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Home Improvement: Adding Column Supports to Counter Overhang (PLUS finished kitchen photos!)

We recently moved into a new home and have been busy re-vamping, tearing down, and re-constructing this/that in our new home.  It’s been fun……but a complete learning process.  If you’d like to see other Home Improvement Projects that we’ve been figuring out (from the help of friends, family, and the ol’ internet), be sure to check them out.


We are finally finished with our kitchen.  Okay, that’s not true, nothing ever seems to be truly finished……..we still need to switch out some outlets, paint the pantry door/trim, touch up ceiling pant, fill in a few cracks, blah, blah, blah.  It’s always the little things that get pushed to the back of the list, right.  Ha. So, I’ll be lucky if those darn things get done before 2015 rolls around. ;)  But, the kitchen is done enough to share.  And the island is completely done…….so I had to quickly share these columns that I absolutely LOVE and am so glad we added to the counter overhang.

Do you have a counter overhang in your kitchen, where you tuck under a few stools? Or keep clear for cabinet access?  Some counter overhangs already have support but if they’re the hidden kind, these could be added as a piece of visual beauty.  Because, ahhhhhh, I kind of adore these curvy little swanky columns.  They are the perfect design feature for all the straight lines going on in my kitchen.




Okay, hold on one second……DON’T YOU DARE get nervous about this.  Because this is a SUPER simple addition to make.  Promise.  (And pretty darn inexpensive too.)




Even if you’re not in the market to re-vamp your WHOLE kitchen, maybe you can just perk up that little ol’ island (or overhang)………and turn it into your kitchen’s focal point.  You could paint your island a different color from the rest of the kitchen, add some new columns to the corners of your overhang……and ahhhhh, a whole new look!  You know that a different colored island is totally on trend right now, right?  (Steve told me the other day, “hey, why didn’t we think to paint the island another color?”  Ummmm, too late, we’re not changing ONE. SINGLE. THING.  …….for now! ;) )



I can’t even tell you how happy I am that this kitchen is done.  There was a bit of drama (including installing 2 different brands of cabinets and receiving 5 or 6 broken sinks [I  lost count]……oh gee, I’ll share that craziness down below), a few setbacks, and many weeks eating take-out and microwaved meals.  Yuck….that got so old.  But that’s just what you do when renovations are going on.  And yes, I’m going to say the ol’, “it was totally worth it!” adage.  Because it truly was!



Because…..get ready for it…….we went from this:


and this:




To this:



We tore out the old bar and the old mini island and replaced it with this large one, which now houses the sink and dishwasher.  So we had to re-route the plumbing (we hired help for that) and added some pendant lighting (which we also hired someone to do because they had to do some re-wiring).  Whew.  But it just feels so much bigger and open in here!




I know, lots of changes……but since we tackled most of it ourselves, we ended up saving ourselves a lot of cash.  Hallelujah.  (And……we are darn proud of that DIY kitchen.  A whole lotta of lovin’ is felt when we spend time eating sandwiches up to the bar, create family meals over the stove, sweep crumbs off the floors, etc.  SOOO, if you come over and scratch my floor or ding my trim work…….I can’t promise that the fangs won’t come out. Haha. ;) )


Here’s a breakdown of what we actually did in here:


1. Installed crown molding around all upper cabinets

2. Installed subway tile for our backsplash (How-To Tile tutorial)

3. Added Trim and kick plates around all base cabinets and around island.

4. Installed Columns for Counter Overhang (yeah, that’s this post here!)

5. Trimmed around the opening of the entryway to the Dining Room and around the pantry door.  We just haven’t painted the pantry door OR the trim yet.  Ignore that. :)  (The process is just like the Trimming a Window tutorial)

6. Steve helped install all these cabinets…..which was the second set of new cabinets.  Oh, and he UN-installed the old cabinets AND the 1st set of new cabinets.  (I’ll explain more about that below.)





7. Trimmed out the window and around the sliding glass door. (Trimming a Window tutorial)

8. Painted walls and ceiling (Painting Straight Lines Like a Pro tutorial) (and here are some tips for Picking Paint Colors)

9. Installed new baseboards

10. Ripped out old and installed new hardwood floors (How To Remove Hardwood Floors tutorial)



And that’s it.


