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Costume Award Trophies….for your Halloween party!

Remember how I always host a little Virtual Halloween Parade every year, posting many of the costumes you (or someone you know) made for Halloween??  Well, we can’t skip that…’s TRADITION!  (Here are the costume parades from 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009.)  On the 31st, I plan on sharing your Handmade Halloween costumes here on my blog, that you and/or your kiddos are wearing this year.  And no, they don’t have to be made by you…….maybe a friend/neighbor/grandma/etc. helped you out.  Go on, share it!  Anything handmade needs a little extra love.  So, I’ll be sharing them here! :)

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Are you so sick of Halloween posts yet?  Well, hang tight….I have a few more really fun things that I am just dying to share.  I wasn’t going to….and then I was…..and then decided to move on…..but then couldn’t.  So, well, ummmm, let’s just ride this Halloween thing to the end of the week?  Any objections?  Good. :)  (<—-see how I cut you off?  You didn’t even get a chance to tell me how much you’re so over Halloween!)


We are having a little Halloween party on Wednesday night at our church (many of you probably already had one last weekend?) and I volunteered to make the prizes for the costume contest.  So, I scoured the internet for some inspiration, fell in love with the concept over on U Create, added a few more categories, and WENT TO TOWN!

I think I even had more fun making these than my kids’ real costumes.  They were so quick and so hilarious…..all at the same time.

These would be fun for a school contest, a church party, a neighborhood contest, etc.  And then each year, it can become extreme competition to win the shiny gold Skeleton Trophy!!!  And who wouldn’t want one of these??  (Because after winning it, the trophy can become part of your Halloween decoration that you bring out each year.)



I bought these little skeleton’s at Michael’s….but that’s only because they didn’t have as many as I needed at the Dollar Store.  (Well, they did have 2 and you’ll see those down below, used for the Couple Award.)  But they really weren’t expensive at all.  I had all the little bits of fabric and supplies… all I had to buy was the skeletons, the paint, and some wooden dowels (I already had the 2×4 blocks as well).

At our church party, we are also having a Trunk-or-Treat out in the parking lot after the party and games inside. And we encouraged each person to decorate their trunk.  So, that’s why the skeleton in the middle is holding a car in the air.  You know, because he is the trunk decor CHAMP!  The other 2 King Trophies will be given to the overall BEST child and adult costumes.



And then, because I couldn’t stop there (and to increase the number of happy smiles), I added 4 more awards.  The best couple costume, the most creative (haha, this one is Steve’s favorite…and yes, there’s a Mild Dud in his mouth), the cutest costume (my personal favorite…haha!) and the funniest costume (Connor’s favorite….he thinks that bow tie is pretty rad!!).



Seeing them all together…….looks as though they’re having their own little Halloween party! And for that reason, I think I’m going to make more, just to keep in my Halloween Decor stash and set up on a shelf each year.  They just crack me up!!!  (Maybe no one will win them at our party and I can bring them home?)



Shiny gold award trophies just make your Halloween parties that much more fun.  So go on, whip up a few…..your guests and party-goers will LOVE them! :)





  • Plastic Skeleton (mine were about 14 inches tall….but any size would work)
  • wooden dowel
  • 2×4 wood
  • epoxy glue
  • hot glue
  • metallic gold spray paint
  • fabric trimmings, foam pieces, pom poms, jewels, etc (for the costumes)
  • check out the tutorial on U Create…theirs is a little different but may be more of the look you’re going for :)


Now, depending on the size of your skeleton, you need to cut a wooden base for it to stand from.  My skeletons were about 14 inches tall, so I cut my 2×4’s into 6 inch long pieces….and that was perfect.  Then, I cut the dowel long enough to go down into the hole of the base plus high enough to glue to the back rib cage of the skeleton.



Drill a hole into the base that’s centered from left to right but is closer to the back than the front, so that the skeleton can sit right in the center.  (Hold your skeleton over the base to get a good idea of where to drill your hole.)  Drill the hole just big enough to fit your dowel through.



