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Just a few thoughts……Wanna Meet Up (in Colorado)???


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Okay, this is kind of random but I keep hearing more and more of you are from Colorado.  In fact I just met the cutest girl with darling children on Sunday who was visiting my church and who also knows about this crazy Make It and Love It blog……….and then I didn’t even catch her name.  Ack!   (Hi again!!  And sorry.  Next time we’ll have to run out to the parking lot and chat.  It’s much quieter out there! Ha.)  Anyway, it just reminded me that there are lots of you readers here in this area.  Why in the world do you not live in my neighborhood?!!


Anyway, I should have done this while in GA (so sorry my Georgia friends) but does anyone want to meet up in the Denver, Colorado area?  (Yeah, that’s the U.S……..but if any of you want to fly in from overseas, you are more than welcome to.  But I can’t promise that this would be worth the airfare.  Ha. Maybe in a couple months or so? 

The end of January?  Maybe February?  I really wanted to do something in December……but there is just so much holiday stuff going on, it’s just too busy of a month.  And, I don’t actually live in Denver but I’m willing to drive. 

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This is so informal and nothing is actually planned.  I just keep thinking I would love to meet up with some of you that live near me.  And I don’t know……….make something, talk about making something, or pretend we’re going to make something and just chat.  Whatever works.


And hey, if only one of you were available, it would be worth the drive.  I just thought it would fun to do a little meet up.


But before I go any further, is anyone interested?  I can’t guarantee sparklers or fancy decorations……..and I promise you it won’t look like this:

image source


(But aren’t those flowers gorgeous?!)


…….but I just thought it would be a good excuse to meet other semi-local readers/crafters (and please, if you don’t actually craft and just read the blog for fun……I would totally love to chat with you as well).  And then some of you could meet each other too…….and hold your own little chatty/craft groups.  Hmmmm…….thoughts?


And as long as I’m asking questions:




  • Would you like to make something?
  • Have a Q&A?  (I have all sorts of secrets…..okay, not really.)
  • Talk about project fails?  (I have plenty)
  • Have a fabric/craft supply exchange?
  • Share sewing traditions?  Or favorite sewing supplies?
  • Eat treats? (sorry, but this one is a must!!)
  • Meet at some swank restaurant and just eat and gab?
  • Compare shoe sizes?   Toe nail polish?  Ummm…..favorite dish soap?



Okay, and a few bigger questions:


  • Does anyone know of a good gathering place in Denver, CO?  Maybe a reception hall, a conference room, a, uh, …..I don’t know.  A really big bathroom lobby? ;)
  • Does anyone own such a venue? (let me know your prices)
  • Or would most of you just prefer meeting at a restaurant?
  • And how is the end of January looking?  Or February?
  • Does anyone have an opinion on a weekend or a weeknight?  (I’m thinking a Saturday…)



Anyway, am I the only one who wants to see who else is in the area?  (And those of you out-of-towners?  Maybe in a year from now, we could do something fun like this in Dallas or LA or Boston.  I don’t know.  We can dream, right?


I know this is random and totally unplanned……but I am the best un-planned party thrower.  Ever.  ;)  They are the least stressful, right?  Let me know if you’re interested or potentially interested.  This could be fun! 


**And please remember that there will be no hand sewn appliqued table cloths, triple dipped homemade chocolate truffles, or fancy bunting with everyone’s name on it.

Key words: Low Key.



Enjoy the rest of your day.

(I have a bathroom to clean and a sick little one to tend to who will be waking up from his nap soon.  You?)






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  1. Kate says:

    Dang it! I just found this blog & am LOVING it! Plus I live just outside Boulder. As always a day late & $1 short :( let me know if there is another Co. Meet up! I’m down!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i would love to come only i would have to catch plane first! :(

  3. Jackie says:

    So I know everyone is giving different cities… how about Kansas City?? I LOVE your site and have so much to learn from you all!!! Thanks for all the info for provide on the site :)

  4. Natalie says:

    I think we do live near each other! All of your pictures have the same view as most of my pictures! And I recognized the rec center in the picture from the run you did. (You probably saw a super pregnant woman running the same race…thats my sister….)

    I would be willing to come…let me check my schedule, and I would be able to bring 3 sewing machines. Can we also bring crochet and knitting projects?

  5. Ashley says:

    Just came across this post. I live in Arvada and would love to meet up, and would be willing to drive :) Has there been a decision reached yet?!

  6. Paige says:

    I just came across Make It and Love It from the tutorial on making a t-shirt into a headband (which I just finished and they turned out fabulous, by the way!!!) and saw this post. We are moving to Centennial at the end of this month so I think it would be so much fun!!! I would love to come.

  7. Deirdra says:

    I am all for meeting up. I am in Parker and you have to promise to share some sort of genius idea with us when we meet you ;)

  8. Jennifer Brown says:

    I would like to come. I’m in Conifer about 50 mins outside of Denver.

  9. Maria Aparecida Neuenschwander says:

    Hi, Ashley.
    I’m from Brazil, borned in São Paulo and living in the Northeast of Brazil, Recife, Pernambuco. Beach, sun, good people. That’s the way we, brazilians, are: happy, cheerfully, funny.

    What happens here is amazing. Yesterday I was talking about one secret desire in my life: If possible and if I could choose a place to live, although my dreams about Europe, it would be Colorado. Just Colorado and its beauty! No matter where. Welcome to my life, Ashley.
    I’m following your blog and if you want to, follow mine. There is a translator online. Thanks again.

  10. Sandy from Larkspur says:

    I am about midway from the Springs to Denver and would be up for something after the first of the year.

  11. Rachel B says:

    I’m in Denver and would be interested in coming (though I just stumbled across your blog today). I went to an etsy meetup at the central library – the central library (downtown) and all the other libraries have meeting rooms available, though I think the one at central is by far the biggest. There was food there so I don’t think that goes against their policy, though I’m not sure.

  12. Julie says:

    Wow a lot of people interested. Sounds like you need to make a Meet group to get this all together and organized. (especially for any local spin off groups :) ) I dont know much about the downtown area but I think some pubs have little back rooms that you can reserve, Breckenridge Brewery might be one of those, not sure. I think there is a scrapbook store in denver too. Michaels in Superior has a craft room that is available too if someplace closer to Boulder is needed. Would love to join up with you all!

  13. Gail says:

    I live in Lakewood and I would love to meet the other crafty women in this area! I love your blog…it is so inspiring!

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