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Charging Cell Phone Holder…from a plastic bottle (VIDEO included)

I don’t know what the itch has been lately……but I have been giving life to a lot of old stuff the past few months.  It may have something to do with us moving and not quite knowing where everything is (because yes, some boxes have yet to be unpacked) and not wanting to buy new things. But also, a new house inevitably requires a few new things to be purchased, so we’re playing the “saving” game right now……so I’ve been turning trash into treasure — which I actually LOVE! :)

Today’s post is actually something I first created in 2011.  Yep, about 4 years ago…wow!  But, it’s something that I have been wanting to make several more of for the past year or so, because Elli has a little iPod and both she and Connor like to use our old cell phones and take pictures/videos (and sometimes figure out how to play reaaaaaally old games).  But those little phones and ipod end up losing their battery pretty quickly… they’re always needing another charge.  And because I get tired of seeing cell phones hanging out on the ground while charging, I knew I needed to whip up a few more of these —

And yep, trash to treasure my friends ——an old baby wash bottle into a new little home for our little gadgets to charge.  (And no, that’s not one of the old cell phones…that’s my current one.  Completely encased in a break-proof case because I constantly drop that thing.  Gah.)

However, if you’d rather not perch your container on your phone charger, you can hang a little command hook right next to the outlet and hang the holder from there.  Works just as well!

And in case you never saw how this was made 4 years ago, when I first shared this idea — here’s a fun little video of the process.  Except with a little Washi Tape added just for fun, rather than fabric and Mod Podge.  But either way, it’s just kinda nice to have a place to stick that cell phone or gadget while it’s charging.

So, grab some kitchen shears, an old plastic bottle……and start cutting!

(And click the VIDEO below…)

And just think… didn’t even cost you one single cent. That’s something to be excited about! :)




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