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NO-SEW Princess Costume…for baby!

So happy that Sara from The Aqua House is back today……sharing her sweet baby girl with us today!  Oh, and the darling No-Sew costume she made for her.  So adorable!  And so darn cute!

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Hello everyone! It’s Sara from The Aqua House and I’m here today with a super fun NO-SEW costume for your little princess!



This princess costume is one that you can make in about an hour or so and you don’t even have to sew one stitch!  I know so many people who wish they could make their own Halloween costumes, but are intimidated by the thought of sewing. If that’s you, then don’t fear! All you need for this costume is a onesie, tulle, rhinestones, and glue!


With the change of a few small details, you could customize it to mimic your very favorite Disney Princess or to match your little Princess’ personality. I’m thinking blue and silver for Elsa, or yellow for Belle…there are so many possibilities!


I’ll even show you how to make this crown headband in just a few short minutes!



So lets get making this No-Sew Princess Costume!


For this project you will need:

  • onesie
  • Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon (available online HERE)
  • Rhinestones
  • 1/4 yard cuts of 3 different colors of tulle (or your fabric of choice…available online HERE)
  • elastic trim for waistband and headband (enough to go around your baby)
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • permanent fabric adhesive (available online HERE)
  • mini tiara (something similar to the one I bought locally, HERE)
  • tulle scraps
  • 12 inches of ribbon
  • felt



To start out, I laid out the onesie and unrolled the Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon over it to measure how much I needed.  I cut only enough to cover the front.  The reason for this is that the onesie is made to stretch over your baby’s head and body and the mesh ribbon is not.  If you added it all the way around, you wouldn’t be able to get the onesie over your baby’s head.


Cut through the nearest gap in rhinestones.  It may not fit the front of your onesie exactly, but it should be pretty close.


Next, I took the piece of Rhinestone ribbon and folded it in half.  Starting at the folded side I started to cut out a rounded top.  This may not be exactly rounded because you are trying to cut through the spaces in between the rhinestones.  I tried to cut through some of the rhinestones to give it a more rounded look.


Unfold the piece of Rhinestone ribbon and decide where to place it on the onesie.  I tried to place mine so the sides of the ribbon came close to the sleeve seam.  Then grab your fabric adhesive and get ready to attach it.  I used “Aleene’s OK To Wash-It“.


On the back of the Rhinestone ribbon, apply the fabric adhesive all around the outer edge and in the middle.  Make sure that you have good coverage!


Turn the Rhinestone ribbon back over and place on the front of the onesie.


While that is drying, we will move on to adding the tulle bottom.  You could use almost any fabric you wanted depending on what kind of a look you are going for, especially if you don’t like a sheer look and want something with more coverage.  I found that using a glue gun worked much better than the fabric adhesive to attach the tulle. Taking your bottom layer of tulle, start in the middle of the back and glue it onto the onesie just below where the Rhinestone ribbon is.  Bunch the fabric up to give it a gathered look and work your way around the entire body of the onesie, making sure to leave the starting and ending points of the tulle in the back.  We will create a “seam” here later.


Continue adding however many layers of tulle you want. It is important to remember that the onesie needs to be able to stretch around your baby’s body.  While I was glueing the tulle on, I made sure to stretch the onesie so as to add more ‘give’ to the costume. This step is very important because you want your baby to be able to fit into the costume once you’re done.


Your costume should now look like this!



Now we are going to add the elastic trim between the the tulle and Rhinestone ribbon to hide the ugly glue seam. Make sure that your trim is elastic so it will stretch around baby. Use your glue gun to attach the ribbon.



I started my trim in the back and when I came back around I folded the trim over on itself and then glued it down.


Now it is time to add on some more Rhinestones!



I started by placing some above the bodice piece.  I used my glue gun to attach the Rhinestones.  Some of my Rhinestones were the self-stick kind, but I found that they fell off easily so I attached them with glue as well.


Then I start adding Rhinestones to the skirt.  Since I used a sheer fabric, I added Rhinestones to all the layers of the fabric to create dimension.  Remember that “seam” I talked about earlier…where the tulle meets together with its starting and stopping point in the back? Now is the time to attach those pieces together with a Rhinestone.  Take these starting and stopping points and barely overlap them, then press a Rhinestone (with glue on the back) over it.  The glue should go through both layers of fabric and fuse them together. I only did one Rhinestone per layer of fabric.



Unless you want to do any more embellishing, the onesie part is now done!  Lets move on to making that crown headband.

I found this little mini tiara at my local Zurcher’s party store and decided it would be great to go with the costume. (But here’s something similar online, if you can’t find anything locally.)  Those Rhinestones were the perfect match!


First, take the felt and trace two circles around the tiara.  The first circle will be the inside of the tiara and the second circle will be the outside of the tiara.


Cut out the circles and set aside.


Take your tulle scrap and bunch it up so all edges are in the center.  Take your glue gun and press a dab of glue through all the layers in the center.  Keep glueing and folding until it’s the size you like.  I made mine a little bigger than the base of the tiara.


Next, take your ribbon and fold it so it resembles a flower.  You may have to play around with it a little to get it just right, then secure it with a pin. The ribbon should be a little bit bigger than the tulle.


Glue the tulle on top of the ribbon.


Then take the trim elastic (or elastic ribbon of your choice) and measure around your baby’s head.  You’ll want it to fit snug, but not too tight.  Glue the elastic onto the bottom of the ribbon. (I used this lacy elastic at first and then later changed the headband to use the same trim that I did on the costume.)


Then attach the large circle to the bottom of the elastic.  This will make it so the headband is more comfortable for your baby to wear and hopefully won’t leave any marks on her little head.


Turn the headband over and attach the tiara by running a bead of glue around the bottom of it.  Attach the smaller felt circle to the top and you are done!


Now go dress up your little princess!

(I added some tights and boots to the costume to cover up her little legs!)



In hardly any time at all, you’ll have a NO-SEW Princess Costume for your baby!  And hopefully she’s all smiles over her first time playing dress up!



Good luck!



Check out Sara’s blog HERE, her Facebook page HERE, her Instagram account HERE, and her Pinterest Boards HERE.



I’m Sara, blogger at The Aqua House. I am momma to four little men and one little lady, married to my best friend, and our passion is DIYing our home. On my blog I share crafts, sewing, recipes, and of course our latest home improvement project! I love making a project for a fraction of the cost of buying new and I love creating beautiful spaces. Visit me on my blog;

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