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TIME TO VOTE….on the top Halloween Costume Tutorial requests!!

Okay guys, this was TOUGH!

You all had so many really fun ideas (from Monday’s post) that I got so excited about trying to create…that trying to narrow down to the most highly requested was no easy task.  But I tried to include the most popular costume ideas that you all shared, so we can vote and then figure out how to make it!  (And more than likely, and if time permitting, I’ll create more than one!)

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***Not all suggestions in the above graphic are included in the vote.

Okay, here are the top 8 ideas….and then you can vote down in the form at the very bottom.  Sound good?

Oh, and not all of these requests will be recreated to look just like the picture……because the point of this is to help simplify it a bit.  But the picture just gives you an idea of what we’re trying to create.

Harry Potter Characters – Wow, I’m still so impressed by the popularity of this theme each year.  This book series will always be a favorite, so I’m assuming kids will want to dress up in Harry Potter every year.  But if this wins, I’ll probably include several characters! (My kids are super into these books, so I’m sure they’d all love to be my little models for this one!)

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Butterflies – There are so many versions of butterflies, so we could do so many fun things with this, so I’m only including an image of some real butterflies.  But I have some ideas stewing around in my brain that I’d love to give a try!

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Star Wars Characters – Another theme that will probably be popular until the end of time.  But hey, you gotta give the kids what they want! :)  There are so many characters that we could try and create, so if this one wins, maybe we’d have to do several of them.  But my brain is really trying to figure out how to create BB8 and I think it would be fun to tackle! But maybe a simple Jedi would be quick to teach.  Or even a princess Leia.

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Ghostbusters –  Wow, I never knew this movie would gain popularity again like it did back when I was a kid!  But, enough of you mentioned it, that I thought it would be fun to create some costumes to go along with this!

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Life of Pets Characters – I must admit, this wasn’t my favorite movie….but my kids loved it!  The characters are cute though, so making costumes like them would be fun to create.  I think I would make a couple of them too, just to make the theme complete. :)

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Pokemon – I cannot tell a lie……Pokemon confuses me.  But I try REALLY hard to listen to my 8 year old Connor when he goes on and on about them.  Please tell me I’m not the only mom like this but wow, Pokemon doesn’t interest me even one bit.  But I really try.  And I know Pokemon GO is like a serious fad right now.  Plus, making Pokemon character costumes would make Connor so happy….so I’m sure there are other kids out there who feel the same way. :)

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Circus Characters – This one seems really fun to me….so many ideas crowding my brain!  And of course, we’d have to do several of these characters for a good variety!  The ideas in my brain aren’t much like the ones below….but I needed an image that wasn’t super skanky adult women, wearing practically nothing. Ack!  Anyway, I’ll make them kid appropriate for sure! :)

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Zootopia Characters – Ah man, I really loved this movie… definitely a family favorite from this year!  So, it’s no surprise this made the list!

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Okay, that’s all 8 ideas on the ballot!  Select your favorite from the DROPDOWN box below…

***Please only vote once.  If you’re trying to see the results again (if you’re coming back later on), just make sure the choice selected is blank, and then click on “submit”.  Then you can click on “see previous responses” and it will take you to the results page. 


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——-> Oh, and some other ideas that many of you mentioned were very similar to costumes that I’ve created in the past, so let me link to them here, to help those of you who asked in the last post.


Last year, both of my girls were Mermaids and several of you mentioned wanting a tutorial for them……so I created a Mermaid Costume with a Re-positional Fin tutorial.


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Several of you also mentioned Fairies.  Well, one of my contributors, Jill, created these darling Woodland Fairy Costumes for her girls last year.

DIY Woodland Fairy Costume. Learn how to make your own fairy dress, fairy slippers, and fairy wings. | via Make It and Love It
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Also, a few of you mentioned a bird….and although bird is pretty broad, you could use this Flamingo Costume tutorial and adapt it for whatever type of bird you’re wanting!

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Oh wait, one of my contributor’s Crystal also created this super creative Parrot Costume tutorial.  Ack….I seriously love this one!

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Oh, and a few of mentioned viking type costumes.  Last year, I made a How To Train Your Dragon costume tutorial for Connor….and it could be easily adapted for different types of vikings.

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Anyway, I hope those extra links are helpful!

Can’t wait to see which costume idea wins!



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