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Holder for Charging Cell Phone (made from lotion bottle)

My husband and I both have cell phones.  And both of us have phone chargers.  And that means lots of obnoxious cords.  You never know when one of us may be moving phone cords around, to give our phones an extra charge while we’re chatting away……… or trying to charge our phones up before running errands or something. Needless to say, those phone cords seem to be everywhere…..and are generally in the way and hanging all over the floor.

(Okay, and how about when you’re in a hotel or visiting family/friends.  There’s never a perfect place to rest your phone while it’s charging.)

I was looking around on the internet for a solution and found this.  But I read some reviews and some were saying that the platform was unstable.  So I thought a holder that was more cup shape would work much better.  But then I wasn’t sure how I was going to sew some plastic into a cup shape.  And that’s when I decided to use what I have and cut an old baby lotion bottle into the shape I needed.

It made the perfect little holder for my cell phone while it’s being charged.

IMG 12621

 Holder for Charging Cell Phone

And no more phone hanging down from the outlet while in this room or that room……..the cord and phone are  now up off the ground, and tucked away into the little holder, while the phone drinks up a full charge.

cell phone holder3

And of course I couldn’t just leave the poor little holder alone……I had to Mod Podge some fabric right onto it for some kick.  Hey, when my cell phone is happy, then I’m happy.

IMG 1349

If you look closely, you can see that the orange print is fabric.  There are edges of fabric along the bottom and then one line down the back where the fabric met up.  But hardly noticeable while in use.  (For a few more options……you could also spray paint it, then stencil it or use vinyl cut outs over the paint.  That would be cute too.)


And my favorite part, is that I didn’t have to buy a thing.  The entire holder was made from things I had on hand.

And turns out, it’s pretty useful.  And not one bit of an eyesore.

cell phone holder2

Would you like to make your own Cell Phone Holder?

First of all, take a look around your house?  Do you have any old plastic bottles that are just about empty?  A lotion bottle, a mustard bottle, a hairspray or shampoo bottle?  Whatever you choose, find one that’s more flattened rather than a circular bottle.  The flattened shape will keep the bottle closer to the wall and out of the way once a cell phone is placed inside.

Now, measure your cell phone against the bottle, to be sure the bottle isn’t too big or too small.

I found that this bottle of baby lotion was the perfect size for my iphone.  So I washed this out with hot water and let it air dry.

IMG 1154

Then I held my phone up to the bottle, starting at the bottom…..and decided how high I wanted the front of the holder to be.  Then I made a line with a pen across the front at that point.  Then I turned the bottle around and continued the line to the back but curved the back upwards.

lotion bottle

I cut the bottle out with some kitchen scissors but a box cutter (or exacto knife) would work too.  I just have more control with scissors…….so I used them for this part.  I cut along the line until I was left with my phone holder shape.


Then, I drew a curved box shape on the upper back of the bottle.  Then I cut it out.  (What worked best for me was using a box cutter/exacto knife with a cutting board underneath.  This helped my control a ton.)  Then I used sand paper to smooth out all of the edges.

cutting hole

Like I mentioned above……you could now try spray painting and adding vinyl or stenciling it to finish your look.  Do whatever is best for you.

But here’s how I added the fabric:

First, you want to sand the surface of the whole thing.  This will really help to rough it up so that the Mod Podge will stick really well in the next steps.  Also, I didn’t want that blue ink to show through from the other side, so I sanded most of the lettering off too.  Worked great.

IMG 1420

Then, I cut a piece of fabric that was big enough to wrap around the phone holder and was also an inch or two taller on the top and bottom.

IMG 1425

Then, I turned the phone holder with the front facing me, and applied a generous layer of Mod Podge to the front.

IMG 1429

Next, place the fabric right on top, centering it where it needs to go.

