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Stretchy Tube Skirt with Hip Ruffle (for girls and women both!)

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A few weeks ago, when I posted a tutorial for the the Stretchy Tube Skirt, someone asked if I could explain how to add one of those hip ruffles to the skirt.  I thought about explaining how to do it in words but told her, nah, I’ll just show you in pictures……much easier. :)


So here is a tube skirt, with a sweet little Hip Ruffle.









My six-year-old model (who would actually LOVE this) is at school all day, so I made one in Chloe’s size.  Why is anything is super mini size, so darn cute?!!






The ruffle is cut as a circle and added right onto the skirt, so as not to add too much bulk to the hip area.  I know, for a 2 year old, that doesn’t really matter.  But this skirt is intended for all ages…….and believe me, these hips of mine don’t need extra bulk! ;)






This sweet skirt doesn’t take long to make……and sure is do-able for those who would really like to make one in their exact size and length.






The perfect stretchy knit skirt…….with an added little cutie-pie hip ruffle. Ahhhhhh.





Would you like to make one too?



To begin, take a peek over at the Stretchy Tube Skirt tutorial, where you will find how to measure and cut your fabric for the main portion of the skirt.


Are you back?  Okay.


Make your waistband and main skirt portions, per the instructions of the above tutorial, but don’t attach the two together.  Set them aside and cut out the ruffle.


To cut the ruffle piece, find a bowl (or cut out a circle from paper) that has the same circumference as the dimension of the tube skirt opening at the top, without the waistband attached.  For example, my daughter’s waist is 19 inches.  Per the instructions linked above, I multiplied 19 by 1.33, which is 25 (rounded).  25 inches is the width of the main portion of the skirt.  After sewing it together into a tube with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, the dimension along the top of the skirt (all the way around the tube) was 24 inches.  SO, I found a bowl (or you could cut a paper circle) that was 24 inches in circumference. Then, I decided how long I wanted the hip ruffle (3 inches) and added 1/2 inch to that, for a seam allowance.  (The length of the ruffle can vary but 1/3 of the skirt length is a good place to start, but it could be shorter or longer, depending on preference.)  Then I placed the bowl on my fabric, making sure that I had 3 1/2 inches of fabric all the way around the bowl, on all sides.




Then I traced my bowl with a marker, right onto the fabric.




Then, from that drawn circle, I measured out 3 1/2 inches (or whatever length you decided your hip ruffle needed to be) and made little marks…….all the way around my circle.  Lift your measuring tape and re-measure every couple inches around the circle.




Then connect those little marks, creating a larger circle, around the first circle.




Then, I cut out the larger circle completely and then cut out the inner circle.




Now, you should have 3 pieces to work with.  The enclosed waistband and the tube skirt section (both from the Stretchy Tube Skirt tutorial) and then the new addition……the circle.




Place the circle opening, around the opening of the top of the tube skirt section.  It should fit just about perfectly.  And because it’s knit, either piece can stretch just a bit, to account for any slight differences.  Pin the two top raw edges together, all the way around the circle.




Sew in place, a 1/2 inch from the top.


**Because this material is knit, I didn’t hem the bottom edge of the ruffle because it won’t fray.  Oh, how I love knit fabric!  

However, if you’d prefer a hemmed bottom edge for your ruffle (or if your fabric is super thin and flimsy and keeps rolling, even when cut as a circle), hem the bottom edge, just like this circle skirt tutorial.  Just be sure to add more to your ruffle length, to account for the bottom hem.**



Now (just like the skirt tutorial linked above), divide the top edge of the waist band and skirt top, into eighths and place pins there to mark it.  (To get your eighths, fold in half, place pins at both sides, fold in half the other way, place pins……and continue on until it’s divided evenly.



Now, match up the 8 pins of the waist band with the 8 pins on the skirt, lining up the raw edges of both.



Then, sew together from one pin to the next, pulling the waistband fabric slightly so that it’s the same length as the skirt fabric and sew.  Once you let go, it will spring back.  Continue all the way around the skirt, using a zig-zag stitch and a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  (If you need another visual of this process, check out this elastic waistband skirt.  Same idea…..except the elastic is exposed.  The the pulling of the elastic while you’re sewing is the same.)  Trim away any excess fabric.



And then add your own little tag, marking your hard work! :)



Good luck!

And enjoy!




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