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Burlap Name Bunting…..for baby Oliver’s nursery

I shared with you all a week or so ago (or maybe it’s been 2+ weeks now? aggggh……I have newborn brain) the baby’s nursery that I’ve been working on.  I made that Giraffe Nursery Art to hang above Oliver’s crib…..and love how it turned out!  There are a few other things that I’ve added to the room and will share this week or next but today’s project is one I made the other day, after coming home from the hospital and finally having decided on Oliver’s name.  (Yeah, we’re the indecisive type that can’t quite choose a name until we see our baby’s face at the hospital.


So, being part of Michaels Makers, I was sent a little sampling of Michaels’ newest craft line, Raw Bar (available in stores Aug. 8th).  I knew right away that I wanted to somehow add little Oliver’s name to his room…….so I pulled my scissors out and began cutting up some burlap to make this little ‘Name Bunting’ to hang in his room.







This bunting came together very quickly…..and adds such a fun, yet really simple look to the nursery.  (And yeah, the mirror with the bunting is right across from the crib, so you get a little reminder of those giraffes we hung from that wall.)




All it takes is a little craft paint, some freezer paper stenciling (super easy, don’t worry), a bit of jute string and some mini clothes pins to hang your letters…….and you have a very simple way to display a name.




Or, if you don’t have room to display a name in a bedroom, you can always create some “holiday bunting” and hang it across your mantle.  Or some “welcome bunting” and attach to your front door.  So many options……and really, so simple.




And in case you’re wondering how the occupant of this room feels about his little ‘Name Bunting’ — he approves!  Okay, let’s be real, he can’t even focus on things 3 inches in front of his face…..but little Oliver hung out in his crib for a few minutes while I snapped some pictures.  And he didn’t fuss one bit.  So that must mean he approves, right? ;)





I love that Oliver has his own little space in our home.  And adding his name to his room makes me feel like this little kiddo belongs right here with us.  Welcome home, little buddy!





Okay, let me show you how simple this is to make…




Decide on the bunting size you’d like to make.  Cut your burlap into equal rectangle pieces, as many letters as you need for your name or word that you’re spelling.



Then print out letters onto computer paper, that will fit just how you’d like them inside your burlap rectangles. Tape your paper to a window during the day, with plenty of light shining through.



Cut a piece of Freezer Paper the same size as your burlap rectangles……and then center it over one of the letters.  Be sure that the shiny side of your Freezer Paper is facing away from you.  Trace the letter onto the paper side of the Freezer Paper.  Repeat with all your letters.



Cut out each of the letters, making sure to hold onto any of the negative space pieces from your letters.



Then, iron each piece of Freezer Paper down to each of the burlap pieces.  Be sure that you are ironing the shiny side face down and that you don’t press the iron down for too long or the adhesive on the Freezer Paper will overheat and will become useless. (More info on freezer paper…)


Then, using a sponge brush, gently blot some black acrylic paint onto the burlap with your sponge brush, within the opening of each letter.



Once the paint is dry, gently peel back the Freezer Paper.  Repeat with each letter.



Hang some jute string from your wall, a mirror, a mantel, etc……..and then attach each letter to the string with your mini clothes pins.



And that’s it. 




Enjoy your sweet Burlap Name Bunting!




Ashley Johnston

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