But before I get into all the the crazy (yet kinda cool money-saving-things) that ended up happening during this kitchen renovation, I’ll share all the knitty gritty details (including demo, paint colors, appliance brands, cabinet brand, MY SINK!, faucet, etc.) in just a second.


But first……let me show you how to install your own easy-peasy COLUMNS:




Okay, not much to it……you’ll see it.


I purchased these columns (specifically for under counter use) at Home Depot for, oh gosh, I think they were $35 each.  They are solid wood and nice and heavy.  I cut them down to the height I needed, to fit under my counter.  Then, I painted them with a a few coats of semi-gloss paint (because I knew they’d need to be wiped and cleaned).



Once they were completely dry, we put some construction adhesive along the top.



Then smoothed it out a bit so it would fit under the counter without smearing everywhere.  (This stuff is crazy sticky……so don’t get it on your skin.  It’s a pain to get off.)



Then slide under the counter and anchor in place with some wooden shims (we put one in the front and one in the back…..but use whatever you need to keep it firmly in place).  I skipped the next picture for some reason but then we squirted more of the adhesive around the shims and anywhere we saw a crack.



Before the glue dries, be sure that your column is positioned right where you want it and level around all sides.



Then, have another person hold the top firmly in place while the other person holds the bottom portion firmly to the floor, while drilling the holes.  You will need a Countersink Bit to anchor the bottom of the column firmly to the ground.  These little guys don’t cost much but are totally necessary for this step.  You first drill straight in (starting 1.5 – 2 inches from the bottom of the column)……



……and then re-angle the bit down at a 45 degree angle and drill down through the bottom of the column and through the floor.



See?  You’ll need 2 of those holes.  (The purpose of the bit is to make a wide opening at the top for the head of the screw to sit inside and be hidden.)



Then, screw some 3-4 inch screws down inside those holes.  (The screw length will depend on how much of the column you need to go through, PLUS how thick your floors and sub-floors are.  Just be sure you know what’s down below and you’re not screwing through any duct work or wiring.)



Once the glue has dried up above, trim off the excess shims, nice and flush with the column.



Then use wood filler to fill the screw holes.



To cover the crack at the top and cut edges of the shims, we placed some some trim around the top of the column.  You can go decorative or keep it really simple, like this 1/4 x 1/2 inch piece of wood.  Nail it in place…..



……and then use wood filler to fill up the nail holes.



And finally, a little caulk along some of the cracks.  (Need help with caulking?)



Lastly, add a few layers of paint to the added trim and touch up any paint along the column that needs it.



And that’s it…….beautiful columns!


 . . . . .



Okay……did you ACTUALLY make it this far??


If so, buckle up tight…..because there’s lot of story to tell, if you’re at all interested about this labor-of-love kitchen of ours! :)


First of all…….the cabinets.  Wow.  So, we went back and forth about whether or not we should wait on the kitchen demo……but finally decided that this poor kitchen wouldn’t last much longer.  Every time we opened the dishwasher, it would fall out of its hole a few inches and would pull the face plate of the cabinetry with it each time.  (And yes, we re-bolted/re-screwed/re-positioned that thing a dozen times.)  And the cabinetry wood, oh boy, it was crumbling.  And the hardwood floor underneath was rotten and moldy.  There had obviously been some water issues with the past owners that caused them some grief.


Here’s Steve during the demo.  He secretly loved this part.

If you are following me on instagram (@makeitandloveit), this was taken from that account.  Join me!




Also, the stove top dropped down about 3 inches from the counter height (see picture above).  So strange.  But with little kids around, I didn’t need my hot stove at an even more accessible level for them.  (Oh yeah, and Steve and I are tall, remember?… bending over a few extra inches started to get annoying.)  And the double oven?  Yeah, it was like mini size.  I couldn’t even put a regular cookie sheet in there.  So, it always made me cranky to use it.  (Silly thing to get cranky about, I know……at least we have running water, heat, shoes, etc.  But for the sake of the story, let me grumble. Ha.)   Anyway, we found some discount appliances for a really great deal and then gathered a few quotes from several local cabinetry places.  We finally decided on a company that was really great to work with and were able to order in some lovely white painted wood cabinets within a few weeks. Bingo!  So, we ordered.  Meanwhile, we started taking the old kitchen apart and ripped up the rest of the old hardwood floors and had to replace some of the sub-floor.


