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Toy Sling Shots…great for indoor fun!

Oh summer, I forgot how much I love the relaxed schedule you provide!  And how I can give my auto-repeat-phrases a break.  You know the ones —- “Get your shoes on! Where is your coat? Hurry and eat your breakfast! Grab your back pack….LET’S GO!!!”  Ugggh….the morning routine is my least favorite part of school mornings, so it has been so nice to ditch all of that.


The other thing about summer that I adore, is just being able to do any ol’ thing we want.  So last week, we made something that the Elli, Connor, and Chloe LOVED putting together (and they helped with every single step)….Toy SLING SHOTS!!!




They have played with these things over and over and OVER again.  It has now become a serious game to find a target somewhere in the house and see who can hit it first.  I even take turns with them!!!




And I don’t mind them using my windows or wall hangings as their designated targets — because they are using fluffy pom-poms as their ammo.  Perfect, right?




These sling shots are made from hard oak and are very sturdy.  The rubber bands help propel the pom poms forward at a pretty quick speed…but they don’t hurt one bit.  And are absolutely harmless!




And this project is perfect for little hands because they can help sand, paint, and construct these sling shots……….




…………which is just a fun as playing with them!




And yes, my kids are serious about trying to accurately hit their target….even if it’s MY CAMERA!




We put these together in no time at all……but it got me thinking, wouldn’t this be the BEST birthday party game and then take home party favor???  So much fun for ALL! :)




Okay, time to make a few sling shots!



  • Piece of Oak, 3/4 inch thick (and about 4 inches wide by 7 inches tall)
  • 7 inch jumbo file folder rubber bands (I bought mine at staples)
  • Leather or Faux Leather (vinyl)
  • sand paper
  • Optional: acrylic paint/sponge brush




First off all, sketch out a simple sling shot shape in any size you want.  For them to fit comfortably in our kids’ hands, we drew a jig saw template that was about 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide (at its widest).  And in case you need a little more guidance, the two prongs were about 1 1/8 inches wide and 4 inches tall.  Then, trace your template onto your 3/4 inch thick piece of oak…..and then cut it out using a jig saw (or whatever type of saw you’re most comfortable with).  Then drill a hole at the top of each prong, large enough for your rubber band to fit through.



Now, sand your sling shot down so that the edges and surfaces are nice and smooth.  This is where you let the kiddos step in and get to work……which they LOVE doing!



We have a mouse sander that Connor wanted to use…..but Elli and Chloe both hated, because it “tickled” their fingers too much (from the vibration).  But this sander worked so much faster!



And now, it’s time to decorate.  You could use paint, markers, stickers, etc……….but I just had them paint their handles, so we could tell which sling shot belonged to whom.  And to keep a really straight line, I attached a small strip of painters tape to the handle.  Then I let the kids paint!




Once the paint was dry, we pulled back the tape…….and voila, a pretty painted handle!



For the guitar strings, I found some colored file folder rubber bands at Staples.  They are jumbo size (7 inch rubber bands) and are the perfect size to use for this project.  Each sling shot needs 2 rubber bands.  Then I cut a piece of vinyl that was 2 3/4 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches tall……to use as the “pocket” of the sling shot.  Then I used a hole punch to create a hole at each end of the pocket for the rubber band to fit through.



I then slipped a rubber band into each of the holes in the pocket piece and then looped the rubber band through itself like shown below.



Then I pulled the rubber bands to secure them in place.



Then I slid the other end of each of the rubber bands through the holes in the forks of the sling shot.  Then, I created a double knot in the ends of each rubber band, to keep the rubber band securely in place.



Now, your sling shots are ready for use!!!!








. . . . .

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