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20 IDEAS to Transform Old Sweaters into New TREASURES!!

Is your air turning a bit crisper? 

And are you having a few more cloudy days? 

Have you noticed your leaves starting to turn colors??? 

(Well, I know some places are still sunny.  And some places are just entering summer.  You’ll need this one day too!)


If so, that means sweater-weather is about here.


And with that, I know you’re tucking away swimming suits/beach towels……..and are pulling out the long boots/cozy sweaters.  And hooray for that, because Fall never seems to disappoint.  (Once September hit, I was a little sad that summer flew by so quickly…..but a few weeks later, and I’m now feeling happy and ready for pumpkins and falling leaves.  We even drank hot chocolate last night while watching a movie, and that sealed the deal for me!)


And yep, since it’s sweater-weather, it’s also Sweater Project time.  You know me, I love giving sweaters a new life.  I don’t know what it is about it.  Maybe because sweaters easily lose their shape, shrink, or pill up.  And I hate to just give them away……if I have something I can make with them!!!!  (Or lately, I head to the thrift store and find some that I can cut up…..because yes, I have used up all my spares!)


So come on…….join me (and several others from around the web), and turn that old sweater into something you can fall in love with all over again! :)




I have lots of sweater scraps that were used for other sweaters projects.  DO you??  If so, using those old scraps to make Embellished T-shirts, is a lot of fun!




But look how Sarah from Hart’s Desire Photography turned an old boring cardigan into something fantastic!  And oh how I love that punch of yellow! :)




Oh gee….I’m kind of a sucker for cute!  But these BHG felted sweater cupcakes just do me right in!




This is something I have yet to try…..but how fun are these boot socks from Creative Little Daisy, made from sweater sleeves.  Oh, the options are endless.




And yes, one of my favorite projects to do with sweaters, is to turn them into stretchy little hats.  Boys don’t have to feel left out either!




This is a super clever idea by Boxwood Clippings……to use old sweaters as gift wrap.  Such a fun texture to add to your gifts!




Oh, and that sweet Disney from Ruffles and Stuff.  She shared this lovely cardigan transformation……..and oh my, I’m in love! :)




Yes, again…….more hats.  I told you I loved making them from old sweaters!  But these Snowman/Reindeer/Elf Christmas Hats were SO MUCH FUN to make last year!




And oh Delia!  That girl does such clean and beautiful work.  And this Blossom Ear Warmer she made is simply darling!




One of my first sweater projects, was this simple Sling Purse made form one of my old too-small sweaters.  So much cuter as a purse than hidden up in my closet! :)




I kind of adore this Vest to Dress transformation from Melissa Esplin.  Look how sweet that little model looks in her new dress.  SO darling!




And my gosh, I kinda forgot about these little Sweater leggings that I made last year for Chloe.   I need to make her more because not only where they super cute……they kept her legs nice and warm!





And how fun is this little Braided Scarf with poms from Just Another Day in Paradise!!  Such a quick and cozy project.




And we don’t have a dog, but if we did…….he’d be dressed in sweet little doggy sweaters.  Haha……how cute is that?!!!




And that sweet Dana from Made……..look how clever she was to make her little guy a vest out of a man’s sweater.  Ahhhhhhh, I could smile for days at this!




This was probably my very first sweater project (when Elli who is now almost 7, was only 3!!!!!)  I remember feeling so excited that I actually turned a lady’s sweater into a little girl dress!  And oh, how I loved it!  (And still have it tucked away fro Chloe to wear one day!)




And this is such a simple project…..but sweater pillows have such a great texture.  And are super soft!




Check out this lovely Ruffle Cardigan from Welcome to the Good Life.  The texture is seriously beautiful!




And lastly, little Chloe in a Peasant Style dress, made from an old misshapen sweater.  Again, I love a good transformation!




Are these making you re-think your sweater collection??  I know you have some that you’re tired of…..and would look much cuter as one of these ideas!  Am I right??

Now you have a few projects for the weekend! :)


Enjoy your up-coming sweater weather!





. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Sharon West says:

    Great idea with old sweaters and look easy. I know what my next project will be. Thanks for sharing.

  2. vijaya says:

    These ideas are great and really fun to make! You are a natural on recycling old things! Thanks a lot for sharing! I am definitely going to try some of these.Thank you!

  3. Sosete bebelusi says:

    Great collection of ideas! You make it look SO easy! :)

  4. Bibi says:

    I love your ideas.. they are all classy and cute!

  5. Kate says:

    I just found a too small sweater in the closet and was wondering what to do with it. Kid hat…here I come!

  6. Susie Gomez says:

    I’ve made a pair of boot socks for my daughter and myself. Love them!

  7. cucicucicoo says:

    Great collection of ideas! Thanks for the roundup! :) Lisa

  8. Kasey says:

    Just wanted to share an awesome way to get cheap fabric! The Rugged Warehouse where I live often puts their on sale items out front of the store, I went in today just to look around, and as I was walking up I noticed that all the items outside were 2/$1. I ended up with a few shirts (with holes or stains thus the reason for the cheap price) and 2 enormous wemons solid skirts (Sizes J2 and K2!!!!). I plan to just use the fabric to make something else, so I bought the biggest sizes, and the skirts are made of a very sturdy fabric. :) I’m excited about this so had to share.

  9. Nuria says:

    It’s difficult for me to get rid of things… and you don’t make it easier!!
    Thank you for this bunch of great ideas!

  10. Ross says:

    Excelentes ideas, gracias por compartir con todas nosotras. Excelente fin de semana.

  11. The MadMama says:

    Wow! Great post! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll be pinning this one for sure! :)

  12. Kim says:

    Oooh… I do have several old sweaters that have been sitting in my closet begging to be repurposed! Now I have some fantastic ideas. Thanks!!

  13. liz says:

    What geogous ideas to reuse sweaters! Must try.

  14. Fiona Cockerill-Ghanem says:

    Thanks for these great ideas!!!
    I recently helped my 11 year old daughter’s class group at school, who were doing a “Make a Difference” Project, to create hand warmers out of old merino jumpers for the homeless. It was very rewarding for the girls and greatly appreciated by the Soup Kitchen we donated them to. We live in New Zealand – Here is the link: (My daughter is the one in the middle – proud Mummy!!!)
    I really love to see what you are up to – it gives me inspiration but more often it feeds my creativity when I don’t have time to be creative. Four kids and a job don’t leave a lot of time for me!!! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Maureen M. says:

      Just saw the article, Fiona, and those are so cool!! Well done :) Love all the sweater ideas!

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