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Envelope Closure Pillowcase (for bed pillows)

I like at least 2 pillows while I sleep.  One for my head and one for my knees/arms.  It all started with my 2nd pregnancy.  My pregnant body just likes to be cozied to sleep with soft pillows.  (Sorry Steve….nothing personal. But don’t you dare mess with a pregnant woman and her pillows. ;) )  And ever since then, I like my 2 pillows.  So when I make my bed, there’s room for 2 pillows each, plus a few decorative pillows.  There’s not a lot of room for fancy pillow shams though……… unused pillow-shammed ones just don’t make the cut.  (I don’t want to have to un-sham them every night just to sleep on them.)


Anyway, I like to have coordinating pillowcases for my pillows because they act as my pillow shams.  And are completely seen when the bed is made.  But sometimes it’s hard to find the actual color/print that I want.  So, making them works perfectly.


I made some really basic pillow cases a while ago, but I decided to add one little feature.  An envelope closure on the end.  Ahhhhh, no more pillow trying to escape out of its case.  (I’m not alone, right?  It’s annoying when those little suckers try to wiggle their way out.)  Plus, no sneaky peeks of your discolored pillow showing a bit at the opening.


 **And no, these aren’t pillow shams.  Shams are generally thicker, more ornate, and aren’t necessarily made to be slept on like a pillow case.




Higher end pillow cases are usually put together this way…..but first of all, I don’t want to spend triple to to hide my pillow a little better and, secondly, the color choices are more limited.  So making your own is definitely a win!

**By the way, yes, we’re still renting.  And no, I didn’t paint our bedroom yellow.  That’s how the owners left it and at first I hated it for a bedroom color.  But now that it’s toned down with the greys and blues, I kinda like it.  Happy surprise.




I know, the world won’t end if your pillow keeps coming out of the case.  Or, if your ugly pillow peeks out.  But sheesh, it sure makes me happy to keep things hidden and clean and pretty. :)




And nope, these aren’t quilted fancy shams with extra seams/piping/edging/etc.  Who needs ’em?? ;)




It’s even more perfect if you find a top sheet in the color/print you need.  It speeds up the process because you can use the pleated/finished edge as the front edge of the pillow case.




Now my pillows are trapped inside their cases……nice and hidden.



Ready to make some of your own?


To get started, decide on your fabric.  Using a top sheet like I did, speeds up the process but if you can’t find the right print, choose whatever fabric you want……but you’ll need to finish off one end before using my measurements.  If you want to add a pleated detail like many top sheets (and store bought pillowcases) have, go ahead and do so.  But a simple hem will work fine too.



Also, these measurements are for a king size pillow.  You would have to adjust the measurements for a standard pillow size……but at least this gives you the concept of how an envelope closure pillowcase is put together.


So, here’s what I did.


I cut 2 strips of fabric from a twin size top sheet that I bought (at Target)…..1 strip for each of your 2 pillowcases.  Cut both strips 20.5 x 83 inches, with the pleated (or whatever detail your sheet has) edge at one end.


Place the unfinished end down on the table, wrong side of the fabric up, and fold down the upper edge a 1/2 inch, another 1/2 inch…..and then pin in place.  Sew right along the lower folded edge and iron flat.


Then, turn over, with the right side of the fabric up, and measure 8 inches down from the top edge.  Place a pin at each side, to mark the 8 inch measurement.


Then, grab the other end and fold it upwards, until it lines up with those 2 pins.


Then fold down the upper edge on top of the other pre-pleated edge, right at those 2 pins on the side.


If you look from the side, you should see 3 layers.


Now, pin both sides in place and then sew along both edges, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.


Then, either zig-zag or serge the raw edges.


Now, turn the entire pillow case right side out, tucking that extra folded edge towards the inside……and press all the edges flat.


When you peek inside, you should see that folded over section.


Then, slide your pillow inside like normal, then pull that extra flap up and over your pillow……and now the pillow is hidden.



And that’s it.

Now make 12 more. :)





. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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