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DIY Halloween Costume Award Trophies — Part 3!!!

Oh gosh you guys, I’m not sure what’s more fun….making costumes for humans, or itty bitty plastic skeletons! Haha!! ;)  Some of you may remember, but a few years ago I was helping to plan a Halloween party for our congregation at church back in Colorado.  We decided to have a costume contest at the party and needed some sort of award for the winners….to make it a little more fun!  So I came up with THESE Costume Award Trophies for the winners!  They were so much fun to make—but it was even more fun to watch the winners as their names were called….and then run up to the front to claim their golden skeleton trophy!  Ha!

Well, last year, I was helping plan another church Halloween party here in Oklahoma, and we decided that we needed to have a costume contest with awards.  So, a friend and I joined forces and came up with similar Halloween Costume Award Trophies HERE, but with some variations to what the skeletons were wearing!

Okay, now fast forward to this year’s church Halloween party, and yep, I was involved in helping plan it again.  We decided that the Costume Trophies are just way too fun to make…..and even more fun to distribute, so we just had to make them again for this year’s party!  (I’m not gonna lie….it might be my favorite thing to hear that the winners from last year have had their trophy up on their dresser/book shelf all year round! Totally worth making them!)  So the 3 of us who got together to make more Halloween Costume Award Trophies….decided to come up with ALL NEW IDEAS!  And they turned out so HILARIOUS!!!

Even though Halloween is tomorrow…..maybe some of you are hosting your own Halloween party at your house tomorrow?  Or maybe you can tuck these away for next year.  But these might be my very favorites that we’ve made! :)

Make your own Halloween Costume Awards --- part 3!!! | via
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***These skeletons are about 14 inches tall.  If you’d rather, you could buy smaller skeletons and make mini versions of these!

This nerd costume and pirate costume both turned out so hilarious and were both kind of a combined effort!  Both have pants that were cut out from knit fabric….all done with hot glue. The pants on the pirate were made a little big so they’d look baggy and then were kind of gathered a bit with glue, and then glued onto the skeleton.  I cut a strip of fabric and added it to the waist to cover the top, but also give it a look of a belt sash.  The suspenders on the nerd are made from felt….and those orange buttons are real buttons, just glued in place.  The red fabric on the pirate is 2-sided knit…cut into a square and sort of tied onto his head.  The patch is just cut from a piece of felt.

Halloween costume awards - spider and mummy
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Steve helped with the pirate too and and made a little pegged leg, by whittling down a wooden dowel.  So funny, right?  (We cut the skeleton’s leg off at the knee and hot glued the pegged leg in its place.)  I also love that little hook that we made out of tin foil, and glued it onto the wrist of the skeleton (after cutting the hand off), and then just glued a strip of black felt around it to cover it up.

Halloween costume awards - most creative award
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Oh, and another thing I loved were these nerdy glasses made with craft wire (by my friend Carma).  And check out that piece of tape up on the rim!!!  Nothing nerdier than that, right?!! Haha!  Oh, and his hair is made from some faux fur fabric that I had from another project.  All it took was a small scrap….and then I snipped it a bit to form around his head.  Turned out cute!

Halloween costume awards - funniest award
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This little spider was made by my friend (hey Emily!) with black and red felt and the legs are just pipe cleaners, glued right to the back.  Isn’t he the cutest little spider?! (She added some spider web later on…that made it extra darling!) Oh…and that mummy (also made by Carma) was just made from strips of torn white fabric.  And then just wrapped and wrapped and wrapped, with some googly eyes added for effect.  Haha!

Halloween costume awards - spider and mummy
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This troll costume was highly coveted by all the little girls at the party.  They all wanted to win “Poppy”! :)  I made the hair by gluing a tube of white faux fur around her head and then tapering the fabric up near the top, into more of a point.  Then, I just got some pink acrylic paint and brushed it on as best as I could with a paint brush.  The bow is made from felt and the skirt is just some layers of tulle that I gathered with hot glue and then glued right onto the skeleton.  Then I just fluffed out the layers and it made the tutu nice and fluffy.

Halloween costume awards - cowboy and troll
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Oh this little cowboy turned out so fun too!  Steve actually made this one completely on his own, while I was printing up tags for each award.  That hat was formed around the base of a little medicine cup (you know the ones on top of the kids liquid tylenol container) and then covered in felt.  The base is just as circle of fabric and then the sides were folded up and glued in place.  The belt and gun holster are just made from a scrap of faux leather…and the belt buckle is a button covered in tin foil.  Oh, and the gun was formed out of tin foil too.  Why is everything in mini size, so DARN CUTE?!?!?!

Halloween costume awards - cowboy award
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Oh yes, we always have potluck chili for our Halloween party….and have turned it into a competition among those who are bringing their favorite recipe!  So the first place winner gets the skeleton wearing an apron (just like last year) and then the 2nd and 3rd place winners get a wooden spoon attached to the same size wooden base….also spray painted gold!

DIY Halloween costume awards
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We always have a trunk-or-treat at the end of our Halloween party….and encourage those coming to decorate their trunks.  And then we judge the trunks….and hand out an award!  The previous Trunk Decor Trophies were just a skeleton holding a little matchbox car.  But this year, Steve had an idea to create a little car costume for the skeleton to wear.  Ha!  This may be my favorite skeleton of the group this year!  He cut out the car shape from cereal boxes, glued them together, then painted it to look like a car!

Halloween costume awards - trunk or treat award
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He even added a license plate on the back, with little dots to represent registration stickers!  Haha!

Halloween costume awards - trunk or treat award
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The DUO award could also be used for a group theme…..but turned out pretty funny as this popcorn and soda cup.  I bought the popcorn cup at Hobby Lobby and cut out the bottom and then a slit up the back, and fit it around the skeleton.  Then I stuffed most of the container with cotton batting and then glued real popcorn on the top.  For the cup, I also cut out the bottom and a slit up the back….and glued it around the skeleton.  And then added the straw with more hot glue.  I added “suspenders” just for looks, by cutting strips of felt….but they’re not actually holding anything up. :)

Halloween costume awards - couple costume
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And that’s it!!!  All these fun awards that were given out at our Halloween party!  They were each about 12-14 inches tall… they also served a double purpose as decoration during the party, until they were given away at the end! :)

How to make Halloween costume awards
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So fun, right?

Just be warned though—-these are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE to make….and just as fun to give away!!!! :)




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