IMG 1432

Then, apply more Mod Podge around the side of the container and continue to lay the fabric down right against it, pulling tightly as you wrap.  Also, be sure to pull the fabric down around the curve of the bottom of your bottle, if needs be.  This will help keep the fabric flat and smooth.  Use plenty of Mod Podge to aide you in this process.

wrap bottle

When you get to the back, overlap one of the edges over the other.  Make sure the fabric is smooth all the way around the bottle……and then cut a straight line up the back of the container, trimming off the excess fabric.

wrapping fabric

Then trim around the entire container, cutting off the fabric nice and close to the edge.  Now, apply a nice thick layer of Mod Podge over all of the fabric.  Be sure and seal around all of the edges of fabric with the Mod Podge, ensuring that the fabric won’t peel off.

mod podge

Lastly, cut an oval shape (or whatever shape applies to you) to fit the bottom of the bottle.  Place a layer of Mod Podge on the bottom of the bottom, place the oval shape on the bottom, then apply another coat of the Mod Podge.  Now set it upside down on something tall and slender and that your container can fit on top of, so that it can dry without touching anything.  (That’s a single flower vase that I’m using.)

finish bottom

Once it’s dry, use a box cutter/exacto knife to cut out the square-ish opening.  You’ll probably need to apply more Mod Podge around the opening and allow it to dry again.

IMG 1475

Now, don’t worry if your edges aren’t smooth and have little pieces of fabric sticking off.  Use your box cutter/exacto knife and run the blade right along the edge of the phone holder all the way around, to remove any stray threads or chunks of dried Mod Podge.

IMG 1487

And that’s it.  Your phone holder is ready for use.

IMG 1349

**Use at your own risk.  There are many controversial comments down below……a large amount supporting both sides.  Bottom line: if you’re worried about electrical/outlet issues, attach a hook right next to the outlet, to hang your holder from while it’s plugged in.  Or use the holder for other purposes. :)

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Ashley Johnston

Ashley Johnston

Owner at Make It & Love It
Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with my craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!


  1. Silvana says:

    Wuaw wuaw wuaw!..incleible ideas, me encata!!..

  2. texmex says:

    I can not tell you how much I like this trick, it is simply genius. I had seen something similar in fabric but yours combines recycling and fabrics and elegance, the top. I relay your idea on my blog this morning.

  3. Nicki says:

    This is cool! I need to file this away in my brain for future use. We’re in an old apartment right now, with about one outlet to each room, so we have power strips behind all our furniture…. but when we’re actually in a nice place, this idea is being put to use!

  4. MaryAnn says:

    Seriously brilliant. I’m not super crafty but I can definitely make this one.

  5. Kim says:

    Love it, love it, love it!! Thanks again for an amazingly simple, ingenious idea :)

  6. Katarinka says:

    Гениально !!!!!!! Я восхищаюсь твоими изделиями !
    Катя из Сибири

  7. Rose Lauing says:

    This is awesome! And now I’m thinking of other types of things that could use a little holder! These would be great for small tools, etc. if I hang them on the peg board in my craft room! Great tutorial – THANKS!!

    1. Rose L. says:

      OH! and if you make the back part (the “neck”) a little longer, you could wrap the extra cord around it so it isn’t hanging down :~D

  8. Paige says:

    I was thinking to make one for my son’s Nintendo DS….probably work out okay! :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    You. Are. A genius.

    I saw the title on my blog list and thought “how could that possibly not be ugly?” (Forgive my lapse in loyalty. :( ;)) I am so impressed, as usual, and now I have another DIY item added to my Christmas list for the hubby! AND I still need to make stuff for a baby shower Saturday. AUGH! Okay, I need to go craft now. Thanks for another great, cheap idea!

  10. Marci says:

    I need to start using up more lotion! I don’t have a sewing machine, so projects like these are ideal for me so I don’t have to bug a friend to borrow theirs! Also, I know about 6 family members who probably need these as well for Christmas; I may just start dumping out lotion/shampoo to be able to make these soon!

  11. euniceq says:

    I’m amazed! U are so good. Must try this one. Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. Erin M. says:

    You are so creative. This is a great idea. I hate cords and dangely phones.

  13. Ashlee says:

    Love this! I plan on making this for the hubby ASAP!

  14. Beth @ NashvillePug says:

    Found this on Pinterest, and I can’t wait to make one! This is absolutely genius…one of those things that you need to run out and brand! I think I’ll make a camo one for my husband too!

