe they’ll inspire you to have a little fun with your kiddos (or grandkids/neighbors) and their spirit days at school!  I’ll be hopefully be using a few more of these soon, when Connor and Elli finally earn their Wacky Hair Day “privilege” for their fundraiser (if their classes ever earn enough….ha!).

25 CLEVER IDEAS for "Wacky Hair Day" at SCHOOL!! | via
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Crazy Cone Hair via Bee In Our Bonnet

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Soda Bottle Hair via Imgur

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Star Wars Hair via Lou Lou Girls

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Unicorn Hair via Lou Lou Girls

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Rose Garden Hair via Bee In Our Bonnet

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Bird’s Nest Hair via Google

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Surfer Hair via Bee In Our Bonnet

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Rudolph Bun via Princess Piggies

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Apple Tree Orchard Hair via Bee In Our Bonnet

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Helium Balloon Hair via unknown

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My Little Pony Hair via Bored Panda

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Insect Hair via Bee In Our Bonnet

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Frosted Donut via Bored Panda

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Spider Bun Hair via Simple As That

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Punk Mohawk Hair via Google

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Rainbow Mohawk Hair via Bee In Our Bonnet

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Octopus Hair via One Creative Mommy

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Cupcake Hair via Google Image

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Pipe Cleaner Hair via

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Squid Hair via Etsy

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Pumpkin Patch Hair via Princess Piggies

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Mermaid Hair via Chasing Our Dreams

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Vegetable Garden Hair via Bee In Our Bonnet

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Egg Hair via Princess Piggies

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  1. Lida says:

    I’m so glad I found this idea! My kids have crazy hair day once a year and I am always late to the party. I’m ready this year (tomorrow in fact) after seeing your blog. I wasn’t able to use felt but I have the foam with the sticky back and hot glued sprinkles to that instead. I’m excited! Thanks again.

  2. Kala says:

    For crazy hair day I am doing the soda one. I love it!!! Its soooooo cool.

  3. jessica says:

    OMG!!i love it sooooooo much I have to try it! My favourite is the donut hair. I have very long blonde straight hair so you can espoect to see a few posts on Facebook! I love all of the ideas and they are all so easy even I could do it and I am 13!. Keep the Ideas rolling in.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Omg!!!! Luv it❤️❤️…..

  5. Ayla says:

    Madre mía te quedo divino ese peinado, jajaja, aun alucino con el paso 4 como se sostienen todos los pelitos sin desparramarse por todos lados. Aunque imagino que será ese artilugio en forma de rosco lo que de algún modo sujeta el pelo, jeje (al principio pense que era un donuts de fieltro la cosita esa) :P

  6. Miss Lois says:

    In France, we don’t know “wacky hair day school” , it’s really funny and this children have amazing hairstyle !!!!
    Bravo for the Chloe’s wacky hair ! it’s so cute.


  7. sara says:

    Hi Ashley
    it’s beautiful!
    can you tell me what lens you used ?
    and what camera

    thanks a lot!!

  8. Diane W says:

    I love it!! Brings back some funny memories of our daughter and I. (Used to get my hubby all ticked at us. He saw no humor in us) We’d do hairdos and be howling away! Our favorite one is where you stick a paper/plastic cup inside your hair, upside down, and pull your hair up over the cup, all side of it, and make a bun. Way on top of the cup would sit a bun. Like your head was very tall.

  9. kseadler says:

    those are impressive!! gotta say those parents have either way more patience or time than I have. (probably both)

  10. Annie says:

    This is genius…and so cute!!! I can see how a little girl can get beyond excited, I would be too! :D
    At my kid school, there is a crazy hair day once a year, but I have never seem anything as wacky as those ideas! Those are hilarious!. And now I’m thinking I have to let my girl grow hair, so I can make a bum next year ;)

    1. Anonymous says:

      I agree.

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