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Make a NO-SEW Weatherman Costume

Okay guys, this is it.  The 5th and final weather themed Halloween costume for this year.  Aggggh…..what a crazy year this has been!  I absolutely LOVE making costumes, so I couldn’t let some weird health issues that I’ve been having, hold me back!  But I’m not going to lie….I’m kinda glad our original costume plans didn’t work out, because these weather costumes turned out really fun and our 5 kiddos were such good sports about switching things up to something a little easier to put together!  Speaking of easy, 4 of the 5 costumes this year have been No-Sew designs…..including today’s Weatherman Costume for Max.  In fact, this Weatherman Costume only took about 30 minutes to put together….but might be the costume that makes us laugh the most.  Maybe that’s because Max is 2…and 2-year-ols’s make costumes a whole lot more funny! Ha.

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In case you missed the other costumes, Ellie’s Rain & Storm Cloud Costume is HERE, Connor’s Tornado Costume is HERE, Chloe’s Rainbow & Sunshine Costume is HERE, and Oliver’s Lightning and Storm Cloud Costume is HERE.


Can you even think of a better costume for our rascally little Max to be???  Yeah, me either.  But this little weatherman is right in the middle of everything….reporting on the latest weather patterns and storm warnings, 

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And, you know, sometimes the weather is so severe and shocking……the reporting weatherman can’t believe it either. But you need to hold it together, Max. The camera is rolling….and you need to keep the people calm!!

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“Okay folks, it looks like our storm has changed directions and will now be heading our way! If at all possible, stay off the roads tonight until these storms have passed.”  (Nice recover Max, way to regain some composure!)

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But you know, sometimes you can only do so much when those winds ramp up and about carry you away.  This weatherman gig is hard work! (Hahaha.)

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This weatherman costume is pretty basic and probably easy to figure out….but in case anyone has questions about certain parts of it, I’ll break it down.

Supplies for a NO-SEW Weatherman Costume:

  • Umbrella— We just grabbed one of our cheap umbrella’s and pushed it outward so that it looked like the wind had blown it that way,  Then we cut some slits in the umbrella fabric with a utility knife. 
  • Tie— To get the tie to stand out sideways, I used a wooden dowel and shoved it between the layers of the tie along the backside….making sure that it was nice and snug.  I used a safety pin to hold the dowel in place.  Then, I pulled the tie over to the right and pinned it to Max’s shirt sleeve.  I pinned the underneath piece of the tie out to the right as well.
  • Microphone— I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of how we made this, but Steve put this together while I was working on a different costume.  But the lower portion is a really big wooden dowel.  The top part is made from a styrofoam ball.  The center block is made from small pieces of scrap plywood that he pieced into a cube, except for the top piece.  He cut a hole in the bottom of the cube, slid it onto the dowel, and then cut a hole in the ball and slid that on top of the dowel.  He glued it all together and then spray painted it all black.  I found some “Weather Channel” logo images online and printed them off and hot glued them to the microphone.
  • Shirt— I pinned one side of Max’s shirt open to one side, to add to the wind-blown look.
  • Magazine— I cut a strip of an old magazine page, crumpled it up, and then flattened it out again.  Then I taped it from the back, onto his pant leg… that it would look like it had blown through the air and landed on his leg.
  • Hair— I used a bunch of gel and sculpted over to the same direction as the tie and shirt….to add to the “wind blown” look.

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And that’s it! 

A weatherman costume that would be funny to wear all on its own….or easily paired with any type of weather themed costume.

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Okay, now let me know if you have any questions.  And if you end up using this costume for something.  And send pictures….I’ve love to see!!!

Oh, and I took some pictures of all the kids together.  They’re pretty funny….so I’ll share those next week! :)




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