Look at all the treasures you’ll you’ll find under the sub-floor.

If you are following me on instagram (@makeitandloveit), this was taken from that account.  Join me!



Yeah, we would tear up one thing and would notice another issue.  But isn’t that how demo goes??  We were okay with it and were making an adventure out of eating picnic dinners and lots of cold or microwaved food.  And yeah, it was lots of work……but it saved us lots of money to do the demo ourselves.


We hired some installers (separate from the cabinet company….but recommended by them) to install the cabinets after they arrived and they spent an entire day putting those cabinets in. However, that’s when we noticed a little itty-bitty issue.  The daggum cabinet faces were a different color from all the doors.  Are you kidding?!?!  Ugggh.  The installers couldn’t believe it and were bummed with us (plus they had to squeeze us in to begin with and were probably freaking out about when they’d be able to return to help us re-install). The cabinet faces were a stark white and the doors were a creamy white…..and some of the drawers weren’t.


This was before we noticed the paint and before the island cabinets were installed.  But this was the first cabinetry set.

If you are following me on instagram (@makeitandloveit), this was taken from that account.  Join me!



Then……we started walking around and noticing other issues.  Corners of wood were chipped, parts of the wood were cracked, the paint in some places was extremely thin, and the wood in some places seemed warped.  And what also really surprised us, was that the boxes themselves seemed really thin and un-sturdy.  Our hearts sunk deeper and deeper.  When you set aside thousands of dollars on something dreamy and then it ends up being terrible quality, you just feel horribly rotten in that poor little stomach of yours.  Well, at least that’s what happened to me.  So, we called the cabinetry place and the guy who helped us with our design and sold us the doors, came out and felt awful for all the issues.  He then called a regional representative for the cabinet brand to come out and take a look.  Yep, he agreed. Totally different colors.  However, all of the wood chips/cracking and poor painting, he shrugged off and said, “oh, we can just hide that, paint that, or rotate that cabinet to another spot.”  Uhhhhh…..really?  Kinda shoddy, I’d say.  He took pictures of everything and told us that before ordering more cabinets, he needed to figure out what actually happened during manufacturing, so that we didn’t get mis-matched colors again.  Totally get that.  HOWEVER, it took several days to hear back from him (while we sat and waited, staring at our un-finished, lousy kitchen), and he said it would be a couple weeks before our new cabinets would arrive.  Ummmmm……really?  Shouldn’t we be bumped to the front of the line and the cabinets expedited to us as fast as their little tails could get them to us?  We’d already been without a kitchen for 3-4 weeks (during demo and un-installing floors, cabinets, etc.)….another few WEEKS just didn’t sit well with us.  Plus, we’ll just say that this rep guy was a punk.  Couldn’t care less about what this meant for us and was completely unsympathetic.  I explained to him several times that I went with his brand in the first place because they were so fast to assemble and looked great……and they would meet a deadline I had.  (Yeah, remember that book I’m working on?  Well, I had some deadlines and some of the final pictures needed to be taken in our “finished” kitchen.  Since the cabinets were the look/price/quality we wanted, we jumped right in!)  Anyway, he just blew us off and said, “well, they’ll be here in a few weeks“.  That was it.  Lame.


So, we called the local cabinetry place and explained what this rep guy said and the manager was very apologetic and even apologized for this particular rep guy, even explaining that he should never be allowed to come in contact with actual customers.  Well, that’s nice to know now…ha!  We explained to him that we were so disappointed and frankly, even if the color was fixed, the cabinets just weren’t worth what we paid for them.  Without even hesitating, he said, “I would completely understand if you wanted a full refund…..and I would get that to you ASAP.  We can call the rep guy and cancel the re-painting of your cabinets in 2 seconds.  No problem!”  He then kinda laughed and explained that his very own wife wouldn’t have let any of this fly……so he completely understood.  Ha.  He was a good man and didn’t make us feel one bit awkward for pulling out.


