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Halloween Costume Thoughts — what do YOU want to make? (…then let’s VOTE!)

A little over a week ago, Elli (who’s 8), was invited to a themed birthday party that was also a mystery party.  Everyone was given a character and was asked to dress up (if they wanted to).  Ummmmm……YES!  Elli also really loves to dress up and so together, we came up with ideas, she drew out the plans, and I sewed it together.  It was so fun to do together…..and got me REALLY excited for Halloween!  I know, I know — it’s only August.  But I can firmly say, costumes are my absolute FAVORITE thing to sew!

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So, let’s talk costumes.  My head is spinning and I want to make about a trillion things.  I could never sit and mass produce the same costume over and over, but I think I could sit in a room and make different costumes all day long, and live a very happy life!  (But then I would never see my kids….so nah!But really, it would be even more fun for me to sew something that others could use too…..SO WHAT ARE YOUR IDEAS? What are your kids begging to wear?  Maybe it’s something you were already planning on putting together…..but maybe it would be helpful to have another head to brainstorm with you!  Maybe I can give it a whirl?  Or find a simpler way to construct it??  Who knows…..maybe I’ll just end up complicating your life, haha!! ;)


But really, tell me…….what are you making this year?  Or buying?  Or can’t find in the store but your kids would love to wear?  I was thinking after I rounded up enough ideas, we could have a quick vote and the top ideas would be the ones I make??  I actually think it would be fun to make 3-5 of the top ideas, depending on how difficult they are.  And then, I would probably give them away because let me tell you, our dress-up pile is a little crazy! ;)  I’m getting all excited inside just thinking of coming up with someone else’s (<—I never know how to spell that word) costume request.  Especially if it will be something more than one person is wanting to figure out.  And if I’m stumped, I kinda get a thrill from figuring it out….haha, strange, I know!



Okay……so let me hear it! 


I have been thinking about the movies from this past year and am curious if kids want to mimic their favorite characters….do you have some kids begging to dress up as minions?


Or how about the characters from Inside Out?


Maybe you have some girls dying to wear the beautiful dresses from the new Cinderella movie?


Also, remember the whole Elsa/Anna/Frozen craze last year?  My little Chloe is obsessed and keeps telling me she wants to be Elsa.  But then she changes her mind and wants to be a fairy, a strawberry, a mermaid, a bunny…..I mean, I can’t get a straight answer from her.  But she throws Elsa in there often enough, it makes me wonder, ARE LITTLE GIRLS STILL WANTING TO DRESS AS ELSA??  Again?!?!  Ack!


Or maybe your kiddos want to dress up as one of the more classic movies, like Alice in Wonderland?


Or Pinocchio?


Or maybe not a movie at all…..and they just want to be a really fluffy fairy princess?

image source


Or a strong viking??

image source


Or maybe a mystical dragon?

image source



So tell me, what are your kids (or even you!) wanting to be this year??  I’d love to give some a try!  Make sure and leave your ideas in a comment below and if you have a picture you’re trying to mimic, leave me the link too! :)


Then we’ll round up the most popular and put it to a vote!  How does that sound?


Can’t wait to hear!



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