    1. Iluvmehdoggie says:

      Good idea thinking of doing them for Valentines Day!!!

  15. Maridith says:

    Unbelievably smart. Wow!! Apple should hirer you to make phone holders for them. Great idea and thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. Dink says:

    Am looking forward to making this :) Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Holidays to you.

  17. Krista Hansen says:

    Seriously brilliant!!! I will be saving those baby lotion/wash bottles. Great idea!

  18. Cortney says:

    AMAZING! You seriously are a crafting genius. LOVE this idea!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Great minds think alike!!!!!! Check out this tutorial, it’ the basically the same thing, she just didn’t use the fabric::

  19. lm says:

    fantastic! it seems we have a device on every windowledge in my house…

  20. Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life says:

    You are SO clever! I would never have thought of this! I have a couple of those bottles hanging around already. I may even make one of these as a gift. :)

  21. brookie says:

    Your mind is amazing….This is the best diy idea ever…Thanks …:)

  22. Belinda says:

    Two words….PURE GENIUS. The end.

  23. Audrey says:

    Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing! Love it!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    You are so clever. I love your site!

  25. Lisa Casey says:

    You are a Genius!!!

  26. katie s says:

    100% brilliant!!! I have a lotion bottle ready to be converted!

  27. Chelsea says:

    Genius!! Now I’m wondering how many lotion bottle I have that are almost empty. I’m thinking everyone in my family needs one of these.

  28. Emily Bucher says:

    Do you need to use the REAL Mod Podge or have you ever used a homemade concoction? I love the fabric, by the way! :)

    1. Anonymous says:

      My mom has always told me to mix water and Elmer’s glue and it’s the same thing

  29. Beth says:

    It’s amazing your head doesn’t explode with all of these fabulous ideas! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  30. danielle says:

    That is awesome!

  31. Anna@DirectionsNotIncluded says:

    What a great idea! I’m currently staring my phone on the floor near the outlet in this room. Might need to do this ASAP.

  32. Danielle says:

    OH, I love this idea!

  33. Lauren says:

    I LOVE this. Thank you so very much for sharing! I think I need to make up a bunch of these to gift the family for Christmas, we all have iPhones and get sick of having to set them in awkward spots just to get a good charge lol. <3 it!

  34. Marie says:

    While cute, it is potentially dangerous. Lotion bottles are not necessarily designed to be heat-resistant, and I kinda think that the LAST thing you might want is for it to either melt into the outlet or slip behind the “head” and hit the prongs. Pushing it forward doesn’t help, as it stresses the wires inside. Just sayin’.

    1. Anonymous says:

      LOL… you realize that plastic is non-conductive, right? if the bottle hits the prongs (gasp!) there will not be a electrical current surge through it… that’s why all plugs, connectors, etc are plastic!

      And as far as stressing the wires inside… what do you mean? There are MANY products on the market that weigh much more than a phone and cord (think battery chargers, CO2 detectors and the like). You’re not going to ruin your plug and it’s “wires” from hanging an additional few ounces!

      Just sayin’.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I thinks Marie means that the plastic could heat up and melt, which could be dangerous. I have seen a bunch of tutorials on this project, and lots have been deleted because it could be a safety hazard. The lotion/condiment bottles probably are not meant for this kind of use. But it is very cute!

    3. Nancy says:

      I totally agree…while I was reading this I thought about it getting warm and who knows…just when you least expect it..something crazy happens right! Be safe..sounds like a nice idea but best to find something else to use.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Ashley, I wonder, do you think that vinyl fabric would be safer or do you think that it would be the same amount of risk? I think a vinyl version of this would be very cute, too. The plastic just seems a little iffy

    5. Mike @HA says:

      It’s *probably* not going to shock you or melt unless it’s touching both prongs at the same time. Even then it might not do anything. But I certainly wouldn’t hang anything from a live conductor in my house! The weight shouldn’t be a problem, there are extension cords that weigh more than a phone. It’s a cool idea, I’d just look for a way to hang it from something else.

