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Update on Little Dylan (and his leg amputation)


Do you remember several months ago when I posted about a really good friend of mine (Katie) and her little boy Dylan needing a lower leg amputation?


Little Dylan was born with a condition called called Fibular Hemimelia and Congenital Short Femur.  And because of that condition, his left leg is about 30% shorter than his right one. (He was born without a fibula in his lower leg and his femur bone is shorter.)  Here he was as a tiny baby.  His foot from his full grown leg is on the left and the foot from the shorter leg is on the right.

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Well that little Dylan grew and grew and was meeting each and every milestone, except having full use of his left leg.  So his parents, Katie and Bryson, after talking to many doctors and then giving it much thought and many (many!) prayers, decided to amputate his left foot.  (Every person born with Dylan’s condition has many different factors that influence the decision to amputate or not.  Katie and Bryson had a lot to weigh before deciding to amputate…..and are now so glad that they did!)



I hosted a little pattern shop sale on my site right before Dylan went into surgery and every penny went to a little leg saving fund for Dylan’s Prosthetic Fund.  Because, yes, this little guy will need many many legs as he grows into adulthood.  The response was awesome.  And really inspiring.  Yeah, you ambitious sewists received a discounted pattern or two but so many of you rallied together to help out little Dylan.  Some of you didn’t even know how to sew but purchased patterns anyway.  And I don’t think I ever posted about how much was raised for Dylan.  (Did I?)  In case I didn’t, a whole lot of $3 sale patterns were purchased to donate over $3,000 to Dylan and his family.  I know, I couldn’t believe it either! :)  I kept checking sales every hour for every day the fund-raiser was open, and I was shocked as the numbers kept rising.  There are so many big hearts out there!


And in case any of you are interested in details, I delivered the check personally (because after moving here to Colorado, I now only live about an hour from my sweet friend Katie) and Katie and Bryson (Dylan’s parents) were speechless.  There were many thanks and many tears that afternoon, and they said again and again how they couldn’t believe how many people purchased patterns, knowing every penny was going to Dylan.  And I could never really put into words how much love Dylan’s family felt that day.  It was very touching.  So thank you again.

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Anyway, I get asked pretty often how little Dylan is doing.  He is doing GREAT! 

(Katie writes a blog all about Dylan, so check in as often as you want!) 


His surgery back in January went well but of course recovery is never any fun.

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However, the day he got home (even though we was achy and uncomfortable) he was playing and trying to get around like he used to.  Katie and Bryson were so impressed with how determined he was to move around with his clunky cast on.  And yeah, maybe he used it a time or two to out-muscle his big brother. ;) 


But he had to keep the cast on for several weeks while his bone and stump healed.

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Soon, it was time to take off the cast.  And Dylan began to get used to his NEW lucky leg!



If someone would ask where his stump was, he’d go in and look for it.

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He quickly realized that his new leg was really helpful in getting out of tight spaces.  Ha.

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But soon it was time to be fitted for his first prosthetic leg.  And he loved his little leg right away.

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And what’s cool, is that little kids are so able.  He learned lightening fast how to crawl around and then walk on his new leg, and to just enjoy being a kid.  And has even been able to squish those toes (real and prosthetic) in the beachy sand.



And well, sometimes his little leg falls off. But everyone has a quick laugh and puts that little leg back on.  (And Katie told me they’d laugh extra hard while wondering what others were thinking if they overheard them say things like, “oops, Dylan’s leg fell off!” or “don’t forget to bring Dylan’s leg!”  Yeah, funny!)




But like expected, Dylan has outgrown his 1st prosthetic leg.  So Dylan is now on his 2nd one.  Which fits better, walks better, stays on a little better, and is taller for his growing body.

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Dylan’s doctors and therapists have been so impressed with his growth and ability.  It’s just so impressive to see little Dylan adapt and excel.  What a cool thing to watch.



And thanks again to everyone here helping ease the cost of buying new legs every 6 months or so as this kiddo grows like a weed. So, as you can see, little Dylan is doing great.  Thank you so much for asking! :)



And just so you know, Oscar Pistorius (the South African who ran in the olympics……and was born with the same condition as Dylan, but in both legs) is the biggest hero in Dylan’s home. 




Dylan doesn’t ever have to feel like he’s at a disadvantage.  Because, even with his NEW LUCKY LEG, he will grow to do really great things.  Gosh, I love that kid! 

 (Remember, you can follow right along with Dylan on his blog, Just Keep Swimming.)



Thanks for inspiring many, little Dylan!




UPDATE:  A few of you have asked (in comments and emails to me) if there was a way to still donate.  Wow.  And sure!  Katie and Bryson are some of the most humble people I know and would never ask for anything.  So the thought of some of you thinking of them and offering some of your heart to them, makes them feel so loved.  You have no idea.  I kinda helped convince Katie and Bryson to set up a Paypal account back in January for those who were asking if they could just send over money, rather than buy patterns.  The fund is called “Dylan’s Lucky Leg Fund”.  Cute right? The fund is still open.  He will have years and years of new prosthetic legs, leg fittings, doctors appts, trips to specialists, etc……so this fund will always be saved for him.   For those of you who were asking and are interested, just click on the “Donate” button below.


Update on little dylan (and his leg amputation)
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Really, thank you again. :)


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