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Our brand new baby boy…Oliver Isaac

Wow.  This week has absolutely flown by.  I can’t even remember where Tuesday went.  Or Wednesday or Thursday for that matter……..but that’s how it goes with a little newborn in the house.


And oh, let me tell you.  We are having such fun with this little guy.  I think it must be a combination of it being our 4th child (and having less paranoia and anxiety about things) and the fact that this little boy has such a sweet and calm disposition.  I know, things could change in a few weeks but I really feel like you start to get a sense, even after a few days, whether or not these little ones are going to be fiery or not.  (My girls?  Fiery.  The boys?  Not so much.)


(Oliver at 3 days old…)



For those who were cheering us on, yes, labor went really well —


Okay, I have to admit that I dipped into a little bit of “this baby will never come” drama, when we called the hospital Sunday night (which was our scheduled induction day/time) and they said there was no room for us.  Boo.  Nothing makes sense to a soon-to-deliver-pregnant-woman…… don’t get her hopes up.  But they told us to call again in the morning to see if there was room then.  Of course, my mind had a mini pity-party and I figured they’d be full the next morning and the next and the next, and then of course, I’d NEVER get in.  Yeah, such drama…….but all was well when we were able to get in at 5:30 a.m., the very next morning. Whew.  Pregnant lady crisis averted.


So we went in Monday morning and started the meds to induce labor.  Yeah, I felt like a first time mom because it took All. Day. Long.  This little boy was having the time of his life in his olympic size swimming pool and he didn’t want to be bothered with this “birthing” stuff. He stayed nice and high and cozy until finally, around 8 or so, it was time to push this kid out.  And little Oliver Isaac was born at 8:18 p.m. on 7-7-2014. 




I have some very favorite experiences that have occurred during my lifetime, and the moment my babies enter this world is one of those that I treasure the very most.  There is something completely unique and euphoric and really quite spiritual that happens when you finally muscle those little babies out.  Once the doctor places that messy little body on your chest, instant and absolute adoration kicks in.  The anticipation of meeting this little baby builds and builds…….and then out comes this strange, misshapen, and screaming child……..but it’s as if none of that really matters and your heart instantly wraps right around this little miracle.  Every time, I cry.  I can’t help it…..and that’s okay.  Because it’s all part of realizing that this tiny little body is a little bit of Steve and a little bit of me, but even more, a very unique gift from heaven.  And ooh, I can hardly wait to see who he will become!




Once little Oliver was placed on my chest, I could hardly believe his size.  The nurses all gathered around, saying what a big healthy boy he was.  I, however, kept repeating over and over that this boy was like a PREEMIE to me!  I just couldn’t believe how small he was.  They laughed because they all knew our last baby was 11 pounds but seriously, I could really tell that he was a lot smaller than Chloe.  The pediatric nurse waited while we loved on this little guy and Steve snapped picture after picture. His little eyes looked around the room and he didn’t make much noise at all.  He was just kinda soaking it all in.  And I loved it.  (Because when I delivered Chloe, they didn’t let me hold her….because she was so large and they had to check her out right away.  I still hate that they did that.)


We finally passed Oliver over to the nurse to be measured and cleaned up.  And she announced that our little “preemie” baby weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce, and was 23 inches long.  2 pounds makes a huge visible difference on a baby…….and Steve and I both exclaimed, “wow, he’s so small!





I’ll go ahead and admit, my worries went to incredibly crazy places this pregnancy.  Way more than it did with the others.  I had a whole list of worries, including something terrible happening to myself during labor.  I know, so unfair to let my brain wander.  But I talked to another expecting friend of mine and she said she does the same thing and has gotten crazy worried with her later pregnancies.  She told me that her doctor explained to her that the worries increase with each pregnancy.  And that it’s totally normal.  And that everything will most likely turn out just as successfully as with previous deliveries.  I needed to hear that so much……because it helped calm some of those crazy thoughts before delivering.


So, after Oliver was checked out and I was all cleaned up………I let out a big sigh, and snuggled this new little guy to pieces.  I just felt so much relief.  And so grateful that he was healthy.  And to top it off…….so incredibly sweet.





 Oh, and yes, daddy was there too.  Completely smitten with his second son.  And for the record, he didn’t count too slow while pushing this time.  (In the past, I’ve teased him about making me absolutely crazy for counting so slow while pushing.  I mean, come on, I’m pushing my brains out…….speed it up!)




The next day, it was really rainy and foggy…..all day long.  Kind of the perfect day to relax with a new baby, after such a busy previous day. 


Also — Elli, Connor, Chloe and Grandma Silk came to see baby Oliver.  They were SO EXCITED to finally meet him.  (And so sad that they weren’t able to meet him on Monday.)  They had been talking for weeks about who was going to hold him first…..but once they arrived, I think they completely forgot.