    6. Missi says:

      Ok….Let’s just brain storm just a little shall we. If you only cut the bottom 3/4 of the square cutout for the plugin then you could bend it outward and make a shelf for it to rest on top of the plugin, instead of sitting on the prongs. This would eliminate any issues others have brought up. There is usually solutions to problems if we just think and be creative!

      I love this idea of cell phone charging holder!! What a creative and CUTE way to deal with this frustration! Way to go Ashley!

    7. Allie says:

      Or, if you’re nervous about hanging up like that, stick a nail in the wall next to where you always charge your phones, and instead of cutting a square in the back, punch a hole in it with a paper punch.

      I think this a FANTASTIC idea, and am going to search for some bottles as soon as I get home. I am so sick of the dang phone cords all over the place

    8. Anonymous says:

      You could make the top edge wide enough to include a hole that you could secure the ‘basket’ to the screw that holds the wall plate to the plug. Then it wouldnt be hanging on the plug.

    9. Kasandra says:

      Solution to your paranoia: command hook! Stick it right next to the outlet; no damage to the wall, no worries about the outlet!!

    10. Anonymous says:

      Thanks Kendra, I was thinking Command Hook too.

    11. Stephanie says:

      Brilliant! And the container wouldn’t be in the way if/when you didn’t have the charger plugged in.

    12. Dee says:

      I think a self adhesive hook would be way safer than sticking a nail in the wall right beside any plug socket as you may hit the nail into the wires inside the wall,,,very dangerous and wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

      The holder is fantastic and I have already made 1 for me and several for friends and family, they also love them!

    13. Anitra says:

      Stick a 3M hook on the wall next to the outlet and hang it.

    14. Jessie says:

      I really don’t think it would do anything even it was touching both prongs at the same time. I have never pulled a plug out if the wall and had the prongs feel even warm to the touch ;)

    15. Lynn says:

      What about putting electrical tape on the part that would touch…its hidden by the plug anyway. Just a thought for those concerned about the issue

    16. Anonymous says:

      then you’ve never lived in an older(1970s) house with older aluminum-type electrical wiring. I’ve lived in one for over 20 years now & there have been many times I’ve pulled a plug & it felt warm. One of my outlets in my kitchen actually burned/melted the plate cover because the wiring inside got so hot- what alerted me to it was the smell of the smoke in the wall! We were lucky it didn’t burn our house down, some people are not so lucky! We’ve had to replace several outlets & rewire them because of this issue! I LOVE this idea, but would suggest extreme caution, especially if you live in a home built before 1980.

    17. AJ Drumm says:

      What if you put one of those 3M hangers on the wall next to the outlet and hang the holder from it?

    18. Rhonda says:

      You could also hange small 3M hangers in your car with this idea to hold phone or ipod in this holder!

    19. annie says:

      exactly. my wiring is about to be redone in our 1940s home and all i could about was heat and fire.

      i love this idea and i think it could be done to where it doesnt slip behind the plug and this would work really well.

    20. Libby says:

      A house built in the 1970s is “older”? I’m gonna shoot myself. Apparently, I won’t need a nifty thing to hold my cell phone because I’ll probably drop dead any second anyway. Goodnight all you young whippersnappers!

    21. Anonymous says:

      Hell ya, a house built in the 70’s is considered ‘older’. It is over 40 years OLD…

    22. Anonymous says:

      Haha thats what I thought, you americans know nothing about old houses, the original part of my dads house is around 450 years old, 40 years?! Pahaha even my house is over 100 years old.

    23. Angela says:

      If you have outlets melting or burning I would highly suggest you get your ENTIRE house re-wired. Or your toaster could blow you all up. I don’t think a cell phone charger would be the “reason” for a house fire. Its the wiring itself & sounds like a HUGE safety issue for you. Either re-wire or sell your house and move to one that is up to date electrically.

    24. Flower says:

      Amen to this! If you’re worried about this contraption causing a fire, then you have bigger problems to worry about with your electrical system in general.

      While plastic touching the prongs should pose no problem as it is non-conductive, sometimes the charger itself can heat up. I suppose there is some potential of plastic melting if in contact with a malfunctioning or overheating charger. Even then, I seriously doubt that in a house THAT IS UP TO CODE WITH WIRING that any true danger is posed.

