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Happy 4th!! …and baby #4 is on his way!!

Wow!  I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy hormones but I’m feeling extra sappy and grateful for our country this week.  Especially for servicemen/women who choose to protect our country and secure our freedom.  That cannot be an easy thing to do.  Even though our country has turmoil and drama and issues of every kind…..I really love the foundation of America….and all it stands for.  It makes my heart swell! 


And I’m so happy to attend parades and fireworks and picnics today, with our flag proudly flapping outside by our front door……in honor of the U.S.A.!!!


. . . . .



Onto something else that’s causing issues in the hormone department — this baby boy in my belly.


I shared on Instagram (I kinda love that Instagram place), that I went to an appointment a little over a week ago (at 37 weeks pregnant), and apparently, this baby boy of ours, well, has big feet.





The U.S. tech kinda laughed and said, “Woah, his feet are already 8 cm!”  I looked at her kinda confused, not easily able to compute to inches, and asked, “is that big?!?!”  She laughed and told me they were HUGE for 37 weeks!  I then had to search online to convert to inches and then figure out how big “normal” newborn feet are.  Yeah, apparently newborn feet are in the 2 to 2 1/2 inch range.  And this kid’s feet were over 3 inches at that appointment.  But hey, no surprise here…..I wear a 12!  And Steve wears a 13!  (Yep, for the record, Steve’s feet are bigger than mine.  And if he tries to slip on a pair of my flip-flops……it totally offends me! Haha….not really!)  Bring on the big feet!


We’ve also been really worried about the size of this baby.  (Well, I guess I have been doing all the worrying.  Husbands tend to easily forget about issues like baby size, birth complications, infections, delivery, recovery, etc.  And I’m certain that this is the case because there’s no need for 2 of us to be completely overwhelmed with all the “what-if’s” of child bearing.  My gosh……but I’d sure love to switch roles for a day or two.  My emotions are tired!)  I know I can deliver an 11 pound baby (Chloe’s birth news here)…..but heaven help me if this child is any bigger. :)


So, when the U.S. tech went on to measure the rest of the baby…..I was a little nervous for her weight calculation.  She measured an arm, a leg, the abdomen, etc.  When she made her way to his head, she said, “yep, this kid has a large head too!”  Oh, my heart.  My mind instantly flashed forward to delivering that head.  Ouch!





However, right when my eyes focused in on this image, I stopped worrying about his size…..and felt like I was getting a cheating peek at what this little love will look like.  So go on, bring on the big head…..because those squishy cheeks completely melted me!


I snapped back to reality when the tech told me that at exactly 37 weeks, this baby was 8 pounds 4 ounces.  Oh boy.  Not that 8’4″ is huge…..but I started thinking about the margin of error with these calculations.  Can’t they be off like a pound either way??  And he still has a couple of weeks to grow?  Ack!!


After the scan, we went in to talk with the doctor.  He kinda chuckled when he read the size of the baby in my charts and said, “well, another big baby on his way, huh?”  I laughed.  And agreed.  And then he asked if I’d like to be induced a week early.  And like any other crazed and impatient pregnant woman, I quickly accepted the offer.  I mean, yeah, carrying a baby is pretty remarkable.  And truly a miracle.  And is hands down the most amazing thing that happens inside of a human abdomen — but there comes a time (hmmmm, around 34-35 weeks) that a pregnant lady loses all sense of rational thought.  I swear, my hormones are on overdrive at this point and Every. Single. Thing. In. This. Whole. World. Bugs. Me.  Or makes me cry.  Or overwhelms my normally level head.  And I start feeling like the baby will neeeeeeeeeever come out!  Which always makes my husband laugh.  But he now knows that these aren’t MY thoughts.  They are PREGNANCY THOUGHTS. :)


Anyway, I happily agreed to an induction date, 1 week earlier than my due date.  My doctor has been in practice for over 20 years and the biggest baby he has every delivered, was like 11’8″…..or somewhere around there.  I told him if we waited until my due date, this baby would break that record.  Ha!  So…….hallelujah friends, I’m being induced this weekend.  Okay, that’s vague, I’m starting pitocin late Sunday night!  And let me tell ya……I couldn’t be happier!  (And yes, I’ve been induced before.  I was induced around my due date with the first two and then went into labor 3 days after my due date with my 3rd….but then labor stalled and I needed help anyway.  So, Pitocin and I are VERY good friends!)


