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Wanna get healthy? Blog about it. (my very last NEW YEAR NEW YOU campaign post)


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The end has come.  This “New Year New You” (Inspiration to Fitness) campaign I have been involved with, wasn’t going to last forever.




I know these Health & Fitness Posts have been a little different from the normal crafting posts, but I really needed a little kick in the pants this year.  Some of you enjoyed them right along with me (thanks for hip-hooraying me right along!) and then I’m sure some of you were wondering when in the world I’d finally get a grip on my health and hurry and finish with this dang campaign.  And get back to only crafting.  Haha!  Sorry for the different variety of posts but I kept making (and loving!) things at the same pace.  There were just some health related posts stuck in the middle.  When I was asked to participate in this campaign, I couldn’t pass it up.  I needed it.   So thanks for hanging in there while I blogged a bit about me and my health.  I feel better.  And rejuvenated.  And more inspired.  Which, is good and bad for this ‘ol blog.  Because I have a whole new pile of ideas that I want to try but can’t find enough hours in my short little day to do them all.  Ugggh.


I’ve gotta tell you something though……being accountable for my health decisions was sucky.  But dang it, it was kinda nice.  I can’t tell you how many times I grabbed my running shoes because I knew I would have to write about it.  And seriously, you should have seen how many times I passed up the Cadbury Mini Eggs (which have been out since January. why?!?) on several occasions because I was participating in this campaign.  And, oh come on, who does the plank position for fun?  That kicks my butt every time.  But I needed to conquer that plank and keep testing out new muscles because, you know, it’s good for me……….and Alysa told me to! 


So this campaign got me back on track.  And put me back into a routine that had been missing for months.  Okay, over a year.



Let me tell you about my expectations for this campaign:


  • I was hoping to go from ‘0’ to ‘100’ and make complete changes in my habits and attitude towards exercise.  I wanted exercise to beckon me as much as chocolate covered cinnamon bears do.  Reality?  I started out strong but now only exercise a few times a week.  Usually 2.  And I have to make myself.  Remember when I was going to work out 6 days a week?  Ha!  But really, I needed this motivator to get me going and shape up my body again.  It’s just that first getting-back-into-shape hurdle that’s hard.  Now it’s easier to add in a quick 20 minute video here or there, without feeling like a train wreck.
  • I wanted to follow a strict diet.  And never cheat.  Reality?  Trying to tell the-world’s-biggest-fan-of-all-things-sugary that’s she’s not going to have one little smidgen of sugar for 7 weeks, is ridiculous.  I did cheat.  Plenty of times.  But I decided that I wasn’t cheating.  And that cutting something out of my diet is just begging for failure.  So I just have a little bit instead.  And oh how I enjoy every minute of it!  (Oh, and I limit the extra snacks to Saturday nights.  It helps to cut things down and gives me something to look forward to.)
  • I wanted to lose lots and lots of pounds in 7 weeks.  Hey, if they can do it on the Biggest Loser, so can I.  Reality?  The contestants on the Biggest Loser don’t have real life to deal with.  And they have really intense trainers.  I did lose about 13 pounds (hooray!!) but nope, still don’t fit in those newlywed clothes.  Ha.  But I really do feel fantastic!  (Oh, and please remember that I’m 5’11” so losing 13 pounds is like someone who is 5’3″ losing 5 pounds.  No joke. ;) )


So, yes, making good habits is hard.  But living unhealthy drags me down.  And stifles me.  So, I’m okay with not being perfect……and any progress is progress. 


I’m telling you, the best way to get healthy or lose weight, or break any sort of old habit though…….is to be accountable.  For me, it was blogging about it.  I had the hardest time kicking old habits in 2011.  There was a pregnancy (chocolate shakes), a delivery (cookies and pastries), a move across country (no time for working out), a brand new baby (lots of jelly beans), a busy husband in grad school (more chocolate, even less time for working out), etc.  I kept telling myself that once things “settled down”, I’d make some better habits.  Well, I’ve finally admitted, that life never really settles down.  And that’s okay.  But if I want to live a happy one, I need to take care of this ‘ol body. So joining in on this campaign and then knowing that I had to “report” EVERY. SINGLE. DANG. WEEK. was so good for me. 


And now I’m in a groove.  Not a perfect one…….but a groove.  And feeling pretty good.



How about you?  How are your health goals?  Need a re-boot?  Blog (or talk) about it.  It works wonders.



. . . . .

Disclaimer:  I realize I have listed 8-10 unhealthy snacks in a post about getting healthy.  However, I am not liable for any crazy runs to the store to satisfy a craving of one of the above mentioned treats.  Totally not my fault. :)


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