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20 Clever DIY projects using old CARDBOARD BOXES!!

We have been unpacking boxes like crazy (from our recent move from Colorado to Oklahoma)!  And the pile of perfectly good boxes is growing into a mountain out in the garage.  We are most likely going to post “free boxes” on Craiglist really soon to get rid of them all (have you posted free to Craigslist before…it’s magical!) but before we do that, I have been thinking I would love to make the kids a few things from the boxes.  Maybe some villages, play houses, cars, musical instruments, etc.  And then, I decided to peek around online for other ideas.  And holy smokes, my mind is on FIRE!  I can’t wait to get the utility knife out and start cutting up some really cool things for the kiddos.  So, Craigslist will have to hold tight for their free boxes — because we have some projects to make!


Check all these great ideas out (with a few of my oldies sprinkled in)!



DIY Paper Snowball Launcher by All For The Boys



DIY Modular Dollhouse by Scandinavian Deko



DIY Riding Pony and Dragon by MoodKids (this site is in another language and it seems as if this is a cutout that you put together…but just think how fun this would be if you cut your own pieces of cardboard and put it together)



DIY Cardboard Guitars by Make It and Love It



DIY Cardboard Washing Machine by Estefi Machado



DIY Cardboard Camper by The Merry Thought



DIY Cardboard Axe (and DIY Lumberjack Beard) by Make It and Love It



DIY Cardboard Flip Car by Cardboard Collective



DIY Cardboard Warrior Helmet by All For The Boys



DIY Cardboard Monster Feet by A Happy Wanderer



DIY Cardboard Gas Pump by Parents



DIY Cardboard Kaleidoscope by Handmade Charlotte



DIY Cardboard Dollhouse



DIY Cardboard Pumpkin Stamp by Tidbits



DIY Cardboard Box Chalkboard Skyscraper by Catch My Party



DIY Cardboard City  by Vicky Knysh



DIY Cardboard Ships by ikat bag



DIY Cardboard Storage Boxes by Make It and Love It



DIY Cardboard Furniture by Whimsy Love



DIY Cardboard Slide by The Contemplative Creative




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Hi, I’m Ashley—the DIY-enthusiast behind this crazy blog!

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