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DIY Fabric Tortilla Warmer (…that’s microwave safe!)

If I had to pick one type of cuisine to eat, hands down and every time, it’s Mexican food! I sometimes joke with my family that I should have been born in Mexico, because I really do love it that much! Needless to say, we eat a lot of Mexican food in our home…and we all LOVE tortillas!

But have you ever cooked up Fajita meat or some Carne Asada with a side of fresh salsa and corn tortillas, but are disappointed with your cold and dried out tortillas, once it’s time to eat?! Yeah, me too! Generally, we wrap them up in paper towels and then some tin foil until we’re ready to eat them, but I’ll admit, it’s a little wasteful (and even kinda tricky to keep covered during the meal). I’ve been wanting to buy some sort of tortilla warmer for a long time (you know, like the kind you see at Mexican restaurants), but haven’t found one I like. So instead, I decided to make one from a few layers of fabric and some insulation.

DIY Fabric Tortilla Warmer (...that's microwave safe!) | via Make It and Love It
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Today I’m over at BERNINA’s, We All Sew, sharing this really simple Fabric Tortilla Warmer, that perfect for warming up tortillas of any size!

The cool part is that it’s microwave-able! Just load it up with tortillas (placing them as deep as they’ll go), close the flap, microwave for 15 seconds, check it, and then add more time if needed (depending on how many you’re warming up).  Once the tortillas are steamy warm, carry the whole thing over to the table and then tortillas can be removed as needed.

DIY Fabric Tortilla Warmer (...that's microwave safe!) | via Make It and Love It
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Oh, and don’t worry…the warmer is bigger than the tortillas, so there’s plenty of space to push those tortillas down deep inside and keep them extra insulated when the flap is closed. Now your tortillas stay warm and chewy for the whole meal!

DIY Fabric Tortilla Warmer (...that's microwave safe!) | via Make It and Love It
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DIY Fabric Tortilla Warmer (...that's microwave safe!) | via Make It and Love It
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Definitely a great item to keep tucked away in the drawer, ready to use when Mexican food is on the menu!

DIY Fabric Tortilla Warmer (...that's microwave safe!) | via Make It and Love It
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Check out the full tutorial over on We All Sew!

Hope you love it too! :)



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  1. Emily says:

    If i don't care about putting in the microwave, could I make the warmer with Insul-fleece? (like you used in your square hot pads with pockets tutorial?)

  2. Laura says:

    I can’t sew, so I will have to buy this. But I do want to say that these warmers are great for corn on the cob and potatoes.

  3. Bianca Filardo says:

    I absolutely love this idea and think it would make a super cute gift for any new homeowner or couple getting married.

  4. Samantha R Hardcastle says:

    I love the tutorial but I have a question. I bought bias tape and got the larger one because the tutorial said 1″…but I felt like it was too wide. Would the 1/2″ prepackaged bias tape work better. Mine looks way wider around the sides than yours….

  5. Lorena says:

    I have one and really love it. Tip to keep your tortilla warmer in tip top shape – after using it, turn it inside out to dry thoroughly. The hot tortillas may create condensation which if left may create some nasty bacteria or mold. So dry it out or at the very least throw a dry paper towel inside to absorb the moisture out.
    Now that I have a tutorial I must make one because mine is cheesy lookin and nowhere near as cute as yours! Love it!

  6. Dee H says:

    Just made one. Great tutorial. Works perfectly. Made it to hold 10″tortillas. Thanks.

  7. Lynda M Otvos says:

    Love this and it is so timely: we attended the birthday bash of our neighbor’s eight year old son and we had a delightful meal that included tortillas. I plan to make a few of these and give them to Senora as a thank you for the great food and lovely time we had at the party. We share gardening tips and seeds, both of us plant tons of fruit trees and share the bounty with all our courtyard residents, and kids attend not only same school but are in two classes with two of the Littles we look after every day so we run into them at pick-up regularly too. I love my neighborhood–maybe I need to do a blog post about where I live !~!

  8. Jonni - Minnie's Milestones says:

    I’m definitely doing this!

  9. Julia says:

    We love Mexican food too! I saw a cute quote/FB post that said ‘I’m so glad we don’t have to hunt for our food, I don’t even know where Tacos live in the wild!’ I love it because it’s something our whole family will eat and we do about once a week!

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