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Has the Christmas Bug bitten you??


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I was at the store the other day and the cashier lady told me, “my gosh! Can you believe all the Christmas craze already?  It’s only December 2nd!”


I almost passed out.  Really?!?!  It’s only December 2nd?!?!  Ha.  (It took everything in me to not run over to the Christmas aisle and find a Santa hat to put on her head.)  She should come to my house.  And listen to the music I’ve been playing in my car for the past month.



Our Christmas tree is now up.  And that cranks the Christmas excitement up about 700 notches. 


The kiddos are busy talking and dreaming about Christmas.  They play around the tree, knock ornaments off the tree, imagine lots of presents under the tree, etc.  Then they busily play with nativity scenes, rearrange the manger and animals, re-enact the story themselves, and talk about Jesus’ birthday.  They can’t stop talking about everything Christmas.  I love this time of year.


A fun Christmas (Santa themed) tradition that we adopted from a friend last year (thanks to my old Georgia friend Amber!), is the Elf on a Shelf book.  Have you seen it?  I’ve noticed they are being sold at Target this year too…….so I imagine they are spreading amongst households.



The Elf itself is nothing fancy…….but the story and the tradition are magical.  Once you receive your book, you must name him (or her).  My little girl was barely 4 last year…….and Zopey was the first name that spilled out of her mouth. 

So our elf’s name is Zopey.



The story explains the elf and his role.  He comes to your home to watch your children throughout the day.  Then he flies back to Santa each night, reporting on the child’s behavior, and tell Santa any Christmas wishes that the kiddos may have told him that day.



After flying back to your home each night, the elf will find a new place to sit for the day. And you have to find him.



So each morning…….my kids run out to find Zopey’s new hiding place.  And they tell him good morning, and ask how Santa is, and tell him they are going to be good, and ask if the elves are busy making toys, and whew…..they chat his little ear off.


Here’s where Zopey has been hiding so far this year:



But the little elf can’t talk.  And the kiddos can’t touch him.  Those are Santa’s rules.



He’s magical.  And we love him.


And it makes the Santa side of Christmas so fun.


(I am not being sponsored by Elf on a Shelf or being paid in any way.  We just really enjoy this book and tradition, so I wanted to pass it along.)


What are some of your traditions????

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Anyway, since we’re on the topic of Santa……..I have the coolest thing to show you.  I came across the most clever little movie clip that you can use as your Christmas decor and project it onto the front window of your house.  I won’t say anymore…….you just have to watch this clip (with the sound on).




Isn’t that fantastic?  And magical?  You play this DVD on a projector and reflect it off the window and the Santa scene plays over and over at night.  Your neighbors from all around will stop to see that sneaky Santa inside your house.  My kids have made me play this video over and over.  I just need to find a projector so we can project it on our own window.  Stat.  :) 


(I happen to know the guy who made this [okay, and his beautiful children and wife too]………and yeah, he’s pretty amazing at this sort of stuff.  He produced it, directed it, filmed it, edited it, and yeah, he created the whole darn thing.)


You can purchase the DVD here.  Word on the street (and from his reviews) is that it ships out pretty quickly.  Cool.

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And lastly, are any of you making any Christmas gifts this year?  I have several things I’m working on (children’s gifts mostly)…….but can’t believe how the time is speeding by.  Ack!  Are you feeling the same way?


But don’t you love the thrill of making a gift rather than buying one?  There are a lot of hours and callouses that go into homemade gifts.  All I have to say is they better love it……ha!  (By the way, I don’t make everything.  I don’t even make a quarter of what I gift.  I just make little things here and there.  So don’t stress it, thinking you’re the only one not making every gift you give.)


Christmas ideas will be in full force from here on out.  My other home decor projects that I was working on are all on hold until after the holidays.  Sorry basement apartment…..Christmas is much more thrilling right now!


Happy Monday!





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