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How To Coil Your Own Phone Cord (video included)

How To Coil Your Own Phone Cord

My husband Steve and I have about a trillion cords.  Phone charger cords, laptop cords, kindle cords, ear phone cords, etc.  But I think the ones that bug me the most…are the cell phone cords that plug into the jacks inside the car. And I think it’s because it’s a small space and I can’t escape them. Aggggh….I swear they multiply in there!

So, we figured out a way to contain the crazy cord problem.

We permanently coiled them.

And to me, this is like the different between dirty clothes strewn across the floor, versus gathered up in a laundry basket.  It’s still there……but much tidier!

You’ll never believer how EASY this is!  And all it takes is about 3 minutes of you life………..and then voila, DONE!

And frankly, 3 minutes is worth a nice and tidy untangled cord…versus an unruly one!

And just for fun, I created a fun little video of the process……just to show you how easy it really is! :)

(There’s even a happy little tune to accompany the process, so click on the image below, and turn up the sound!)

Cool little trick, right?!

Hope that helps add a little order to your life!


How To Coil Your Own Phone Cord


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