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Baby Oliver — at 10 days old

I was going through some pictures on my computer last night after kids were in bed……because I was going to share a project today that I finished over a month ago (that I was saving for after Oliver arrived), but still haven’t shared.  However, I got sidetracked by some pictures I took of Oliver exactly a week ago, when he was 10 days old.  And, well, I got sucked right in and completely forgot about editing the pictures for the project I was going to share today……and sat here at my computer, looking at picture after picture of this little baby boy.  Gah…..I love this little one!





Something is different with this 4th baby.  I’m a lot calmer.  And am enjoying every little ounce of this newborn baby stage more than I ever did with the others.  Not that I didn’t enjoy the first three…..because I was completely smitten with them too.  It’s just that, I don’t know……I’m not as worried/anxious as I was with the others.  And I simply can’t get enough of this little guy. 


I wish I could somehow tell my first-time-mom-self to take a breather and enjoy.  But, well, you kinda have to go through that neurotic first-time-mom stage and figure out for yourself that a pacifier that has fallen on the ground won’t kill your baby.  And that one missed nap won’t ruin their brain development.  And that an extra feeding won’t result in childhood obesity.  And that a missed book at bedtime won’t result in a learning delay.  And that a few tears while trying to sleep train doesn’t mean your child will have relationship issues throughout adulthood.  Oh, the things I have read over the years — it’s exhausting! 





I have wanted to be a mommy since I was a teeny tiny girl and would babysit for free as a young girl and have just always LOVED babies.  In fact, I loved them so much that I remember worrying as a young girl that maybe because I loved them SO much, I would for some reason never be able to have my own children.  My gosh, I completely forgot about that paranoia until now…..but that was a real worry of mine.  I think I need to learn some breathing techniques because I tend to worry about the strangest things, even as a young girl. Ha! 




I’m just grateful that I have finally reached a point that I can more fully enjoy each of those baby wrinkles, those scrumpled baby faces, all those tiny baby noises and grunts, and even those middle of the night feedings……and let the common “parenting worries” kinda simmer in the background until they are something that really needs to be worried about. (Okay, the enjoyment of those 4am feedings is starting to wear off….but you know what I mean!)




I never want to forget how teeny and wrinkly baby feet are.  My gosh, I’m in love with those little toes!





And little button noses.  (Did you know that baby noses have such hard cartilage when they’re first born because it keeps their nostrils open and not squished flat, preventing them to breathe.  And then they soften up later on, as they gain more neck and head control and can reposition their head if their nostril gets blocked??  Yeah, I read that in a book too.  Ha!  But Oliver’s little nostrils are so hard…..and I remembered that’s why.  Because holy smokes, a baby could get smothered while learning to nurse and while a mom’s milk is evening out and getting under control.  Those who have nursed know exactly what I’m talking about, right?? ;) )




I guess I’m able to stay extra calm with Oliver because he also really chill.  He doesn’t fuss much at all.  Even with messy pants.  Or a gas bubble.  Or after being bumped by an older sibling while trying to snooze in his bouncer.  He squirms a bit until whatever is bothering him is taken care of…….but none of that scream-my-head-off-until-someone-takes-care-of-that-pesky-little-thing-that’s-bothering-me, like his 2 older sisters mastered REALLY well.  But wait — doesn’t being a calm baby mean he’s going to be a rotten 2-year-old?? ;)


If I could invite you all over to kiss on him, I would.  But just so you know, I still have one paranoia — and that’s mixing a baby with new germs.  Sick newborns are no fun…….so I’ll probably make you use hand sanitizer.  And wear a face mask.  And stand outside and take a peek from the window.  Ha. ;)  I kid.




So, forgive me as I enjoy this little guy…….completely sidetracked from sharing a project here today. 


Because today will consist of passing him around to Elli, Connor and Chloe, who ask non-stop to hold their little brother.  Nothing is sweeter than seeing them love on Oliver.  Nothing at all.




I’ll be back next week with several fun things to share.  Including a few books to give away!!!!


Now go and snag a friend/neighbor/relative’s baby and drink that little one right up!  It’s good for the soul.  Truly.




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