Place a little epoxy glue around one end of your dowel…



…and then slide it down into the base, until it reaches the very bottom of the base.



Once the base is dry, attach the skeleton to the other end of the dowel with hot glue.  Make sure that you attach it so that the skeleton’s legs can reach the base.



And for added security, wrap a bit of wire around the spine and dowel…….because heaven forbid this awesome trophy malfunctions and breaks apart.  This will help prevent such a tragedy! :)



Next, spray paint the entire thing with your gold metallic spray paint.  (Be sure to cover the thing from every angle.)


Now it’s time to decorate.  I didn’t take pictures of each step but will tell you what was needed to create each of my skeletons.




  • I bought a flat package of milk duds (there’s a standard flat package and then one that’s even bigger….I bought the bigger one) and cut the flaps off of both ends.
  • I slid it over the skeleton’s body and then attached a piece of ribbon on both sides, so that it would stay up on the shoulders.  Kind of like a jumper dress.
  • I placed a candy in his mouth and glued it in place.
  • That’s it…..and definitely great for the “creative” award!





  • I first cut a strip of black fabric that would fit all the way around the bodice of the skeleton and overlap in the back (to glue shut).
  • Then I layed the strip down in front of me and glued down strips of yellow fabric with hot glue.  Then I wrapped the whole thing around the skeleton and glued it shut in the back.  I also glued another dot right in front on the chest.
  • For the antlers, I cut a small piece of black felt (like a head band) and then poked a piece of wire through it right where the two antlers would be and bent the wire upwards and out, to create each antler.
  • Then I glued yellow pom-poms to the end of each wire and then glued the headband to the skull.
  • For the wings, I cut them out of white foam.  It’s all once piece and looks like a butterfly shape and then glued it to the back.
  • Done.  And really, so CUTE!!





  • For this one, I grabbed some batting and placed it in a bowl with blue acrylic paint.  I squeezed the batting around in the paint and even added a little water to help make the paint squish through a little better.  Once it was fully saturated in blue paint, I grabbed 2 blobs of the batting (that I thought would be just enough for the hair) and placed it on some plastic wrap to dry.
  • Once it dried, I hot glued it to the top of the head, shaping it and pulling it as I glued.
  • For the hanging labels, I cut red circles from felt and then printed out the titles onto white cardstock and glued them onto the felt.  I held each label in place and then glued one end of the ribbon to the back of the labels, wrapped it around the neck, then glued down the other end.





  • For the cape, I just cut out a very simple cape shape from felt, cut a circle at the top for the neck, cut a slit to open it up the circle for the neck, wrapped it around the neck of the skeleton, overlapped the ends, and hot glued it closed.  Then I glued a plastic jewel over the overlapped ends.
  • The crown was just cut from yellow foam.  I cut it into a strip first and then cut the points at the top.  O wrapped it around the head and overlapped the ends int the back and glued in place.  Then I glued more jewels to the front of the crown, to make it nice and fancy.  Then glue the crown down to the skeleton’s head.
  • I did the same thing for the “best child costume”.
  • And that’s it……..the best costume at the party deserves to be royalty!



And lastly, the BEST TRUNK DECOR (for the trunk-or-treat portion of our party):


  • I bought car from the Dollar Store.  Be sure you buy a plastic one so that it’s not to heavy.
  • Hot glue the hands to each end of the car and then add more glue at the shoulder joints to help hold the arms straight up in the air.  Then, add a bit more spray paint to cover the glue at the shoulders…..and no one will ever know you glued it.
  • That’s it…….and your car champ will be proud!


For each of the title labels that are on the base of each award……I just printed them out on card stock and then hot glued them in place.  Simple.


Now, your little Trophy Skeleton’s are ready to be presented to the winners at your party!!!



Get creative, add some categories to the bunch…….and most of all, have so much fun with it.  Because guaranteed, these will bring smiles to many faces!





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