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Adding Peel and Stick TILES to our kitchen….fast and mess free!!!

A quick pause from Halloween costumes (until tomorrow)….to share something we completed a few weeks ago on our home.

But first, a little background.

When we made our sudden move to Oklahoma about 2 1/2 years ago…..we had a list of requirements that our new home needed.  We had just finished SO MANY remodeling projects on our house in Colorado….so let’s be real, we needed a break!  So at the very top of our list for a new home in Oklahoma was —-> completely finished!!!  Haha!

I mean, there were other requirements, such as enough bedrooms for the kids, an office space, a garage work space, a white kitchen, etc…..but we wanted everything updated enough that I wasn’t going to feel the need to remodel everything.  Anyway, this home has been so perfect for us in so many ways…..but you know us, we always find things to do or make or change.  (Since moving to Oklahoma, we have turned book shelves into built-ins, we landscaped and hardscaped the front yard, made a DIY Piano Stand and Bench, made an Octagon Dining Room Table, added a DIY Laundry Basket Organizer in our small laundry room, installed some quick DIY Floating Shelves in our dining room, and we’ve re-designed my office and added a murphy bed for guests….but I haven’t shared anything about that on here yet.  WOW…..just writing all of that out makes me realize how much we’ve done here!  Steve and I don’t go out on fancy dates…..we put the kids to bed and bond over nail guns and saw dust!)

Anyway, I have really loved our kitchen here in Oklahoma but I have never been a fan of the back splash in the kitchen.  However, since it was brand new, I could never justify all the work it would take to tear it out and re-tile it.  That’s when I was contacted by Home Depot to try out some of the new Smart Tiles that they carry.  Okay guys, have you ever heard of this stuff?  These tiles are magical. They completely transformed our boring BLAH back splash, into something that I LOVE!!

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These Smart Tiles are so SPEEDY FAST to use, they last forever….and you can attach them right over your existing tile.  (Or right to your wall, if you don’t have any back splash.)  But no need for a tile saw, or messy grout, or sealing a single thing.

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If you’ve ever seen the wallpaper stuff in the stores that you can use as a fake back splash…..this is NOT the same thing.  These Smart Tiles are a flexible sheet of textured tiles with grout……that also have a nice glossy shine to them, just like real tile!  I even used them over on our island, on that small section above the lower counter top.

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Anyway, I can’t even tell you how many times we have walked into our kitchen the past few weeks and have said, “Oh my gosh….I feel like we have a whole new kitchen!!”  These tiles give such a nice POP of color and help so much to separate the counter top from the white cupboards (which is something they didn’t do before….and I hated!)

Head on over to The Home Depot Blog to see the whole transformation…..and to see how easy these Smart Tiles are to use!

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