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Water Bottle Sling


It’s hiking season.


And Amusement Park season and National Park season and Stroll Around the Block season.


Do you hate carrying a water bottle in your hand as much as I do?


No more.
Here is a simple solution.


I designed my sling after a 16 ounce water bottle and there is still a little breathing room with the dimensions I will give. So if your bottle is a bit bigger……it will still probably work just fine.


You’ll need:

  • 2 pieces of fabric 8.5 x 5.5 inches (I used upholstery type fabric……but sturdy cotton lined with interfacing would work great.)
  • 1 piece of fabric 47 x 5 inches. (Keep in mind that the 47 inches that I used is because I am 5’11” and so I wanted it long. I also wanted to be able to sling it across my chest like a messenger bag. But measure against your body.)
  • sewing machine, thread, scissors, etc.
First cut squares out of the bottom side (5.5 inch side) of your two rectangle pieces. Cut out squares that are 1.25 x 1.25 inches in size.
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Then fold your squares together to form a corner along the bottom of the rectangle piece of fabric.


Pin and sew 1/4 inch seam. Do this to all four corners and then zig-zag right next to the seam to reinforce it.


Then place your two sides together, with right sides together and sew all along the bottom and sides. Do another zig-zag stitch right next to the seam.


Then fold down the top a half inch, and then another half inch, pin, and sew into place. (1/4 inch seam allowance.) Press if desired.


Then fold your long strap piece in half length-wise. Sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Turn right side out and press with the seam along the back of the strap.


Pin your strap (about 2 inches from the end of the strap) to the wrong side of the main part, right along the side seam. Make sure the seam of the strap is facing outward also, so that when you turn it all right side out, you won’t see the seam. Sew right along the top, close to the top edge of the main piece.


Then, fold under the end of the strap about an inch and sew it into place.


Then turn it right side out, poke out the corners and you’re done.


Drop in a water bottle, sling it over your shoulder, and enjoy the easy access to your water.


If you have kids, make one for each of them so that they can carry their own water. Ah, yes.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Thank you so much for such great easy to follow instructions. Took me about 2 hours to make my first one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    great idea, why didnt i think of that?! i hate walking around with a water bottle in my hand, i feel like such a weirdo! ( is it just me or do other people feel like that) . i am so going to try it!

  3. Mechelle says:

    Made one today, it fits my starbucks cup! Thanks

  4. ihigabi says:

    I'm a super beginner, but I think i 'll try this detailed tutorial.

  5. Jenny says:

    I know I'm only a year behind on your posts, but I just made this water bottle sling. It was easy to do! I didn't have heavy fabric, so I doubled up the cotton I used which eliminated the need for interfacing and I used the folded edge as the top, so no sewing a hem. I love your blog – you have so many creative ideas. Thanks so much!

  6. Tere says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome tutorial/project. I made one for my daughter to take to school. You have so many great projects and I've already made 2 of them. I posted my pics on my blog.

  7. Tiffani says:

    I book marked this a while back and want to make these for my kids. In the mean time, I was wondering where you got the fabric or what it was called. My SIL has requested an apron of brown and pink and I like the one you used for this!

  8. Stacy says:

    I have made a few of your projects and read about all of them :o)
    I just made this sling and thought you might like the addition I made.

    I used the same fabric you modge podged on your shoes. I made a liner out of the same material for strength and I sewed some of the shelf liner to the sling liner to give it more traction on the bottle (I hope)

    I also made the Wee Wee Wigwams as well and linked to your tutorial when I posted about it on my blog. you can see it all here if you like

  9. Friends across the Globe says:

    I am teaching myself to sew and your projects are simple and have great pics and instructions. These are actually the projects I am learning with. :) Thanks so much for teaching me to sew. *wink wink*

  10. Zimms Zoo says:

    My 9 yo just made this yesterday. Well actually she was ready to put the strap on and the needle hit a pin and broke.

    I linked to you today from my blog. I love your website and we are working on so many things for birthday/christmas presents.

  11. Little Musume says:

    first of all I would like to congratulate you on your blog. it is made well and it is an appearance of ideas… I allowed to translate your tuto mention your name and your blog (with a link) there to put it on mine. If it disturbs you made the I to know and I shall remove it. Thank you still you and continue to please us.

  12. Kara says:

    Oh my goodness, this is pure genius! Functional and cute, I love it!

  13. Kathryn says:

    HUGE success! i made 20 of them for my 8 year old nephews soccer team.

  14. LeBaron Family says:

    I love this idea! Because of it I made 26 of them for each of my Young Women and leaders who were coming to camp! If you check out my blog you can see your handy work inspiring me!

