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Virtual Costume Parade 2009

I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see pictures popping up in my email over the past week or two. And I’m even more impressed with all of your creativity and skill. Wow. Good for all of you for creating such great things for yourself, your children, grandchildren, or even your dog. (Loved that entry!)

Anyway, enjoy scrolling through them all.

I oohed and ahhhed and laughed and sat in amazement for a long time while looking at them all.

Here they are in no particular order……

Little Bo Peep by Maggie

Max and Wild Thing by Jenn

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Little Airplane by Alix

Pirate and Parrot by Dawn

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Max times 2 (Where the Wild Things Are) by Lechelle.
Do you see the Wild Thing photoshopped into the background behind that tree? So cool.

Pinocchio, Skunk, and caterpillar by Sian

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Nemo and Bruce by Elisa

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Wednesday Addams by Susan

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm by Sarah

Bumblebee, Ladybug, Spider, and Caterpillar by Joylyn

Laura Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie) by Mindy

Tinkerbell and a little Fairy by Melanie

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A Picnic Table by Rachel

Ladybug by Pam

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Fairies by Kim

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Scrubs by Shantel

Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Ladybug by Stacy

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Sock Monkey by Christina

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Chicken by Elisa

Pinocchio by Darcy

Max from Where the Wild Things Are by Bethany

Shark Boy and Smurfette by Michelle

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Hamburger by Heather

Mouse and Lion by Karin

Ladybug by Cassandra (itty bitty 8 week old….awww!)

Snow White by Breanne

Sweet little Witch by Elizabeth

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Calvin & Hobbes, George Washington, Princess Leia, and Han Solo by Carissa and Mom

H1N1 Microbe/Piggy (Swine Flu) by Alison

Chip & Dale, Donald Duck, and Daisy by Richelle

Chicken by Keri

Baby Yoda and Crew by Kristina

Super Ty by Mary

B.O.B. by Julie

Swine Flu/Doctor and Abby Cadabby by Mardell

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Mini Chef by Natalie

Jellyfish and Pippi by Unknown (sorry, I didn’t have your name in your email!!)

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Bumblebee and Lady Bug by Crystal

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Dorothy by Lana

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Butterflies by Bobbie

Little Cupcake by Nikki

Mad scientist (look closely at the jar in his hands), Little Lamb, Egyptian, Danny Phantom, Fortune Teller, Mermaid, and Man Eating Shark by Stephanie

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Princess Aurora by Catherine

Nacho Libre by Julie

Dorothy, Lion and Tinman by Lindsay

Shower Sponge by Marisela

An adorable collection by Candace and Nicole

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Woodland Fairy by Ariana

Eastern Bluebird by Jill

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Thomas the Train by Kelli

Skeleton by Wendy

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SpongeBob by Lisa

Batman and Robin by Kellie

Cupcake by Amy