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LET’S VOTE…on the top 11 Halloween Costume Requests!

Okay guys.  Trying to narrow down all of your ideas and suggestions for Halloween costumes (from last week’s post) was TOUGH.  Ack!  I tried to include the most popular ideas that were suggested….and then a few of them in the list below might not have been asked for very many times, but I got all excited about them and the ideas started swirling around in my head.  So, I couldn’t resist.


So, here’s the deal.  There are 11 costume ideas listed below.  Vote for one item only and let’s see what happens.  I’m so curious to see which ideas actually beat out the others.  I think we’ll say that I’ll for sure make the top 2 costumes that win…..and then I’ll probably throw in a couple more, because I need to purge some of these ideas in my head! Ha! ;)



Anyway, here are the 11 top costume ideas…..and then you’ll vote down at the very bottom.  Sound good?


How To Train Your Dragon – I was surprised at how many of you asked for this one. It’s actually something Connor has been asking for (at least in his top 3)… I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little excited about making this one!  And I know there are so many characters, but maybe if I made the main kid, whatever his name is (shhh…don’t tell Connor), you’d kind of get a vision for creating the others.  (Or who knows, maybe I’ll whip up the girl one too and send it off to one of you guys??  Let’s see how it plays out first.)



R2D2 for girls/Star Wars – I know there are so many Star Wars characters but so many of them are robes, with a few belts thrown in.  I could probably describe how to put together some costumes for Star Wars characters…..but R2D2 is a little trickier.  One of you included a link to this darling dress that I thought would be really fun to create, but just change it up a bit.

image source



Mermaids – Now, there’s a reason I didn’t include images of Ariel or other costumes you might buy at the store….because I didn’t really care for any of them.  I will tweak it to cover the belly for sure but I also have several ideas for the tail that I’m tossing around in my head, so I didn’t want to confuse anyone with an image that I may or may not be replicating.  Make sense?

image source


Big Hero 6 – Oh, this movie.  My kids love it…and so do I!  It’s a cute one.  These costumes are a little more detailed and will probably take some time to create so I’d probably only do one of them.  I’m not sure which.  If this one wins though….we’ll decide on that then. :)



Dragon – This would be a fun costume to tackle.  I wouldn’t replicate the exact costume below….but something along these lines.


Minions – These guys are funny.  And my kids think it’s hilarious to walk around the house talking like them (oh, heaven help me!).  The costume would complete their games! ;)



Strawberry – Making a strawberry costume was kind of randomly mentioned in my post last week….but several mentioned how you’d actually really like to see how this could be made. And then I couldn’t get it out of my head.  So, the design would be a surprise….


Inside Out – Are any of your kids dying to be one of these characters?  My little Chloe (who’s 4), didn’t like it much….but the older two loved it! :)



Eagle – Someone linked to this eagle costume in the comment section last week and I thought it looked super cool.  Wouldn’t this be fun to re-create?  Maybe a little simpler….but I think those wings are rad! :)

image source


Alice in Wonderland – The classic storybook comes to real life!  I think I’m most excited about the Queen of Hearts….but all of these characters would be really fun!  Especially the mad hatter.  Okay, even the rabbit would be cool to recreate.  Hmmmmm…..


Frozen Fever – Okay, enough of you asked for this, I had to include it!  And Chloe would be pleased as punch if this one won!  So if enough little girls are dying to be Anna or Elsa in their second movie…..let’s hear it! :)


Okay, that’s all 11 of them.  Time to vote below —


***Please only vote once.  If you’re trying to see the results again (if you’re coming back later on), just make sure the choice selected is blank, and then click on “submit”.  Then you can click on “see previous responses” and it will take you to the results page. 


We’ll talk soon!



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