    Thanks for the idea! LOVED making it and can't wait to see the girl's faces!

  15. Ashley says:

    Valerie –

    Thanks for the link. I'm glad they worked so well for you. And wow, what a darling little girl! :)

  16. Valerie says:

    I made a bunch of these too, and your tutorial made it so easy… thank you!

    You can see my photos here:
    Nature Hike

    Great projects here.. I love it!

  17. Miss V. says:

    I took your idea and tweaked it for my kids- they love these!

  18. Dan says:

    This is perfect. My sister tuned me into your blog and I love it. I dug through my scraps and made enough for our whole family today. We are going hiking and playing in Colorado for a week and this is perfect. Now I won't have to carry my 4 year old's water bottle.

  19. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE THIS!! I'm going to have to make several for my boys and me as we spend our summers at the river, hiking and just trolling parks.

    Thank you!

  20. Rosa says:

    Great idea, Ashley!Thank you!
    Your blog is very interesting!
    I like it so much!

  21. Kara says:

    This is the most genius idea! I just love it and can’t wait to get started making my own. Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Kathryn says:

    i made 6 of them! it's a very gratifying project! check my blog if you're interested :)thanks again for the tutorial!

  23. sewmarm says:

    The perfect, simple summer project!

  24. Deb says:

    Thanks for sharing. We’re going overseas soon and I’m not sure how reliable the water is over there. So this tote’s going to be very handy while we’re travelling.

  25. SandyQuilts says:

    Adorable and so perfect. Thanks.

  26. We are the Zitzmans says:

    I have loved finding this blog. You do great stuff. I am hoping to bust one of these out next week. Thanks for all the cute ideas.

  27. Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) says:

    Thank You so much! Now I won’t have to get overheated wearing a jacket as a water bottle carrier!

  28. Kathryn says:

    oh great, thanks! i’m leaving for disneyland in 2 days and of course you had to post a totally cute tutorial for something i will definitly need while i’m there! and thanks to you, i now have to make 7 of them! ROFL!!! i love it by the way!

  29. clg0513 says:

    This tutorial came at the most perfect time. We taking 9 brownie scouts to the zoo tomorrow and we asked them to bring water bottles that they will be responsible for. So I whipped up one of these for daughter and myself so we don’t have to worry about holding it the entire time. I used some matching webbing for the strap and it make it super quick to make. I cannot wait to use them tomorrow.

  30. Juliana says:

    Love your blog, so much I am passing along a bog award to you….you can find it at my blog,
    It’s just a fun way to promote each other, but please don’t feel obligated to participate if you’d rather not.

  31. Lyanna says:

    LOVE IT!!! I so wish I had time like you to dedicate to creating new things!! I am a little slacking…

  32. Lauren says:

    I just finished up the grocery bag holder! Your tutorial was super easy to follow. This might have to be next!
    Thank you!!

  33. michellejohnnie says:

    I linked!

  34. says:

    I love this! My husband has been threatening to stop carrying my water bottle for a few years now. If he ever does, I’m so making this. =) I’ll be linking.

  35. sewingchick says:

    You are so creative! I love this :) I will be making one for sure. My husband has a camelback water system but he says it’s so hot to carry and makes his back all sweaty. This will be perfect!

  36. Parker Family says:

    Awww, now this is genius! Love it!

  37. Gina says:

    You always seem to know what I’ll need next! I love all your tutorials! Keep em coming =)

  38. Alicia says:

    Another great idea!

    You know what would be great for super newbies like myself? How about a quickie (or not so quick) tutorial on how to maintain your 1/4 or 1/2 inch seams, and how in the name of heck you manage to cut and sew a straight line!

    You people who can are amazing!


    1. Liz says:

      Use a ruler to mark lines on wrong side of material to cut straight lines. Take a piece of masking tape, measure from needle to what ever your seam allowance is, tape it down smooth and follow tape with edge of material. Fast straight seams.

  39. Aleisha says:

    This is great! I’m going to make one for me and my daughter this weekend. We have just recently all purchased bicycles and none of us have holders for our water bottles. This is the perfect solution (and free since I can use fabric from my stash).

  40. The Westover Family says:

    You are so stinkin creative it kills me!! I follow your blog and wish everytime i see it that i had just an ounce of your abilities!!

  41. blessdtwice says:

    you RAWK! I’m bookmarking this in case I ever get time to pull out my machine again! Thanks!!!

  42. nap time journal says:

    I LOVE this idea! THanks so much for sharing!!

  43. Amanda says:

    You have the very best ideas. I love your tutorials. I really need to catch up on all the ones I have bookmarked that I have yet to make. I’m adding this one to the list! Thanks for all your great ideas. I love your blog!

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