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The “Don’t-Touch-Anything” Jacket…for KIDS!!

:::UPDATE 4/2/19:::  Did you see this on the original date it was posted (4/1/19) and decided not to scroll all the way down??  Well, then you missed it —– HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY!!!!

There’s also an update to this post, plus details of how I tricked my kids at home, ON THIS APRIL FOOLS’ DAY POST —> HERE!

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Hey guys….I know it’s been a bit, but I had to hop on today because I finally came up with a solution for a long-time frustration of mine.  Yeah, I’m pretty excited about it….and I just had to create a post real quick, so I could SHARE IT with you guys!

But first, let me back up a bit.

As a mom, I have some tasks/chores/responsibilities that I absolutely LOVE doing (cuddling squishy newborns), some that I don’t mind doing(helping with homework), and some that I wish I could, well, trade in for a SWAP!  Now, don’t get me wrong….I recognize that some of these mom-jobs are ones that will mold and shape me into a wonderfully patient and loving human being.  But aaaaaaaggghh, you guys, WHY MUST WE BE REQUIRED TO TAKE KIDS TO THE STORE WITH US?!?!  It’s like an Olympic event to keep them happy, occupied, and distracted as you sprint through the aisles, scrambling to grab at least the essentials from your shopping list!  But my least favorite part ((…oh heaven help me)), is keeping their super sneaky magnet-hands from yanking every last thing from off the shelf! Agggggghhhh!!!  It’s a true hair-pulling event!  And to be fair, I’ve had some kids (out of my 5) who were less extreme, but by golly, these last 2 little wiggly boys have been quite the masters at making a shopping trip One. Exhausting. Event. Ack!!!

So, you guys——–I’ve DONE IT!!!

I’ve come up with the PERFECT solution!

And have designed this super easy “Don’t Touch Anything” JACKET…for KIDS!!!

Dont touch anything jacket for kids 11
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YESSSSS!!!  Do you see that???

It’s a jacket that you put on your kids to keep their arms/hands in an immobile folded position… that you can eliminate the stress of them touching every.single.thing that might possibly cross their vision, at places like the grocery store, doctor’s offices, and heck, even art galleries!

Dont touch anything jacket for kids 2
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Both sleeves are sewn shut and the stretchy piece of elastic wraps from one sleeve to the other, and around the back, keeping their little arms securely folded in place, and out of trouble!


Dont touch anything jacket for kids 5
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If you’re like me, then you don’t always have room to put curious kiddos in the big part of the cart while shopping (which only somewhat keeps them from grabbing things), because you need that space for all the groceries or supplies on your list.  But LOOK!  All you do is slip on this jacket and they can walk right along side you, without any worries of them grabbing things from the shelf….because YEP, those little arms are folded snugly in place!

So go ahead and walk right along the cart, little Oliver!  There’s no harm in LOOKING with your EYES!!! :)

Dont touch anything jacket for kids 3
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Yeah, they may sometimes get a little frustrated when they really want to grab that box of LEGOS (or another favorite toy), but just be sure that you follow the directions down below, to see how I got a really snug fit that kept Oliver from getting his hands loose!

Dont touch anything jacket for kids 4
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Most importantly, this little jacket is cozy and comfortable….and is kind of like they’re giving themselves one giant HUG, the entire time they have it on!  So, it’s a win-win, you guys!

Dont touch anything jacket for kids 6
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I’m so excited with how well it turned out….and even more excited to share, so you guys can make one too!


Such a handy solution though, right?!


Can’t you just imagine how pleasant your next shopping trip will be???


Well, let me show you how you can make one for your kids (…or the kiddos your babysit/nanny)!


And all it takes is an old jacket that they already own, and you’re ready to go.


So just keep scrolling down for the tutorial…




Almost there…




Not much further…




Keep going…




Ahhhh, okay, you’re there…







Dont touch anything jacket for kids 12
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Happy April Fools’ Day, friends!

I just can’t help it, I love this holiday so much!  And always have!

But okay, I’m so sorry if you thought I was crazy!

And I’m even MORE SORRY if you have rascally kiddos that you have to take to the store with you, and you actually considered making this!  I totally get you….because yep, Oliver and Max really are little turkeys at the store.  Well, Oliver has mostly outgrown it. But by golly, Max has taken over the role of, uhhhhh, “helping me become an even more patient person”! (Because apparently I need more practice. Ha!) Good thing he’s cute though, because, grrrrr!

When my husband Steve and I, took the two little boys to Walmart to take a few pictures…..we DIED laughing!  THE ENTIRE TIME!  Because yes, Oliver looked ridiculous walking down the aisle with this “super cool jacket” on!  But we kept looking over our shoulders, hoping no one was snapping a picture to report us for putting our 4-year-old in this crazy thing! Haha!

Oliver was actually a pretty good sport and I explained that we were playing a joke before we headed to the store, which he thought was pretty funny!  But after a while, he was completely OVER IT! And kept telling me that he was SOOOOO HOT and SQUISHED!!!

Hahaha…….sorry kiddo, you were awesome! :)  (His face cracks me up though!)

Dont touch anything jacket for kids 7
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Don’t worry…..he’s ticklish and easy to convince that it’s not all that bad! ;)

Dont touch anything jacket for kids 8
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And to set the record straight, I do sometimes let my kids touch things from the shelf.  Not everything…but kid-safe stuff is just fine.  And sometimes if there’s time, I will pause my shopping list and will take them on a stroll down the toy aisle to push buttons, twist dials, and grab boxes!  Because let’s face it, kids like to touch EVERYTHING…..and sometimes, it’s okay to say YES! (But good grief, please don’t grab the jars in the spaghetti sauce aisle! Ack!)

Dont touch anything jacket for kids 9 1
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Thanks for helping me out Oliver!  You are at my favorite age of 4-years-old…..and you are a CRACK UP!  The things that come out of your mouth are my favorite!!!!

Dont touch anything jacket for kids 10
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And thanks guys, for letting me add another APRIL FOOLS’ DAY post to the blog…..because yes, it’s TRADITION!!!! Last year was actually crazy and I ended up skipping…..but I’ve done it every other year since 2010! Ha!!!  (Click HERE for my other ridiculous April Fools’ posts, from past years!)

Okay, back to your normal day!

Except, I secretly hope you were able to trick someone today.  Or, that someone tricked you!  And if so, TELL ME what happened!  I love hearing everyone’s funny ideas!



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