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Upcoming “Do-It-HERself” Virtual Party….wanna join me?!

This seems to be the year that we are really digging in and figuring out more about how things grow outside here in Oklahoma and how to make the exterior of our home more “us”!  I mentioned last week that we’ve been digging out the old landscaping and have been laying pavers and figuring out what we should plant along the front of our house, etc.  It’s been a lot of fun…..and let’s just say the guys in the gardening department over at Home Depot have become very familiar with my face!  I’ve started to tease with them, because they know I always need a few extra hands to help me load heavy brick, bags of dirt, or whatever else I need into the back of our SUV!  (Seriously, it’s kind of hilarious to see them recognize me from a mile away….haha!)

Anyway, I’ve been really excited to tell you guys about something that my blogging pal Natalie from The Creative Mom asked me to join in and do with her and several other bloggers…..and that’s to make our own version of these super darling Hanging Gutter Planters!  How CLEVER are they!  Plus, it’s exactly what we’ve been working on around here……so I said YES, I’m in!!! :)

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The project is part of Home Depot’s “Do-It-Herself” Virtual Party…..and several of us get to put our own twist on this fun project and share it with you (and how we made ours different) next Monday, April 11th!  But wait…’re going to want to make one of these too!  Because even though this may seem a little complicated, it’s really not……and it costs less than $15 to make!  And if you’re the type that likes more of a visual demonstration, you can head down to your local Home Depot for a FREE Rain Gutter Planter Workshop to see exactly how simple it really is!

REGISTER to attend —> HERE!!

Did you know Home Depot hosted these free workshops (#DIHWorkshop)?  Maybe you’ve seen the monthly kid workshops? (Ours just had one this past weekend….they made butterfly houses, so cute!)  But they also host Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Workshops and Do-It-Herself Workshops (DIH)!  So many great classes for everyone! But I especially love that there are workshops catered to women and what they like to make.  Because even though learning how to seal a leaky toilet is cool, I’d much rather make a cool Gutter Planter or a Wood Doormat (which they made last month). :)


So, since we’ve all been digging and stacking brick and planting so many new things…….this Gutter Planter is just perfect for us!

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Just you wait though…..I can hardly wait to share how ours turned out next Monday!  But be sure to sign up for your workshop spot before they fill up…..because I’d love to have you join me!!! :)



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