They couldn’t keep their little hands off of him.  They pulled back the blankets, searched for fingers/toes, admired all of this fluffy hair, touched his belly, poked at his umbilical cord, giggled at his scrunched-up faces, and just couldn’t stop talking about their new baby Oliver.  This moment was another favorite of mine — to see all of my babies together, admiring their newest teammate.  It was true joy for this momma heart of mine.




Oh, and that sweet Ollie……he bought all of the kiddos a little present ahead of time, so that he could give them all a little something when he met his sisters and brother at the hospital.  Sweet boy.  (Connor asked how he knew what to buy and I told him he gave me a little kick while I was picking things out. Ha.)


The girls each got a little newborn baby doll with a onesie, baby hat, baby blanket and diapers……….and Connor got some Legos (his favorite these days).  And with that gift, they each got a new big brother/big sister type of book.  They were all thrilled……..especially Chloe!




One more day in the hospital and we were finally discharged on Wednesday afternoon.  And yeah, it’s so nice to have someone bring you food and towels and ice water and anything you need while in the hospital……but I grow tired of it very quickly.  Though I’m grateful to have someone checking on us to be sure we are absolutely healthy, the timing is always the worst.  Without fail, someone always enters right as I’m falling asleep.  Or trying to nurse Oliver.  Or using the bathroom/shower.


So, once Wednesday afternoon rolled around, I was thrilled to be heading home.  And truthfully, I wasn’t one bit worried because this little baby boy mastered nursing right away, totally understands how to fill his diaper, and is an incredibly tolerant kid.  So…….home we went.  Without much of a worry. :)


And now that he’s home, Connor and Elli ask about 37 times a day if they can hold him.  And ask what his burps sound like, if he knows how to sneeze, if he’s hungry and needs a mommy-milk snack, what his scrumpled faces mean, why he sleeps so much, when he’ll grow teeth, etc, etc, etc.  It’s absolutely adorable.  And I know this will all wear off… I’m just enjoying it all!




And little Oliver Isaac — he’s a darling baby boy.  And seems completely content with his brand new life.




And good thing he came 4th…..because this kiddo is incredibly patient with lots of little hands touching and poking him.




Meanwhile, we’re just enjoying all of the sweet things little babies do.




And are smothering these little tootsies in kisses.




What a gift this child is.  Really, our hearts are so full.



Oliver Isaac — we love you, little guy! 




And thank you all so much for sending so much support and excitement here on the blog, on facebook, via instagram, and through email.  Really, we have felt so much love. 

. . . . .



I’ll be back next week…..with plenty of new things (that I’ve been saving up) to share.  And I can’t promise that Oliver won’t be making frequent appearances.  Because, well, I just can’t keep my camera out of his sweet face! :)


Talk to you soon!



Ashley Johnston
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Ashley Johnston

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Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with the craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!
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  1. ruma says:

    wow Ashley
    he is so sweet.i was a bit confused whether he is the 4rth one so i check your last post and got it.congratulations

  2. Patti says:

    You have such a beautiful family! Congratulations Ashley!

  3. Sue says:

    Congratulations!! Beautiful family!

  4. katiasafia says:

    congratultion Ashely .he’sbeautiful baby

  5. Tracy says:

    What a little cutie! And 9 lbs, wow!!! That seems unreal to me because my first was 5 lb 15 oz. He was so tiny! And my second was 7 lb 15 oz and we thought he was so big compared to my first little guy.

  6. Maree says:

    Congratulations Ashley! Your kids are super cute and Oliver takes our breath away.

  7. Michele says:

    Ha! LOVE the name, I have an Oliver Isaac that is going to turn 2 tomorrow! Great choice. And congrats, he’s beautiful.

  8. Carrie says:

    Congrats on your new addition! 7-7 is a great day! He shares a birthday with me and my son!

  9. Liz says:

    Congratulations! He is such a beautify baby. Such was such a sweet post. I hope your recovery goes quickly and you can enjoy that sweet little bundle.

  10. Shira says:

    Congratulations !
    where did you buy him the white- with boat cloth?
    it’s so nice. I want also for my baby…..

    thank you

  11. Tammy says:

    Thank you for having such a sweet adorable baby on my birthday.. Hope you enjoy him and I will think of him every time my birthday rolls around.

  12. Karen says:

    Congratulations! He is a cutie pie! All of your kids are adorable.

  13. Emily says:

    Not all newborns are – but he really is adorable! Congratulations!!

  14. laura says:

    congrats!!!! he looks sooooo adorable!!!!!

  15. Charlotte says:

    Congratulations! He is so cute! Look at his itty-bitty fingers!

  16. SuzKuhns says:

    Congratulations! He’s wonderful! – you have a beautiful family!

  17. Sewil says:

    I congratulate you on such a wonderful event, kids is happiness. Good for you. Way Oliver grows up healthy and happy.

  18. Aly says:

    Congratulations! He is adorable and makes me want another. Your family is beautiful!

  19. Marta says:


    He’s gorgeous.