    25. Deb says:

      Please have your wiring checked if you have even a slight heat from your electrical plugs. There is a reason it is overheating & needs to be checked!

      No reason to wait until you have a much bigger issue. Something is making that wiring HOT.

    26. Revolverkiller says:

      People! its not going to melt PERIOD! Ever no way no how. its plastic, an insulator. completely resistant to electrical charge. no matter if its touching one or both prongs. stop being moronic worry warts and do some research before you want to start piping up about safety.

    27. Uh. duh. says:

      The electric charge’s not the one that’s gonna cause it to melt. It’s the HEAT. o__O as for the comment about thebaby safety plugs, they don’t and won’t melt since it DOESN’T generate heat, unlike the phone charger.


    28. jess says:

      there is also glue & fabric on there to consider. but a 3m command hook would take care of the problem

    29. mary masse says:

      fantastic idea. I am always looking for ways to stay organized, and this is it. Thank you for the helpful tip. I love ideas that are creative and fun projects to do with my time. Sincerely Mary .

    30. Anonymous says:

      Don’t call people that are safety conscience “morons”. Remember the “plugins” that melted? Many other consumer products that have gone through testing had issues as well. And if these bottles are made in China who knows what could be in them! I had the same thoughts and would never take chances!!!

    31. Revolverkiller says:

      If you’re worried about it melting because of the plastic, if it was made in china or whatever, THEN DON’T MAKE IT!

      I’ve gone ahead and tested this damned thing in several older houses and guess what?


      not to mention if your charger is getting hot enough that it might melt plastic, then you have a bigger problem and its the charger that is at fault. I’m calling the so called over “safety conscience” morons because thats just it, they are over thinking this, use common sense, and don’t go hanging 2 lbs of crap in it, with an over heating charger in a wall socket that is blackened with carbon and half melted because its been obviously abused and y’know what? you’ll have a great little holder that will do its job and you will have nothing to worry about.

    32. laughing WITH you says:


    33. debbie says:

      you don.t have to use that kind of langage

    34. Anonymous says:


      “don’t use that kind of language” WTF? Apparently you are sensitive to being called a MORON…


    35. Kimmelbee1 says:

      Are you talking about the Glade Plug Ins Scented Warmers that supposedly caused fires? If so, always check out snopes before you pass something on. I did on this one and got my butt handed to me in a pet forum, of all places. Never again! I always check snopes and I’m not afraid to use it to let people know that they’re wrong either. I think the cell phone holder is a great idea but I’m going to try it with the new patterned duct tapes that are all over the place now.

    36. Anonymous says:

      Wow. Love the duct tape idea. They have an adorable butterfly print one. Time for me to head to Wally World :) thanks for an awesome idea :)

    37. minasoda says:

      Very interesting comments on this really cute DIY.
      Watch the SNOPES sight. Not all the info you get there is accurate either!!
      Just sayin”.

    38. Lotska says:

      Plastic isn’t a magic insulator, you moron. There are varied types of plastic with different capabilities. What exactly do you think happens when a home has an electrical fire? The plastic things just come out, virtually pristine and unscathed? Do you see people who’ve lost their homes saying, “We lost almost everything! Thank god I still have my spatula and shampoo!”

    39. AnonymousToo says:

      Um… haven’t any of you ever put a child safety plug in an outlet?

    40. Anonymous says:

      You do know that extension cord, and light coverings are made
      From plastic right?

    41. Amy says:

      When baby proofing my house, I bought outlet plugins that go directly into each receptical. These plastic plugs have two plastic prongs that you push into the socket. Again…. 2 plastic prongs that go directly into the plug at the same time. It then has a cap on the end to keep fingers safe. So I’m thinking a small lightweight plastic hanger on a plug isn’t a big deal or a safety issue If they sell these for child safety.

