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Fabric Leaf Hanging Mobile (…or any other shape)

While putting Oliver’s room together (right before he was born 3 weeks ago), I had visions of making a mobile.  Not one to hang over his crib…….but something fun to hang over the fabric chair in the corner of his room.  I figured I’d make some sort of simple mobile structure and then hang my own string, attach fabric shapes of some sort, etc.  But, in true Ashley fashion, I procrastinated my days away — and still hadn’t finished the mobile, with only a couple weeks before Oliver’s arrival.  That’s when I started browsing around Amazon, trying to find some sort of pre-made mobile base and came across a very simple (and inexpensive) Photo Mobile, that you clip pictures from.  Bingo.  That was going to become the base for Oliver’s nursery mobile.


So, I created some very simple Fabric Leaves…..and clipped them to the mobile.  Truly, about a 30-60 minute project!





Really simple.  And exactly what the space needed.  (And just think……you could customize this to your space by using stars, hearts, cars, circles, triangles, etc.)




I didn’t want anything too fussy or distracting….but wanted to add a little color to the empty space above the fabric chair.  (The chair was re-upholstered here.)  And with a slight breeze from the window or ceiling fan (or from simply walking by), the mobile rotates and the leaves gently move around.




And the leaves go perfectly with the Giraffe Art that hangs above Oliver’s crib. 

(Tutorial for Giraffe Nursery Art here.)  I still love walking in and seeing those colorful giraffes!




The leaves are fabric with a layer of felt in the middle (to make the leaves stiff and a bit heavier)…..with some really simple sewn lines for detail.




The nursery has taken on a bit of a simple safari look……and I’m kind of in love with it.  Especially with the addition of this simple little mobile. :)




Want to make one too?  Remember, any ol’ shape will work…







Cut whatever shape you’re making out of heavy cardstock and use that as a pattern piece to trace onto your fabric.  For every 1 shape that you hang from your mobile, you’ll need 2 pieces of fabric, 2 pieces of double-sided fusible webbing, and 1 piece of felt. 




Sandwich the felt in the middle with a piece of webbing on either side of it and then fabric on the very outside.  Iron flat, until your webbing activates and fuses all the layers together.




Trim off any uneven edges.




Then zig-zag stitch around the outer edges.




Then, add any detail you need to your shape, with a straight stitch.  (It’s easier to maneuver if you increase your stitch length just a bit, allowing the needle to jump over more fabric at once.)


For each leaf, I made one straight line down the center…




…and then added three “V” shaped lines that reached all the way to both sides, with the point of the “V” along the center line of the the leaf.




Repeat until you have the desired amount of shapes for you mobile…and hang.








. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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