But remember that deadline?  Yeah, we could have just waited and just set a few things back and re-ordered another brand, etc.  But then…….this thought kept coming to us that we should just go check out Ikea.  We never even checked out the Ikea kitchens from the beginning because we just figured that the quality just wasn’t going to be quite what we wanted.  But, since we were in a semi-pickle, we just went to “look”.  We browsed around and since we had already been to so many places, we were able to easily compare the pros and cons of their kitchens with other competing kitchen brands.  What we noticed was that truly, they were priced so much lower than other comparable kitchens.  We really wanted real wood doors and drawers and the kitchen style at Ikea that I ended up really liking, wasn’t solid wood.  However, it was made from MDF.  So, not particle board…..but MDF.  We have used MDF for many of our other home improvement projects and know first hand how strong (and dreamy smooth) it is.  Plus, they were explaining that they conducted many tests with their MDF cabinets and their wood ones and the MDF was always as strong if not stronger in some cases.


Plus, here are a few perks, compared to the ones we hated:


**By the way, we purchased the Adel style kitchen.  So, all of these opinions are based on that style.

  • The boxes were 3/4 inch thick (our first cabinets were 1/2 inch)…..and just felt sturdier.
  • The hardware has a 25 year warranty.  Cool.
  • The cabinetry has a 10 year warranty.  I think??
  • Slow-Close door and drawer hardware was all included.  (We had to pay extra with the original cabinets.)
  • Drawer pulls and door pulls are all included in the price.  (There aren’t tons of choices that I liked.  Most are really modern and not quite my style but the ones I picked, I love.)
  • So many variations and sizes to choose from.  And we didn’t have to mark up the price a ton just for choosing a different type of drawer or add-on.
  • You can make adjustments to your design/layout at your leisure.  (You use their computer design program.)  You don’t have to ask you cabinet designer to fix this or that….and feel like you’re being annoying.  And there are always Ikea kitchen reps to help or give advice when needed.
  • Ikea has kitchen sales pretty often.  So, we got to knock another 20% off our total.
  • The paint is super thick, creamy, and durable.  (I felt like the first set of cabinets we installed had paint so thin, that if I scrubbed too hard with a wet rag, the paint would’ve worn off.  The paint on these Adel cabinets is so thick and dreamy.)
  • The cabinets are modular and allow you to make so many adjustments and configurations.  And hey, if I decide I don’t want a certain cabinet door there anymore and want to add drawers instead…….the box stays, and the door comes off and a large drawer (or several smaller ones) can be installed there instead.  Pretty cool.
  • Ikea has a TON of little drawer and shelving add-ins that you can purchase.  Like drawer dividers, spice holders, plate racks, containers, garbage cans, etc.  Everything fits and everything is so affordable.  So if you change your mind after a few years and want to change up your drawer space again, easy peasy.
  • This kitchen saved us MORE THAN HALF the first kitchen price…….but the quality was by far SUPERIOR to the first cabinets we installed.  LOVE.



So, we decided to jump in and order.  So, another HUGE perk to Ikea, is that everything is available right away.  The con?  You have to put it all together yourself.  But that’s one of the biggest reasons they are so affordable.  So, we rented a truck and hauled all those boxes home.  And then spent a couple evenings putting cabinet boxes together.  Once you figure one out, it’s simple to repeat 17 more times.  So……we just watched a few movies and got to work.


Then, our original installers just didn’t have any time to come out with all their men again.  However, the head guy (who was super cool and was trying his hardest to get all this figured out for us) told us that if Steve would help him, he’d come over one evening after his other work and help put them in.  Awesome!!  So Steve learned how to install cabinets and saved us from hiring the other guys to come out and help.  Very cool! :)


This was after the new Ikea kitchen install.  The crown molding is in but none of the kick-plates or trim work around the bottom cabinets are done.  And yeah, no counter, sink, or tile either.

If you are following me on instagram (@makeitandloveit), this was taken from that account.  Join me!