    42. Mary says:

      Just wondering what your charger is made out of. Because mine is made out of plastic. If your charger is getting hot enough to melt plastic something is really wrong with it. On that note, your plastic charger would melt first not this hanger. I made mine out of a plastic Johnsons baby soap bottle and scrapbook paper. Never had any issues and works fantastic. If I went by your line of thinking, I would be up all night paranoid that my plastic and paper were going to get so hot they would burst into flames and kill us all in our sleep. Yes all chargers get warm, but hot enough to melt through 1/8″ heavy duty plastic? No I don’t think so….

    43. Lotska says:

      Why does everyone keep talking like plastic is plastic is plastic? Toiletries are put into very different kinds of plastics to phone chargers, which are made to be heat resistant. It’s not useful to say, “oh, that didn’t melt so this won’t,” obviously. The guy up there calling everyone morons doesn’t seem to grasp this either.

      That’s the reason that not all plastics are recyclable, why plastic cutlery are weak but computer cases are strong. I’m not commenting on the safety issue, I just don’t understand why people keep saying a lotion bottle wouldn’t melt because a charger wouldn’t.

    44. Anonymous says:

      What do you think baby safety plugs are?

    45. mary masse says:

      to prevent little ones from putting objects in wall sockets.

    46. Brooke says:

      If it’s potentially dangerous because it’s plastic and will melt then why in the world did people make baby safety outlet plugs plastic???

    47. Tesstarosa says:

      The plastic safety plugs aren’t sitting on top of metal prongs that are plugged in and actively conducting electricity. Personally, I think all this worry is for naught. There is a product being sold that works using the same principle. I wouldn’t worry about it being a hazard.

    48. Kylir Horton says:

      Please be assured that this is safe to do.

      Here’s a brief explanation why:

      Electrical components heat up due to the amount of electricity going through them and the resistance of the material inside of them. Plastic and rubber are excellent insulators – meaning they do not conduct electricity. This is why the metal (conducting) portion of cables are wrapped in these materials. So, because the plastic phone holder doesn’t conduct electricity, it won’t heat up, and it won’t melt.

      Now the phone charger itself may get very warm, but it is highly unlikely to get hot enough to melt the plastic. In the event that it did get hot enough, the plastic casing around the charger would probably melt too. This is something that just doesn’t happen.

      Finally, if you made the holder out of metal, you would probably trip a breaker switch before any real damage could occur. In this instance, the metal holder would create a short and pass the electricity directly between the two prongs on the plug.

      In my opinion, there’s nothing to be worried about here.

    49. Flower says:

      Thank you for this intelligent reply. Geesh.

    50. Aikku says:

      That is not dangerous, not in my culture, anyway. Although it depends on a wall plugs but hardly even in US you have anything that doesn’t match with plastic bottle.

      This is absolutely brilliant idea and so wonderful tutoring.
      I need to make one for myself asap, and few more for family.
      Thank you for sharing this.
      I send hugs to you. :-)

    51. Michelle says:

      How do you figure anything will ‘melt’ the holder? Have you held your hand to the outlet while it was charging to be sure it’s overheating the phone causing a potential hazard? I have an actual holder I purchased from a phone store just for this purpose and in 8 years, nothing has happened and no ‘melting’ or potential hazards have occurred.
      Just sayin!

  35. Leigh Ann says:

    Love this! Making it soon! Thank you!

  36. Miranda says:

    Absolutely love this! Am so going to make at least one for me and one for my husband!

  37. Pauline says:

    love it !!!!!!

  38. Lynette says:

    Um, I am making one of these babies like pronto! My phone and ipod use the same charging plug/cord, and they are always sitting on the floor somewhere. This will be wonderful. I even have a empty baby shampoo bottle to use too. And my sewing machine is in the shop, so a no-sew project is fantastic! Thanks!

    1. Lynette says:

      Made it, love it! Waiting for it to dry, and then I’ll blog about it and add it to flickr. Way excited to use it, and I’m making this for Christmas gifts as well. Thanks again!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Me too! Love mine, and will be making ones for my hubs (in manly camo print) and daughter for her Nintendo DS!

  39. Natalie O says:

    Genius! I’ve got a baby lotion bottle that’s just about empty! :)

    I’d love to meet up with you and a bunch of crafters in Denver! Only, I live in Utah, and I don’t think I’ll be able to talk my hubs into the drive. With five kids. Sigh…

    But, I’d totally do it if it were here! :)

  40. Anonymous says:

    I love it, When I travel its always hard to find a spot to charge my phone this is great!!

