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Great News!

That title should give it away…..right?
Yes, it’s true, no one is pregnant forever. And oh, it feels so good.
Our newest little kissable edition joined us on March 2nd, at 6:46 p.m.
The moment my water broke, the doctor gasped as she told the nurses to step back.  She laughed as she announced that she had never seen that much water after breaking the water.  And then again as our sweet little baby was born, another batch of waters came flooding out………and the doctor again exclaimed that this baby had so much padding around her.  Wow.
I laughed out loud at this point, remembering that I had just shared with you all the day before that my babies are swimming in resort style comfort.  That was obviously no joke.

Okay, you ready for the weight? Well, bad news is…….my husband won the bet (from here).  Good news is……..she’s a perfectly healthy 11 pound, 22 inch long baby.  Funny thing, is that this was my easiest delivery yet.  Only 15 minutes of pushing compared to 2 hours with the first and 2 1/2 hours with the second.  Thank the heavens above.  All three of my deliveries have been miraculous and it’s always amazing to lay your eyes on a brand new piece of life.  One who is just waiting to be snuggled and loved.  Oooooh, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her.  But they had to check out my little lots-to-love baby before I was able to hold her.  I guess having a small baby can be dangerous as well as a big one…
Okay, enough chatter.  I can’t wait to share this little lady with you.  She’s my reason for being absent for most of the week.  And completely worth it.
Ahhhhh….she’s out.  And it was finally my turn to hold her after the nurses cleaned her up.
I was completely thrilled.
And her daddy couldn’t get enough of her either.
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For some reason…….looking at a newborn is completely irresistible.  And this baby gave me 11 whole pounds to love on.
The next day, both kiddos were so excited to get their hands on her.  They were so giggly…….and thrilled to meet their baby sister.  Yes buddy, she even has toes.  Yep, just like you.
And this little lady felt like she was given a brand new baby doll to hold.  Only this one moves and makes noises.
And grandma (my mom) felt completely at ease holding a baby that seemed like one of her own that she gave birth to.  Yep, just about the same size as she remembers.  (She says that her hair, forehead, eyes, and cheeks are strikingly similar to what she remembers a few of us looking like.)  It was too fun to watch her flash back for a moment…
We’re home now and doing well.
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And are enjoying some incredibly yummy cheeks.
Thanks for all of the comments and well wishes from the last post.  (They really gave me a boost.  I even read some while laboring with my epidural in. Ha.) And also for hanging around to see how everything turned out.  It’s been fun sharing the details……..and I’m sure there will be more chubby-cheek (and non craft related) pictures in the near future.  So thanks for humoring me.

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