  20. Virginia says:

    Congratulations Ashley!! What a beautiful baby and a beautiful family you have. Lots of love

  21. seamsewfine says:

    OMG….he is totally amazing!!! You do make beautiful babies and children…i guess the hubs gets credit too…lol. Just had to tell you how amazing he looks! Best wishes and happy dreams.

  22. Karen Barton says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He is soooo cute!!!

  23. Karla says:

    Congratulations on a beautiful little guy. He’s adorable, snuggle as much as you can, as you know, little boys grow up and don’t wish to snuggle as much, but maybe he will stay a snuggler. You can only hope. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Sonja (mimi) says:

    Congratulations to your family. God has truly blessed your family. Your children are gorgeous. Nothing as sweet as babies.

  25. Linda says:

    Congratulations. Wonderful news about a safe delivery and healthy family with a welcoming of arms.

  26. Maria says:

    What a beautiful child! He’s an angel God bless him and your wonderful family

  27. marta says:

    Congratlations!!! He is adorable!

  28. Kristina Noall says:

    Congratulations, my dear friend!! I really do feel like we’re dear friends, even though we’ve never met. Thank you for sharing. I’m at the “it’s about time to have another one–should I have another one?? I’m scared!!” stage, and seeing the joy your precious baby has brought to you really helps. I TOTALLY cried at this post. :) (And yes, hospitals are incredibly UN-restful, right??)

  29. Erica G says:

    So many well wishes I’m sure mine will get lost in the mass but congratulations from WA state! I’m glad labor and delivery went well! He’s a beautiful boy with beautiful siblings and everyone looks well loved! I’m happy for your family!

  30. Leigh Anne says:

    Yay! How exciting! Loved reading your whole story……so sweet. Your posts always have a way of making me feel like we are just two moms chatting over coffee ;). Enjoy those wonderful newborn snuggles! Many Blessings from Texas.

  31. Leslie says:


  32. Jennyfer L says:

    Congrats!!!! Your sweet little boy is so cute and darling. Love, love those pictures you’ve shared. Such a happy family! Thank you for sharing these and yes, Oliver seems so content in his world full of love. I’m glad Oliver is a healthy baby.

  33. eliza says:

    Many congratulations. Hes divine. And whoa looks just like his dad.

  34. Shirley says:

    Congratulations to you all. What a beautiful baby boy, enjoy all the gazing and cuddles and him just being there with your family x

  35. Emma B says:

    Congratulations! What a blessing, he is adorable!

    Such beautiful photos and your family is so sweet, so much love!

    Oh just when I think we are done baby making it makes me wish for another sweet baby in the house….thankfully I have a friend who is just about to pop so I can get lots of snuggles in with her wee lil babe soon :)

    Warmest wishes, Emma :)

  36. Charo says:

    What a lovely family you have!

    But this boy is so cute,… just born and he is so gorgeous…Imagine when he grows.

    You look like a happy big family! You also look very pretty after labouring for so long, how did you do that!

    I love the first photo where your kids hold the new baby, your little girl makes such a funny face!


    I will love to see Oliver growing, so please, keep us informed.

    Greetings from Spain

  37. Wendy says:

    WooHoo… Congratulations on your beautiful addition to your beautiful family! He is adorable and looks to be older and wiser than a few days old. I love the camouflage body suit …… with matching blanket to hide in. Enjoy!

  38. sarah says:

    Congratulations from France , you have a beautiful Family.

  39. gigi la chti says:

    il est magnifique ce petit bébé félicitations vous formez une très belle petite famille
    gros bisous de France

  40. Ruth says:

    Congratulations to all of you. He is beautiful x

  41. Stephanie Hackney says:

    Congrats to all of you, but especially you! You look amazing!

    Enjoy these early weeks – it’ll be a month before you know it.

    Take care,


  42. Ellie from Canada says:

    You truly did make It – love It!! He’s beautiful Ashley! Looks just like Chloe :)

  43. julie says:

    congratulations and welcome to the world Oliver.can I just say how is it you look so amazing in your photos ,how is it that us woman can work so hard and still look chloe,conner,and elli you are excellent big sisters and brother I bet oliver will be so proud of you 3 as your mom and dad are.I love seeing things through kid eyes and how much they need to learn like the things around them that we take for granted because we know what they are , like flowers , trees etc you three big sisters and brother will so enjoy showing and teaching oliver everything. All my love and prayers to an amazing lovely strong family.

  44. Gbemi Aleke says:

    Awww! Congrats on the arrival of Oliver (big hug) am so happy for the entire family. I bless God for taking you through till he was born. Gosh! Just looking at your lovely photos make me wanna have another baby (I guess i’ll have to Diy that asap! Hahaha)
    Anyway, thanks for being an amazing inspiration to us all. Love you loads

  45. Jane says:

    Oh he is so adorable! Thank you for sharing this miracle with us. You’re such a beautiful, loving family…an inspiration to everyone. Xoxoxo

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