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25 Clever Ways to Childproof Your Home (…plus a little update on our table)

I have had one sick little baby who has needed a lot of momma holding the past 2 days.  Yeah, that sweet little Oliver of ours has had the flu and wasn’t able to keep anything down, ugggh… I’ve actually been enjoying a lot of snuggling with a feverish and flu-ish little person (with a big red bowl nearby at all times). While doing a lot of sitting with him, I was looking around online for some new ideas to keep this little guy out of things.  Because Oliver is INTO EVERYTHING!  Day in and day out, he explores our home like his own little playground and empties cupboards, digs through drawers, pulls food off of pantry shelves, empties tissue boxes, drags baskets out of place, chews on everything, steals shoes, pulls on cords, dumps out boxes of anything, and on and on.  Yep, it’s totally normal and healthy for a growing little 19 month old……so I’ve needed a few more ways to slow this kiddo down!

And while looking, I found some other ideas that I don’t necessarily need, but thought were super clever ideas to childproof the home, that some of you may find useful!


25 Clever Ways to Childproof Your Home | via Make It and Love It
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DIY Fabric Stair Gate via DIY Playbook


Cover a Fireplace with Faux Stacked Logs via Pepper Design Blog


Crib Railing Teething Guard via Jane Marie Blog


Power Strip Cover via Amazon


No-Sew Door Muff via Make And Takes


Silicone Cup Toppers via Amazon


Trampoline Pool Noodle Spring Covers via And Next Comes L


Baby Gate for Non-Traditional Stairs via Bombshell Bling


Baby Bath Gate (keeps them away from faucet) via Amazon


Pool Noodle Door Stop via Red Delicious Life


Magnetic Cabinet Locks (no drilling needed)  via Amazon


Pajama Hack (to keep them from climbing out) via Giddy Upcycled


Keep Door Open with Rubberband via Good Housekeeping


Mesh Window Guard via Amazon


Condiment Cup Pacifier Holder via One Crazy House


Homemade Grippy Socks (for use on slippery floors) via I Am Momma Hear Me Roar


Clear Stove Knob Covers via Amazon


Add Tulle Across Floor Vents (air can pass through, but objects can’t) via Baby Toolkit


Surge Protector Case from a Tupperware via Tigers Cub Blog


Cabinet Locks for Knobs via Amazon


Fridge Lock (from a Command Strip and Rubber Bracelet) via unknown


Toddler Proof the Toilet Paper via CK and Nate


Clear Silicone Corner Covers via Amazon


Closet Door Lock (using a hanger) via unknown


Cabinet Door Lock…using a Tension Rod via Parent


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