I’m going to go ahead and admit something right this second.  Had we not gone through the whole debacle with the first set of cabinets, we wouldn’t have had anything to compare the Ikea cabinets to and probably wouldn’t appreciate them the way we do.  So, yes, I’m kinda grateful for the whole mess we went through.  But I forgot to mention something else.  After we purchased the Ikea cabinets and called the original cabinetry place and told them that they we un-installed their cabinets and that they could come and pick them up, they told us that they we could just keep them.  Really?!?!  After all that??  But they explained that they can’t re-sell them and sending them back to the company would be wasteful.  So, they told us to use them in the garage or wherever.  Uhhhh…..okay.  At first, I didn’t want to deal with them and just wanted the company to just come and get them (which they said they would do).  But then Steve mentioned that if we listed them on Craigslist, maybe someone would buy them.  I laughed it off, wondering who in the world would need these exact boxes, in this color, etc.  But we listed them anyway.  We explained the problem with the paint and such and mentioned that they could always be painted, if desired.  I was shocked when several people were interested in them.  The couple who ended up buying them, told us they were moving into a smaller house in like a year and wanted to gut a small-ish kitchen and all the pieces we had would be more than enough.  Plus, they had time to get the mis-matched pieces re-painted.  Win-win.  So, we sold them for several thousand dollars and used that money towards the new cabinets we bought.  So, truly, all of this mess was a large blessing to us.  We learned a lot and ended up truly feeling taken care of. :)




And you know, we didn’t break the bank either.  We came in spending about $5000 less (plus several more thousand from the cabinet sale on Craigslist) on this kitchen.  And truly, the quality was so much better than what we had originally.  And more sturdy.  And so much more functional all around.


And since we saved so much on the kitchen……..we had granite installed.  (From an incredibly cool granite installer, who was a friend of the cabinet installer we hired.  He heard about the whole story and was just all around cool.  He saved us a bunch on our granite as well.)


And, well, I was also able to purchase those pendant lights that I really wanted.  See?  Kitchen screw ups aren’t so bad! :)




And, okay, you see where this is going…….when you save in one area, you can spend a little more in another.  SO, we also decided to get the sink and the faucet that we really wanted.  Because, hey, the kitchen is the heart of the home and so much time is spent there.  So, if the budget allows it, why not get the features you’d really like! :)


However, the sink you see here is not the one we originally purchased.




We first purchased a fireclay sink from amazon.  (And the Premier Sonoma Kitchen Faucet we wanted.)  When we bought it, the sink was listed for about $600…….and now it’s knocked down to $264.  That’s a huge difference but it’s probably because of us. Ack!  (But you’ll see why…..)


Because we ordered and re-ordered that sink.  3 times.  And each time……it showed up like this:

If you are following me on instagram (@makeitandloveit), this was taken from that account.  Join me! 



Yeah, super frustrating.  However, Amazon was incredible to work with.  There was a shipping manager who was in constant contact with me, trying to make this work.  We couldn’t just buy any ol’ sink either because the cabinets were ordered around the sink size and those were already being installed.  At one point, we were super frustrated because we needed to have the right size sink here before the granite guy came to install the counters……because he also sets the sink in place.  Amazon was trying to locate local places that they could get the sink from but all local stores were going to have to order it in……taking too much time.  She kept saying, “it doesn’t matter how much it costs……we just need to get you a sink!”  I loved her dedication to us.  Truly.


Finally, we found a Kohler Apron Front Sink on Amazon……that was the right size, the right depth, the right everything.  AND, it was cast iron.  So, it should be much more durable during shipping.  So, Amazon matched the original price of the first sink (so that I wasn’t paying more) and then knocked a percentage off that.  Awesome.  Well, all was awesome until……..oh gee, it arrived CHIPPED!!!  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!  I mean, really, I must have terrible sink luck.  Every single sink keeps arriving damaged.  But the shipping manager figured that must have been a fluke with this super heavy sink, and tried it again…….and guess what?  CHIPPED AGAIN!!!!!!  I mean, come on.  However, while all of this was happening, the kitchen was having set-back after set-back…….so hey, why not add some sink drama to that!


Then……the shipping manager said she had been talking with several of her co-workers and finally found someone who had been trying to ship some sort of glass aquarium or something to a customer and it took 8 tries to get it there without it being broken.  They figured out a different way to package it…….so we were going to try this One. More. Time.  So they wrapped it, bubbled it, boxed it, bubbled it again and placed in another box.  And guess what?!?!?!  It arrived in one beautiful shiny-white piece!  Ahhhhhhh…  I kissed that sink! :)


And that sweet amazon gal told me, “hey, there’s no way we could charge you a single penny for any of this….so the sink’s on us!”  Wow…..I was so grateful.  And keep in mind, this sink was about $150 more than the one I actually paid for.  But she continued, “also, we’re taking the price of the faucet off as well.  And are adding $100 to your amazon account.  It’s the least we could do for all of this headache we’ve put you through.”  Ummmm…..really?  Now, that is some stellar customer service!!!!!  I told the lady again and again how grateful I was that she was concerned and helpful and was trying so hard to make something work for us.  Wow.  (I wish the satellite/internet/phone companies that we use were all the same.  I hate calling those places!)


