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Lightning & Storm Cloud Costume (No-Sew)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN friends!!  Aggggh, I can ‘t even believe it….October is only hours away from ending!  And, ahem, I have only shared 2 of my 5 kids’ costumes so far…..blahhhh!  (I shared Ellie’s Rain & Storm Cloud Costume HERE and Chloe’s Rainbow & Sunshine Costume HERE.)  This year has just been bizarre though. And I’ve been off.  But that’s okay, some years are like that.  (Does anyone even care about costumes once November hits?  Maybe I should save the last two until next hear?? Haha!) But today is Oliver’s turn to join our weather theme, and I made him this Lightning & Storm Cloud Costume…that is completely NO-SEW!!!

It’s light, pretty quick to make, and the flashing LED lights are his FAVORITE feature! :)

Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 1
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This kid.  He cracks me up.  When we were brainstorming new costume ideas a couple weeks ago (trying to find something more simple because of this year’s circumstances)…..Oliver was definitely set on being lightning.  And that’s because lightening bolts, in his words, are “SO cool and SO LOUD!!” (Yes, we all know that it’s technically the thunder that’s loud…but he was excited, so just go with it.  Ha!)  He was also excited because lightning is DANGEROUS.  And once Oliver heard that he could have flashing lights on him, he was sold.  And didn’t want anyone else to try and claim his costume idea.  It was HIS! :)

Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 2
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Once Oliver puts this stuff on, he walks around with super high knees, trying to create the biggest and loudest KABOOOOM stomps that he can!  (Lightning and thunder go hand in hand, remember?!) Hahaha!

Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 3
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But once the surrounding lights are turned down a bit, you can see the magic of this Lightning and Storm Cloud Costume—-the flashing lights.  (I have them on steady while taking pictures.  But there are 8 different settings….and a couple of them look like lightning flashes.  It totally takes the costume to another level!)  Oh, and if you’re worried about losing your child while trick-or-treating…..this is DEFINITELY the costume for you! Ha!

Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 4
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If the hat looks familiar, yep, it’s just like Ellie’s Rain & Storm Cloud Costume…..but scaled way down.  Oh, and don’t worry, it’s very lightweight.

Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 9
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The stuffed lightning bolt is also very lightweight and just hangs around the neck…but has a stiff backing, to help keep its shape. 

This is a great costume in super cold weather too…..since it can be worn over big coats and pants.

Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 5
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When you’re 5 years old and you kinda wanted to be batman for Halloween but your older siblings told you all the cool parts of being lightning (because they REALLY wanted to be a group theme)……you decide that you’re going to be the BIGGEST & BADDEST bolt of lightning there EVER WAS!!!!! (Hahaha, don’t grow up Oliver.  Ever.)

Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 6
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Aggggh……I can’t believe this is your 5th Halloween, Oliver!  I feel like I just barely dressed you up in that Lollipop Munchkin Costume, when you were a few months old!  Haha, that tuft of hair still cracks me up!  Or that BB8 Costume… were such a good sport walking around in that big ol’ thing, even though you were just a year old!  Okay, the funniest might have been the Strong Man Costume…….you were such a crack-up, and thought you were the COOLEST!  Oh, but wait…..the wooden goat hooves from the Greek Mythology Satyr Costume last year, those were pretty hilarious too!

You’re such a good sport Oliver!  I’m so glad you love dressing up like the rest of your hooligans siblings! :)

Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 8
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Okay, now who’s ready to make your own Lightning & Storm Cloud Costume? 

Remember, there’s not one bit of sewing, so don’t even worry about that.

Let’s gather up a few things first…

Supplies for Lightning & Storm Cloud Costume:

  • 2 sheets of Foam Board (you may need more or less, depending on how big your subject is.  You could also use a cardboard box….but just use 2-3 layers and hot glue them together, to make it extra stiff.)
  • Yellow Fleece
  • Stuffing (Poly-Fil)
  • Foam Hat (I found mine at Hobby Lobby by the sheets of craft foam, for a few dollars)
  • LED Battery-Operated Lights
  • Gray Spray Paint
  • Spray Adhesive ( I bought the 3M brand, high strength, from Lowe’s)
  • Hot Glue/Glue Gun


  1. Decide on a lightning bolt shape.  Look online to get an idea of the shape you want and how many zig-zags you want, or just free-hand it.  Then trace your shape onto your foam board and then cut it out.  (I made my downward portion of the bolt too narrow, so I added some foam board back on and tape it together….that’s why there’s tape on mine.)
    Lightning storm cloud costume tutorial instructions 1
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  2. Grab a piece of yellow fleece that’s bigger than your bolt….and place the bolt on top.
    Lightning storm cloud costume tutorial instructions 2
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  3. Begin hot gluing the edges of the fleece to the back side of the bolt, trimming down excess edges as needed.
    Lightning storm cloud costume tutorial instructions 3
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  4. Once you have at least 3 sides of one of the lightning bolt sections glued in place, begin stuffing with your Poly-Fil.  Fleece stretches in one direction, so that will allow it to fluff out into a more rounded shape.  —> Now, learn from my mistake.  I should have started putting part of the light strand in this half of the lightning bolt….but forgot and kept gluing and stuffing (and then had to tear it back open).  But go ahead and start putting the lights in at this point and then arranging the lights, so they’re evenly distributed.  Turn your lights on, so you can see if they’re visible.  You may have to rearrange the stuffing a bit and push lights in and out of the stuffing to make it work.
    Lightning storm cloud costume tutorial instructions 4
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  5. Then continue gluing the fleece around the other half of the lightning bolt and adding stuffing and arranging lights.  Check from the front to be sure the lights are evenly distributed and can be seen.
    Lightning storm cloud costume tutorial instructions 6
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  6. Finish gluing the fleece edges to the back and make sure that you leave the end of the lights with the battery box out, so you can control it and change batteries, etc.
    Lightning storm cloud costume tutorial instructions 7
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  7. Now add a piece of fleece to the back, to enclose the back of the foam board and all the glued edges from the front piece of fleece.
    Lightning storm cloud costume tutorial instructions 8
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  8. I created a little pocket to hold the battery pack on the back.  To do so, I cut a rectangular piece of fleece and glued it down on the sides and bottom.  The box just slips down inside.  I added another strip of fleece over on the left side to guide the cord out of the way, so it’s not visible from the front. I just glued the strip down on both ends.
    Lightning storm cloud costume tutorial instructions 9
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  9. The storm cloud hat is made the same way as Ellie’s Rain and Storm Cloud Costume from last week…..except I didn’t add the strands of rain.  And I made it a lot smaller.
    Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 9
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  10. To finish it off, I just had Oliver wear some black leggings and a black shirt….and he was ready to go!

Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 7
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And that’s it! 

The coolest little Lightning & Storm Cloud Costume, you ever did see!

Lightening and storm cloud costume tutorial 10
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How did it go?  Did you finish?  Let me know how it turned out…and send me pictures!  I love seeing how your costumes turn out and who you end up making them for!  It’s probably my favorite thing about this whole blogging thing…..seeing how the tutorials worked out for you!! :)

Okay, take care!



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