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Make-a-Cake Series: Baby Clothes–Part 1

Just a reminder…..these are scheduled posts and I am actually out of town for a few days.  Click here for more info.  If you are waiting for a reply from email, I will be back on June 26th.
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 Did you all enjoy the flag cake from last week?  
Have you decided to make it for the 4th of July?  
I have.  
(I love that clever little Brittany!)
I can’t wait to share it with friends.

Are you throwing a baby shower for a friend soon?
Or is your brand new niece/nephew having a special day?

After the next two posts you could bring the cake.

A cake they will never forget…… a perfect gift!

Here’s the cake I’ll be sharing with you:

 Don’t you just love all of those sweet baby clothes from the bottom tier?

I am going to show how to make the clothing on the clothes line today and then in my next post I will show you how I made the shoes.

But remember, be creative and add your own special touches and designs!

The supplies:

(left to right)

  1. Fondant roller- this makes imprints into fondant
  2. Buttercream in a piping bag with a #2 tip
  3. Onsies pattern- I drew this and cut it out of paper. Or you can buy a onesie cookie cutter.
  4. Square cutter
  5. Small and medium circle cutters
  6. Gumpaste in 3 different colors

All supplies are available where cake decorating supplies are sold. Micheal’s and Joann’s for sure.

Lightly grease your counter and sprinkle with corn starch.
Roll out your gumpaste pretty thin and dust the top of the gumpaste with a small amount of corn starch.  This will keep your paper from sticking (If you are using a cookie cutter just cut your shapes out).

Lay your cut-out on top of the fondant and using a sharp knife or (exacto knife) cut out a onesie.
(if you think you’ll cut into your counter…..use a cutting board to cut on.)

Make two of each color.

Take your piping bag and decorate your onesies.
You can also use small cutters like the star and flower if you like.

For the bibs: cut out medium circles first then cut out small circles near the top.
Make 2 of each color.

Decorate these with your piping bag also.

The small flower is made from the Wilton flower mini punch set.

For the blankets: Cut squares, two of each color.

Decorate these with the fondant roller to give it a quilted look. Then finish with piping.

Let all of your pieces dry on a corn starch dusted baking sheet for 24-48 hours.

There you have it.

All of your little baby items…..waiting to be placed on your baby cake.

Next post we are going to go over how to make those little baby shoes.

Happy Decorating!

Edit: Part 2 of this cake can be found here.

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