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Make a Watering Can from an old Milk Jug (…VIDEO included)

My kids love to help me take care of our plants and flowers, both inside and outside of the house.  However, they all want to help at the same time.  And here comes the problem — only ONE WATERING CAN!!


So, instead of buying the kids their own watering can, I saved up a few milk jugs and turned them into their own mini watering cans.  However, I say mini…..but a gallon of water goes a long way — and really is the perfect size for watering, no matter how big/small you are!





And with the perfect amount of tiny holes in the lid…….it creates a nice soft drizzle of rain!  But don’t forget the air hole to keep that steady flow of water!




And to keep things fun……here’s a little VIDEO of the simple, yet really fun process!

(Click on the video below!)





Have fun!



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  1. Tanisha says:

    This is a great idea! Also, if you make this, don’t forget that air hole. I did this project and forgot the air hole. My water stopped coming out of the top after about 2 seconds. I couldn’t figure it out. LOL That air hole is important!

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