  41. Kerry says:

    Again, you’re a genius. Thanks for the little boy tie pattern, can’t wait to make it!

  42. Amy says:

    This is amazing! I can’t wait to find a bottle to use!

  43. Fiona says:

    brilliant… I love the idea of a special holder and recycling a bottle… thanks..

  44. Creative Mind says:

    Super cute idea :) i will definitely give it a try because I LOVE my iPhone :) so its necessary!!
    Thanks a bunch for sharing the how-to

  45. Heidi says:

    Love it!!!!

  46. Monica says:

    Awesome! I’ve seen these in stores and thought… I bet I could make that! And now I will be able to…

  47. jenni says:

    genius! i am off to search my house for some bottles of lotion!!! thank you!

  48. brooke adkins says:

    brilliant! I have to make these forsure! Awesome post

    1. t hicks says:

      omg – that is so cool!
      I just found a parents choice (wal-mart brand) of baby lotion for bedtime…with a purple lid
      it has easy to peel off stickers on the front and back… no need to sand letters… in fact until
      I can find material I like to match my kitchen… it is an ok look… to keep my counter a bit less
      cord cluttered : )

    2. Anonymous says:

      sanding is for glue to stick not because of letters

    3. Anonymous says:

      yes, but t hicks isn’t attaching fabric yet!

    4. Anonymous says:

      This is absolutely great!

    5. Samantha says:

      Also would be great to hold your phone near kitchen counters, when you need your phone close at hand but don’t want i to get messy or wet while cooking. Any ideas of something that would be big and sturdy enough to hold my e reader? I hate leaving it on the floor to charge, always afraid I will step on it.

    6. Terri says:

      you might want to try something with the plastic canvas, you can make it as large or as small as you need.

    7. Carole says:

      I bet a detergent bottle would work. Some off-brands are in square bottles. Visit a laundromat for empty bottles in the trash. I use detergent bottles to make drawstring purses. It’s all about reuse. I LOVE this idea, too.

    8. Brandy says:

      maybe a milk jug? or even a cook book holder until you’re able to find something you like to make into this cute little holder

    9. Anonymous says:

      I stand my iPod up against the wall never where I can walk on it

    10. Seasheg says:

      your solution is samsung galaxy note. period.

    11. Tiffany says:

      You could try some kinda of plastic laundry detergent container

    12. RNM says:

      Perhaps try the Carnation instant breakfast containers – their new style is an oddly flattened cylinder:

    13. Michell says:

      You could use the larger “refill” bottles for say, hand soap, those are even clear so you could potentially have more to design with! Good Luck!

    14. Sharon g says:

      You know I was thinking the same thing about iPad doesn’t have to hang on receptacle plate. One of my old handbags or a thrift store bag hanging either from my nightstand or on a hook. Instead of in the drawer taking up space lol

    15. misty says:

      The larger rectangle shaped juicy juice bottle fits mine – I also padded the inside of my fabric before applying and made it line the entire holder instead of just the outside, so the kindle is nice and snug :)

    16. Diane says:

      Nestle Quick container! I always thought they should have a use.

    17. Susan says:

      How about a liquid detergent bottle?

    18. Anonymous says:

      Magazine rack??

    19. Anonymous says:

      milk jug!

    20. Anonymous says:

      Use the 3m holders a

    21. Lizzie says:

      Hi, this is random but what type of camera do you use to take photos of the steps?

      Thanks! looking into buying a new dslr!

    22. Barbara says:

      Sometimes, the simplest things solve big problems. And still, we pay good money for something expensive when something created at home will do the job better. Thanks for the lesson.

    23. Anonymous says:


    24. bambi says:

      This is an absolutely awesome idea. I made one for my daughters cell phone. Its not an apple but the holder fit great none the less. thanks for sharing.

    25. Mary says:

      I made mine a with two holes, for two phone chargers. That way me and the hubby can charge both our phones at the same time. I used mod podge and scrapbook paper and it looks fantastic!

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