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Fabric Dolls (and other items) for Homeless Shelters

I have had something on my mind a lot for a few weeks. 


And had to share.


So, if you want your hearts to fill right up to the tippy top —

grab some scrap fabric, a bit of thread, and read on!

. . . . .



I was contacted by Stephanie of Modern Sewciety about a month ago (right as we were boxing up our life in Colorado…so I was incredibly slow getting back to her) and she told me about an interview she had on her Podcast show, with a gal named Terry, from Enchanted Makeovers. I hadn’t heard of Enchanted Makeovers, so I went digging a little deeper.  They are a non-profit organization that transforms homeless shelters into places that inspire change and offer support and programs to help rebuild lives. [Their MISSION: Since 2007, Enchanted Makeovers’ mission has been to transform homeless shelters for women and children into places that inspire behavioral and psychological change. Through our various projects, mentoring programs and makeovers of the physical space, women and children are introduced to a way of thinking that helps to shift their outlook about their lives and possibilities for the future. The shelter is transformed into a “beacon of hope”. Mentoring programs such as the“Sacred Sewing Room”, “Stepping into the Dream”and “Capes for Kids” develop important life and coping skills.]




They accept money to help secure items like bedding, furniture, and paint to transform the living spaces in shelters all around the U.S. …but even more, they love receiving handmade items to donate to the women and children in these shelters, to add to the beauty and healing of the spaces for those in need.




If you’d like to create some items to donate, they really appreciate receiving pillowcases, twin size quilts, baby quilts, crocheted/knitted lap blankets, super hero capes for the kids, and one of my favorite things to make — fabric dolls!! 




I don’t know if you’re involved in any craft groups, sewing guilds, and/or service committees, but this type of organization would be the PERFECT recipient of an organized service project you’re involved with!  However, single donations made by you alone, are absolutely wonderful as well!



When Stephanie from Modern Sewciety told me she chatted with Terry of Enchanted Makeover during their podcast interview….after the call ended, she asked Terry what they needed specifically at this time.  And she mentioned they are really in need of fabric boy and girl DOLLS!  So, Stephanie asked if it would be a problem to link my Fabric Doll pattern to the show.  And of course, I told her absolutely! For sure! And YES! 


And then I started thinking about all the little ones around our country (and world) who don’t have homes.  Or a room to call their own.  Or dollhouses, dress-up clothes, sparkly shoes, legos, etc.  And then I began thinking of how happy a handmade doll would make a child who was going through a really hard time in their life.  That’s when my heart felt really full and I wanted to help — and whip up a few dolls myself!




Enchanted Makeovers is such an incredible organization and is fighting so hard to help change lives.  And not only are they providing a place that takes care of their basic needs, but they are providing programs that offer skills and opportunities for those living in the homes to rebuild themselves.  And what I think is absolutely beautiful, is that they teach them new skills, such as sewing, to create items for children’s hospitals and clothing for children in other countries.  Service goes full circle.  And heals ALL who participate.



I know there are many doll patterns out there.  So, choose whatever one suits you best.  But here is the Fabric Doll Pattern that I created several years ago, if you’d like to use it.  The pattern is perfect for a variety of skill levels.  So, if you think your skills aren’t quite there, give it a try anyway — you may just really surprise yourself!




And if you you’d like to make something more, give this Pillowcase Tutorial: 3 Sizes & Styles a try.  It’s a quick sew!  And would also be a really helpful contribution to Enchanted Makeovers.




Anyway, I wasn’t even planning on sharing this today but it fell into my lap to post.  But before posting, I really wanted to listen to the entire podcast with Stephanie and Terry.  So the reason this is late getting up today, is because I took a bit of time to listen this morning.  And let me tell you…..if you want to feel inspired, take a listen HERE.  (Scroll down to the bottom of the post and click on the ‘play’ button. The podcast includes 2 interviews but the segment with Terry begins at 1:24:45 in the podcast.)  Terry shares a bit about how this all started, how it has affected her life, and how different shelters are chosen to be made over.  So inspiring!




If you want more information about Enchanted Makeovers and their organization, CLICK HERE.


And if you want more specifics about how to help, CLICK HERE.



Thanks again Stephanie (And Terry) for sharing Enchanted Makeovers with us!  And for even thinking of asking about sharing my little ol’ pattern.  And I really hope some of you reading are able to help in some way or another. :)




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