Again, hindsight is 20/20.  We saved another chunk of cash, even though the drama seemed unreal at the time.  We were even a little frsutrated that by the time our cabinets were done and were ready for the granite to be installed, the granite guy was now on vacation.  It wasn’t his fault…..our set-backs weren’t his problem.  However, him being gone allowed us time to iron out the sink drama.  And it all worked out beautifully.  Rocky, yes, but are we grateful for all that happened??  Extremely.


In fact, there are so many stories in this kitchen, that I just love her.  We have been watched over, protected, and loved on…..more times than I can count.  And all of these pieces of our kitchen are a great reminder of that.



And since the sink is now moved to the middle of the kitchen and faces the back window, I can now appreciate our mountain view a little bit more, while scrubbing those dirty dishes.  (That view was totally luck.  We weren’t looking for or paying extra for a view.  We really liked this home because it had everything we wanted/needed……and it just happened to have a view of those majestic Rockies.  A welcome and heavenly bonus.)



I installed this subway tile back-splash with my sister Robin (bless her!).  I bought the tile at Lowes and it has a nice bevel to the edges.  We love how it looks.  (Need help with Laying Tile?)



And here’s a closer look of the window and sliding door trim.  They’re both the same in style and keeps things congruent.  (Trimming a Window tutorial)




And, I know I’m a little behind the game…..and lower drawers have been out for ages, but I will NEVER go back to lower cupboard doors.  Lower drawers are so much easier to access and you better believe I’m not getting down on my hands and knees ever again, to search for that spring-form pan that I only use once in a while and I-know-it’s-back-in-there-somewhere.  Love the drawers!



I also love me a pull-out garbage.  And this drawer fits two of the garbage containers, which hold more than our huge can we used to have in the pantry.  YES!



Oh, little kitchen, oh how we love you!  You were rough on us for a while…..but you just wanted us to appreciate you that much more!  Little trickster… ;)



Other Kitchen Info

  • Wall Paint Color: Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams (however, I color matched at Home Depot and bought the Behr brand.)
  • Window Trim/Baseboard Paint Color: Swiss Coffee….by Benjamin Moore (however, I color matched at Home Depot and bought the Behr brand.)
  • Island Trim/Crown/Column Paint Color: I took a cabinet door into Home Depot and had them color match for me….so there’s no name, just codes.  However, it is almost identical to the Swiss Coffee we’ve been using since we moved in.  Kinda funny.
  • Wood Floors:  I have been meaning to do a tutorial on how we installed these, for the LONGEST time.  I keep forgetting and then get wrapped up in something else.  I’ll still share how we installed ours…..soon.  But, we went with engineered hardwood for many reasons but the biggest one is that it swells and contracts less (which is good for such a hot/cold climate) and is supposed to be a little tougher than regular hardwood.  Which, with kids, was a no-brainer.  The engineered wood is layers of wood, criss-crossed, adding more strength and durability……rather than just one piece of wood.  If you need to know more, ask a local hardwood store….they’ll tell you more!  We shopped around and found the best deal (during one of their large sales) at Lumber Liquidators.  We chose the Potomac Plank, 1/2″ x 5″.  It has been a really great floor and cleans really well.
  • Granite Color: Platinum
  • Appliance Brand:  LG.  Everything is LG and has been fantastic.  However, we’ve only had it for 6 months or so. :)
  • Stools: Winsome Wood Saddle Seat stools (from Amazon)

**If I forgot something or you’re curious about something else…..ask away!

. . . . .


If you made it to the end of this, you’re incredible.  That was a lot.  But now you know a little more of the behind-the-scenes of our life since we moved last spring.  There are so many projects left…..but at least the kitchen is done.  Life can go on like normal while re-painting the banister or finishing baseboards…..but not having a kitchen was a little more tough.  Just extremely grateful it’s done! :)



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