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DIY No-Sew Zipper Cases…from Plastic Bottles (VIDEO included)

We’ve been doing a bit more organizing and de-junking this summer and my kids have a lot of little items.  You know — tiny legos, itty bitty Polly Pockets, those little rubber bands for the Rainbow Loom, crayons, etc.  And since all of those small pieces need a little container of some kind to keep them organized, we’ve been doing a lot of this…….

Yes, I’ve made a few more Zipper Cases from old plastic bottles because the only cost?? The ZIPPER.  (The original No-Sew Zipper Case tutorial is HERE.)  And since they are nice and sturdy, they are the perfect way to store all the little toy pieces, crayons, and even office type supplies (paper clips, tacks, pins, etc) that clutter our house.

**UPDATE: I have heard a few concerns about the price of zippers.  Here’s a link for 25 zippers for $5.  Pretty good deal!  (Just be sure to they are the size you need.  If not, search for another size.)

And while making a few more cases the other day, I created a little video to show you visual learners a different perspective of how this is done.  Because it really is a simple project, that really holds up well. Check out the VIDEO below, and turn up the sound a bit. :)

For more details and for step-by-step pictures…

—–> view the IMAGE TUTORIAL HERE <—–

My one piece of advice is, to select a plastic bottle that is pretty sturdy.  I would stay aware from those really cheap water bottles that aren’t very thick and smash easily.  I have had the best luck with soda bottles because they are a little thicker. Now, go on and start organizing your life!!!

***Also, I have heard a few concerns about the price of zippers.  Here’s a link for 48 zippers for $5.  Pretty good deal!  (Just be sure to they are the size you need.  If not, search for another size.)

Hope that helps! :)




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  1. Brandi says:


    Would this craft work with super glue? I have younger students and do not trust them with the hot glue gun.


  2. Susan says:

    Hi I love this project and cannot wait to try it out! Thank you so much! You are so creative. My favorite craft is to make use of recycled items. I think it is great. I just have a question and I am sure it is me just not looking in the right place. But when I click on the link for 48 zippers for 5 dollars, it brings me to a page that has zippers but they are all 7.99? I mean they are what they are, but if there is some for 5, I’d rather purchase them.

  3. Danielle says:

    Sorry to say but after trying this out I’m not impressed…. your video is way too fast for a start and I couldn’t seem to slow it down so had to keep going back to certain areas and the hot glue was warping the bottle as I put the zip to it (I know you mentioned about turning the heat down but my gun doesn’t have a heat selection….) and the bottles I used were thick soda bottles. I’m so glad I only used small bottles, I’d love to add a photo butcant find anywhere to attach one ?? will try with super glue and a craft stick as a dabber

  4. Valerie Wilson says:

    Great money saving recycling storage

  5. Dolores Malcolmson says:

    Hello! My co leader and I were trying this craft out and we’re having a little difficulty with the glue sticking to the bottle and the zipper. Do you have any recommendations on securing a zipper to the bottle? We would appreciate any tips or recommendations you can provide us. Thank you!

  6. Rachel says:

    Curious, have you tried this with thicker containers? I’m thinking specifically of the Clorox wipes containers. The lids are a challenge to get items out so I was thinking this may be a good solution to what I’m hoping to do. Just curious.

    1. Ashley says:

      I haven’t tried it but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t take much time to just give it a try….but I like the idea of using a clorox container, good idea!!!

      Let me know if it works out for you!

  7. Taryn says:

    Do you not have a problem with the hot glue melting the plastic?

    1. Ashley says:

      If you turn your glue up really hot, it may warp it a bit……but using sturdier plastic bottles like I mentioned above, will help with that!

      Hope that helps!

  8. shanny says:

    Those are such a good idea! I can use them in my classroom to keep my teacher supplies in my desk! Awesome idea Ashley! Thanks!

    1. Ashley says:

      This will be perfect for the classroom…..and really fun!

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