I’m just happy that in a few days, I will no longer be asked if I’m sure there’s not twins in this belly.  I shared this picture on Instagram last night, of Elli and I in the grocery store bathroom, right after an employee asked if I was having twins. I get so tired of hearing that question at this point, that I didn’t even force out a courtesy laugh.  I just said no and went about my shopping.  (I know, cranky.)  When I brought Elli into the restroom, I looked in the mirror and actually laughed.  Yeah, I can’t really blame people.  One of my babies is like the size of a set of healthy twins.  Go on, ask away…




And just because I clicked back to look — here’s that squishy little (big?) 11-pounder Chloe, over 3 years ago.





I was completely smitten with her though.  Chubby cheeks and all!


Steve and I still laugh when we think about the moment she came out and everyone gasped.  They placed her on that scale and the nurse weighing her screeched, “oh my, she’s 5000 grams!!”  Steve and I both looked at each other, with confused looks and asked, “Uh, so how many pounds is that?”  All the nurses and the doctor were kind of chuckling, as if they had some sort of secret and someone finally blurted out, “that’s 11 pounds!!”  Ha…..then we kind of gasped too.  And I probably said something sarcastic like maybe I should have laid off the midnight milkshakes.  Ha.





It also makes us laugh to think about the nurses scrambling to find some size 1 diapers for her to wear.  All they had were newborn diapers in the baby bassinet….but those weren’t going to fit this little lady.  So they had to run to the storage room to find the size 1 diapers.  It was all pretty hilarious…..but at the time, I didn’t think it was very funny.  I also didn’t like other nurses poking their head in to see the “11 pound baby”.  I think it’s pretty funny now….but those hormones, I’m telling ya, they’re out of control at the time of delivery.


**Elli looks so itty bitty here.  And I’m sure she was wondering why her baby sister was so much bigger than her baby dolls at home.  Ha!




But even 11 pound babies eventually even out.  Because by 4 months old, Chloe was still pretty long, but her weight evened out. 




Ahhhh man, these pictures are killing me.  I can hardly wait to have a sweet little baby in our home again! :)

. . . . .




So, just as a head’s up.  I will probably be missing for a bit.  (I’ll probably update on Instagram though, if you’re interested in following along.)  I do have a few things stored up that I’m excited to share……but I’m not exactly sure when those will go up.  Some of them are in queue, just a bit of editing is needed.  So, maybe next week some time.  But you know I won’t be able to stay away for long.  Especially because I’m assuming I’ll be pretty antsy to share a few pictures of this little guy.  (And no, we still haven’t settled on a name.  We like to have several names to pick from and then decide when we meet the baby.  Because Chloe was almost a Zoey….until we met her. :) )


And really, thanks again for all the excitement and virtual hugs during this pregnancy.  From the moment I announced I was pregnant (with that tricky Mad Gab birth announcement), you have all been so sweet and excited right along with me.  And have been equally kind as I have bombarded this blog with all sorts of Baby Boy projects and ideas for the past few months.  (Oh and don’t you worry…..there’s more to come!)


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Oh, and remember how that book of mine, No-Sew Love (aka: baby #5), is being released August 5th?? 



Well, I have more to share about that really soon.  I’m still in utter shock that it’s done.  And that my name is on a printed book.  It’s just so weird.  And completely overwhelming/intimidating/exciting/unbelievable/etc.  Do you think it’s the hormones causing all of these feelings about the book too?  Because I’ve never written a book before…..but I blame every type of spike in emotion, on being pregnant. Haha!



Okay, I must be anxious about something (yep, the baby) because I just keep writing and writing and writing………so this has to stop!


Talk to you really soon.  And all prayers and positive thoughts are very welcome this weekend.  Remember those nerves of mine?


Lots of love,




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